Are there any novels where the main character has to cope with erectile dysfunction?

Are there any novels where the main character has to cope with erectile dysfunction?

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  1. 5 months ago

    Mushoku Tensai

  2. 5 months ago

    The Counterlife

  3. 5 months ago

    limpbros help a brother out

  4. 5 months ago

    Have you tried not looking at porn, OP?

  5. 5 months ago

    Darlene danced over and grabbed the stage curtain. The curtain was torn and thick with dust. She grabbed it, dancing to the beat of the four man band and in the light of the pink spotlight.

    She began to frick that curtain. The band rocked in rhythm. Darlene really gave it to that curtain; the band rocked and she rocked. The pink light abruptly switched to purple. The band stepped it up, played all out. She appeared to climax. Her head fell back, her mouth opened. Then she straightened and danced back to the center of the stage. From where I was sitting I could hear her singing to herself over the music. She took a hold of her pink bra and ripped it off and a guy three rows down lit a cigarette. There was just the G-string now. She pushed her finger into her bellybutton, and moaned.

    Darlene remained dancing at stage center. The band was playing very softly. She began a gentle grind. She was fricking us. The beaded G-string was swaying slowly. Then the four man band began to pick up gradually once again. They were reaching for the culmination of the act; the drummer was cracking rim-shots like firecrackers; they looked tired, desperate.

    Darlene fingered her naked breasts, showing them to us, her eyes filled with the dream, her lips moist and parted. Then suddenly she turned and waved her enormous behind at us. The beads leaped and flashed, went crazy, sparkled. The spotlight shook and danced like the sun. The four man band crackled and banged. Darlene spun around. She tore away the beads. I looked, they looked. We could see her c**t hairs through the flesh-colored gauze. The band really spanked her ass.

    And I couldn't get it up.

    — Charles Bukowski, 'Factotum'

  6. 5 months ago

    >character finally manages to get together with crush
    >it's finally happening
    >can't get it up
    >loses nerves a little, so it starts rising
    >it goes flaccid again when trying to put on condom
    >"ha ha anon it's ok" she lies, looking bummed out

  7. 5 months ago

    Bottoms Dream and Evening Edged in Gold

  8. 5 months ago

    Can't believe nobody has mentioned it yet
    >The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway

    • 5 months ago

      >Jake Barnes
      Literally me

    • 5 months ago

      Took way too long.

  9. 5 months ago

    Spoderman 2

    • 5 months ago


  10. 5 months ago

    Both The Possibility of an Island and The Elementary Particles by Houellebecq mentionsthat a lot. In both as the narrator gets older and he cant get it up anymore it sends him into a manic state of distress and desire for sexual desire resulting in a midlife crisis of drug and Viagra fueled sex with younger women that would never be able to love him or connect with him beyond sex or money because of his age. Both made me terrified of my dick not working and getting old, it actually sounds fricking soul destroying

  11. 5 months ago

    charles bukoski maybe. If i remember right in a few if not all of his books he eventually gets to drunk to frick.

  12. 5 months ago

    >Dreams are the closest I can get to the realization of selflessness, and of sunyata. In my waking life I am trapped in the sense of self. What’s more is that life seems to be an exercise in humiliation. I don’t get the appearance I want, I have to take shits, I have to grow old, I have erectile dysfunction, I got raised by low IQ people, I spent most of my years imprisoned sitting on a desk regurgitating information that some dumbass spewed at me, I don’t have any talents but have to witness the talents of others. I can safely conclude that God is a prick really getting off on his power trip. If he still expects love from me then he’s got another thing coming. Of course I’ve got nothing against what I call the Goddess. The Goddess is the being I felt when I used psilocybin. She is not omnipotent because if she were then everything would be perfect. Or maybe I’m overestimating her benevolence. I don’t know anything about her and she did feel robotic and alien. All I know is that I will return to her and that I cried the truest tears I have ever cried in her presence. It could also be that good and evil come from the same mind: “I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.” KJV Bible – Isaiah 45:7 I just like to separate it into God who is the devil and Goddess who is supreme bodhisattva. I am always in gnostic mode, thinking God is evil so I need someone to fall back on, some light to support me. And who better than someone who actually manifested herself to me? I haven’t been thinking about her enough. There was an implied covenant in that experience but I forget all about it and I suffer. I won’t pray to her because I don’t think she’s allowed to help me and because I still feel like an atheist – I just can’t bring myself to pray. Someone told me that when you pray you don’t ask for things, you just stay in silence. But I don’t even meditate anymore. I used to do vipassana and metta meditation.

  13. 5 months ago

    This is how pic related opens:

    "Only guys who can't get hard fight with no fear of death," Iwan Angsa once said about Ajo Kawir. He was one of a small handful of people who knew that Ajo Kawir's penis couldn't stand up. He'd seen it, nestling like a newly hatched baby bird - curled into itself, looking hungry and cold.

    Sometimes in the morning when its owner had just awoken, it seemed longer, full of urine, but it couldn't stand up. It couldn't get hard.
    Ajo Kawir sat on the edge of his bed, naked. He was looking down at his crotch, gazing at his pecker which seemed to be resting in an eternal slumber, so lazy. He whispered to it, get up, Bird. Get up, you Wretch. You can't just sleep forever. You have to get up. But that damn little bird didn't want to get up.

    He thought about that girl. Iteung.
    You have to get up, he whispered again, for her. That girl wants you. She wants you to wake up and get big and hard, the way you used to. You loser, get up. I'm out of patience. I want you to get up.


    But the Bird thought it was a polar bear hibernating through a long frigid winter. It was dreaming of gently falling snow, which its master had never even seen.
    He went into the bathroom. He stuck a page ripped out of an old crossword puzzle magazine up on the wall. It was a photograph of a singer. He didn't know her name but he liked her face, and her body even more. She was wearing nothing but a low-cut bikini. Her breasts swelled as if they were trying to pop free of her body, but what he liked best of all was her armpit hair, thick and black. He imagined what those armpits must smell like.

    Ajo Kawir splashed water all over his body and he calmed down a little. Scooping up more water from the tub, he poured it over his head and a feeling of refreshment settled over him. His hair stuck to his forehead and his ears. Water dripped off the tip of his nose and his chin.

    I'm going to try again, he thought. He looked at the photograph. Eyeing the woman's cleavage and her thick black armpit hair, he took hold of his penis. Stroked it.
    Get up, he whispered.

    He picked up the bar of soap and rubbed it in between his hands. He closed his eyes for a moment, and then grasped his penis again.
    Get up, he whispered. Wake up, you clown, he whimpered, softly like a dog in heat.

    But this Bird thought it was a polar bear and now was the time to hibernate. This Bird was sleeping soundly. Dreaming of snow.
    Shit, Ajo Kawir grumbled.

  14. 5 months ago

    Hang in there

  15. 5 months ago

    Doesnt pahlaniuk’s choke have some shit about that?

  16. 5 months ago

    That is one fricked up frog!

  17. 5 months ago

    Hard boiled wonderland and the end of the world

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