About Feminine audiences deserve something better. It's time to elevate the conversation.

Hey there! 👋 IQfy is a lifestyle and social commentary imprint of the Sunshine Initiative. We design and publish storyful, smarter content to uplift feminine folks globally and elevate the conversation generally. Our Twitter also has the side mission of seeking out and signal boosting the smartest tweets on issues of the day.

Much of our content (not all) is designed for feminine folks because we believe that transformative change is most easily achieved by supporting the global feminine majority, and that change-making must evolve to interface with the minutiae of life and culture (the everything is political rule but for philanthropy and activism). We're staunchly non-partisan and have held every power under the sun to account at some point. We believe in judging every issue on its own merits and following the path of maximum good.

You can reach us at [email protected] for a sunny chat.

Good morning, Team Sunshine! (Our story)

The Team Sunshine flag, representing the feminine radiating sunlight onto the masculine world below. The orange tinge represents dawn, or change. The number four represents everything; the four corners of the world and the Pythagorean four parts of the soul.

As a small collective of horizontally integrated online influencers from a variety of fields, we are privately owned and 100% independent. Our mission and operations are guided by a proprietary democratic process and the Sunshine Initiative founding document.

Team Sunshine was assembled by a generous philanthropist concerned with the increasing attacks against democracy, science, and even decency itself. Its task: to strategically raise and direct global emotional IQ in key regions and development phases.

After lengthy discussion with expert partners who advised us that empowering women is the single most effective development tool, we decided that we can best serve this noble goal by serving the global feminine majority with uplifting content -- content that speaks with them rather than to them, and up to rather than down to them.

Sunshine Partner

We believe publishers and the audiences they engage should be empathetic and kind partners of social responsibility. Join us and take the pledge to become a Sunshine Partner.

What we are about

  • Building global consciousness and emotional IQ through uplifted conversations.
  • Believing that science is true, and that knowledge is power.
  • Rejecting political categorizations, labels, and other vestments of infantile discourse.
  • Disruption through creamy good writing that moves beyond author/reader power dynamics; writing that actually listens.
  • Integrating smart global thinking into hip culture, and vice versa.
  • No minutiae of life or culture are insignificant in the changemaker mindset. It matters.
  • Celebrating nerds, and nerding out. (Come see our office.)
  • Community. Shared experiences.
  • Global values, locally.
  • Customer care is audience care is customer care.
  • Fact check true: corporate social responsibility is necessarily smarter business, more diverse business, and ultimately more productive business.
  • Being messy is valid.
  • Every human is a storyteller worth leaning in and listening to.
  • Self-care and spoiling oneself is essential to collective transformative change. "A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag."
  • Serving and nourishing the demographics of tomorrow with smarter content.
  • Giving folks the tools to become radiant sunshines, spreading juicy pastel colored goodness into the world.
  • Searching for the next big story in global consciousness.
  • Lifting up voices. Lowering down others.
  • The conversation must be had. Now is always the time for it.
  • A hooman becoming a pupperino is an empowerment tactic some folks utilize to deal with stress or bigotry, and that's valid -- even in the office. "Woof woof, can have snacc?"
  • The power of transformative conversations to move awareness forward.
  • Novel explorations into intersections of identity and culture.
  • Allowing sunshine to fill our lives and social interplay, and even become an adjective. "That's so sunshine of you!"
  • Fertilization => Quantization => Realization => Actualization.
  • Insisting that global togetherness is hip af, and smart.
  • Staying in one's own lane. As far as possible (realistically not always), people depicted in story photography should be roughly on the same intersectionality axes as the author and/or assigned editor.
  • Karen control. Absolutely.
  • Tactical emoji deployment.
  • Believing that being on the side of good is not only a noble moral virtue, but smart.
  • Designing reads so that every act of consumption is another booster shot for the mind.
  • Being excellent. Being kind to all. Being sunny.
  • The future is feminine folks, and we wish to boldly go.
  • The future is feminine folks, and we wish to boldly go!
  • The future is feminine folks, and we wish to boldly go!!!!

Land acknowledgement

We would like to acknowledge that our servers are mainly located on the traditional land of the first people of Seattle, the Duwamish People past and present, and we honor with gratitude the land itself and the Duwamish Tribe. As well, we offer our condolences and eternal thanks to any critters hurt by the infrastructure providing electricity to our operation.

Have a sunny day!