After 50 years of communism, Cuba finally gets the Kardashians

The Kardashians are among America's first ambassadors to Cuba after thawed relations.

American relations with Cuba are only recently thawed, but our latest ambassadors to the Castro-run island nation might cause Cuba to rethink their new alliance. Thanks to the State Department, the Kardashians—Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kanye and their offspring—are among Cuba’s first vacationers.

Hasn’t that country endured enough?

The reality television family took a tour of Havana on their first official day, visited the Museum of Rum, and dined at a state-approved restaurant. Although the family is notoriously fashion crazy, they did not ditch Havana’s main drags—which lack in good shopping thanks to the ongoing trade embargo—for Chanel’s Cruise 2017 fashion show, also on the island.

The family, who being Armenian should be familiar with the consequences of brutal dictatorships, punctuated their trip by standing stylishly under monuments to Fidel Castro.

They then tried to “blend in” with the locals by smoking Cohibas and donning what they definitely thought was “Cuban chic,” a style apparently gleaned from watching Barcardi commercials.

Miraculously, they were able to upload these photos: Cuba doesn’t not have universal Internet access, and most Cuban citizens have no ability to go online to check out the Kardashian’s social media accounts.

On the plus side – at least for Americans who oppose President Obama’s policy of opening Cuba – now that the Kardashians have been there, the Cuban vacation trend might officially be over.