It Happened To Me: he abused me after I suggested a vasectomy

His insecurities finally exploded out onto me.
By Anonymous

So sex has been boring the past few weeks with my boyfriend. I decided maybe it’s time to spice things up. Last night while we were about to do it, I stopped him from reaching for a condom — and told him I wanted to try going au natural.

He laughed and said maybe some other time after we talked about it first. I told him we have already been together for like a year, so who cares.

He said “honey, you aren’t even on birth control.”

What? Of course I am not on birth control. I want kids in the future. I am not about to fucking damage my ovaries because you are so much of an inexperienced low value male that you can’t pull out in time.

He then said he didn’t want to risk having babies because he wasn’t confident with the pull out method, which actually science has shown is totally effective if done right.

So I asked him why he can’t get a vasectomy then? He knows my position on males and vasectomies.

He just stayed quiet.

I thought I’d lift the mood since I didn’t want to ruin our night. I leaned to his ear and said “sorry baby, let’s talk about this later. Let’s continue where we left off.”

I then massaged his shoulders the way he likes and then started tugging it on his penis, but as I pulled it closer to me, he started freezing up. He grabbed my hand and said “I can’t, I don’t want to have sex tonight.”

I figured he was just being stubborn and kept trying until he physically yanked my arm away and shouted aggressively at me to stop. I probably got a bruise on my arm from it.

I was so hurt because this is the first time he’s ever acted this aggressive towards me. And I felt betrayed.

I started crying because I never saw this side of him before.

I grabbed my coat and keys and then drove to my mom’s place to stay over the night. I didn’t feel safe with him.