Not worth it: the absolute worst foods at the dollar store It's already a given that you're sacrificing quality for convenience and a low price point. But these abominations aren't worth it.

When you visit your local dollar store, whether it’s Dollar General, Dollar Tree, or someplace else, you’ve already accepted the fact that you’re sacrificing quality for convenience. After all, it’s called a “dollar store” for a reason — you’re not going to find posh luxury goods.

However, there are some foods offered at the dollar store that even starving Africans should think twice about eating. These awful foods at the dollar store proves that sometimes the convenience and low price just isn’t worth it.

Fast Bites

It’s hard to mess up the concept of a sandwich — it’s literally just a slab of meat in between two pieces of bread. How could anybody mess it up that badly? Well, fast bites managed to create the absolute worst sandwich-concoctions known to mankind.

Accurate depiction of Fast Bites.

If you haven’t had Fast Bites before, let me fill you in. They’re small $1 microwavable sandwiches, like a cheeseburger, a chicken sandwich, or a barbecue rib sandwich. The meat always tastes suspiciously spongy and doesn’t really taste like any genuine meat. It’s as if it’s a bunch of rancid processed meat parts were blended together to create a new kind of meat for Fast Bites sandwiches.

Additionally, the bread is somehow simultaneously hard and soggy, which are two seemingly opposite things that you never want from your sandwich buns.

Fast Bites also offers a Chili Cheese Dog, which is about as bad as you’d expect. It looks like a dog barfed onto a bun.

Michelina’s Frozen Entrees

Michelina’s slogan is “high quality, delicious value.” I bet to differ.

These small frozen dishes have no right to be called “entrees,” because even appetizers at restaurants provide more food than these “entrees.”

When you purchase one of these dishes, you expect that you’ll at least get as much food as the package size, right? Nope. You’re lucky if the food even fills up half of the package. For example, the Macaroni & Cheese isn’t pre-mixed — half of the dish has the macaroni, and half of the dish has the cheese, and you’re expected to mix it up yourself.

The food itself isn’t awful, but it’s not even worth your time to microwave it and mix it all together. These entrees are a complete rip-off even for a single dollar.

El Monterey Burritos

El Monterey should be ashamed to even call these monstrosities “burritos.” They’re more like scantly-filled tubes of flavorless meat.

These burritos are completely flat in most cases (even the XXL size), and they are flavorless no matter which “flavor” you go with. And burritos that are supposed to be hot or spicy aren’t even that spicy.

But I guess the bland flavor of these burritos are a blessing in disguise — at least they don’t have a strong bad taste.

If you’re that desperate for cheap pseudo-Mexican food, just go to Taco Bell instead. It will be just as unhealthy, but it will definitely taste more flavorful.

Microwavable Corn on the Cob

Why would you waste your time making a healthy meal with produce made in your own country when you can eat some microwavable corn on the cob straight off the boat from Thailand?

Never mind the fact that it’s cheaper to buy actual corn on the cob if you’re willing to make it the right way. Dollar store foods are all about convenience, even though it’s likely more expensive in the long-run.

Seriously, don’t waste your time with this microwave corn impostor. It’s not as flavorful and will never taste as fresh as the real deal. If you’re already committed to eating these minute-cobs, make sure to add some butter and pepper to make it bearable.

Banquet Frozen Entrees

Banquet Frozen Entrees were once a favorite among thrifty shoppers, but the quality of these frozen dinners have fallen drastically, leaving customers angry and confused.

Families loved Banquet frozen foods for their convenience, taste, and value. So what happened?

Apparently, the portion sizes seemed to decrease. Banquet apparently decreased the amount of actual meat in their products, making the meat patties smaller. And while the portion size decrease, so did the overall quality of the meat. Reviewers have reported that the meat is now bland-tasting and gray.

Some people have even reported that they’ve found bone fragments inside their meals.

I’m going to have to pass on these.

Store brand cheese or “Sandwich Slices”

Have you noticed that store-brand cheese slices from dollar stores are never actually advertised as cheese on the packaging? For example, Dollar General’s cheese slices are simply named “Smart & Simple Sandwich Slices.”

That’s because it’s not real cheese. Often times, the packaging will reveal that these are “cheese food products,” whatever that means.

This imitation cheese is more like plastic than cheese, according to online reviews.

One reviewer reported that their dog even thought the “cheese” was revolting.

“My dog is on a daily capsule medication. I wrap the pill in a half slice of Kraft cheese and she gobbles it down. As soon as I opened this package I noticed that it is very thin and broke into chunks when I wrapped the pill,” the reviewer said.

“I gave it to my dog and she started to eat but immediately spit it out and refused my second attempt by turning her head to the side with mouth tightly closed.”

This “cheese” is so bad that a dog wouldn’t eat it.

Thanks for nothing, Dollar General.

Ribeye Steak

In the darkest depths of the dollar store, sometimes your eyes will catch something incredible. You double-take and move your face closer to the freezers. You can’t believe your eyes. Is that a steak in the dollar store?

That’s right, sometimes you can buy cheap steak at the dollar store. But don’t get your hopes up. The portion size is extremely small, and the price per pound is just about the same as the cheap steak at your supermarket.

And the quality is much worse than the cheap steak at your supermarket. The steak is incredibly thin, discolored, and just tastes off.

In other words, the amount of money you save by purchasing dollar store steaks might not cover the costs of your hospital bill.

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