Popular breastfeeding YouTube channels promote and sell incest porn

Another rabbit hole.

YouTube isn’t just a place people go to post cat videos, political theories, Star Wars: The Last Jedi movie reviews, or rants about Jake Paul. It’s a website where anyone can find fame from any subject.

Lately, the website has come under an uncomfortable spotlight for hosting odd videos that prey on children through subversive, and not-so-subversive sexual kinks. The practice, which was first highlighted by YouTubers like Philip DeFranco, Tim Pool, and Keemstar, has been widely documented in the mainstream press, prompted YouTube to take a wide berth from the content and crack down on it.

However, lost in the midst are videos of young mothers sexualizing breastfeeding for profit. The videos of breastfeeding have upwards of 400,000 views with over 1 million results in total for the search. The videos have fully-exposed breasts, skirting by YouTube’s prohibition on nudity and sex.

While many of them are genuine guides to help mothers breastfeed, there exists a significant portion of breastfeeding videos intended for sexualization. The issue was first highlighted by blogger Tron Griffin.

The website, which has strict rules against political content, has yet to act against these pornographic channels.

The YouTube channel IRL Mommy, which boasts 150,000 subscribers, features numerous videos on breastfeeding—and even reviews of sex toys, with links to her Amazon wishlist (featuring more sex toys and lingerie) and a Patreon page that links to other, less savory websites.

A quick search on Google for IRL Mommy brings up websites Clips4Sale and ManyVids, where she goes by Sweetmilktits. She does adult breastfeeding while pregnant, blowjobs, and incest-themed porn with titles like “mom gives bj, rides & sons cums in mom.” The pages link back to her YouTube breastfeeding videos, for anyone interested in watching her breastfeed her children.

In other words, IRL Mommy is using YouTube as a platform and the attention she gets from her breastfeeding videos to sell her porn.

IRL Mommy isn’t the only YouTuber to make bank off the breastfeeding trend. The most popular breastfeeding channel on the platform by far is Natasha Maile, who boasts 561,000 subscribers and several hundred million views. Maile breastfeeds her children on camera, one of whom is over the age of five.

Going by the name “Spiritual Tasha Mama” on YouTube, Maile also features links to her videos on Clips4Sale and ManyVids, even linked to in some of her more innocuous videos. Her content on those websites largely involve masturbation and breast-play. She charges up to $89.99 for a 6-minute masturbation video.

Maile, who has millions of views on many of her videos, does not link to her pornographic content on her more popular videos–but the links are present on her videos with fewer than 50,000 views. She files her content under “Education,” earning her a lot of trending traffic.

Like IRL Mommy, Tasha Maile appears to break YouTube policies by linking to pornographic websites, and her suggestion to “help you tubers out by clicking on ads” is a violation of Google AdSense rules.

We have reached out to YouTube with inquiries about whether the platform intends to act against breastfeeding pornography and other violations. The company did not respond at the time of publication.