Sitting down with Buck ‘the dude with a pussy’ Angel

We interview Buck Angel, the legendary female-to-male transsexual porn star the internet calls 'the Dude With a Pussy.'

As you may be aware if you have been confronted with one of those “chick with a dick” ads while surfing the internet, there are thousands of different transsexual pornstars in the world today. It has almost become passé.

But the thing is, they aren’t really all that different. Sure, there may be pre-ops, post-ops, shemales, chicks with dicks, and so on, but essentially they are all people who were born men and have taken various steps to becoming women.

Apart from one, that is.

Buck Angel is different from all the others. Very, very different. That is because Buck can proudly claim to be the only F2M (female-to-male) transsexual porn star with a site on the internet where you can see him fisting hippies, covering a man in blood and dressing like one of the Village People.

Buck Angel was born a woman and is famous on the internet as the Dude With a Pussy.

And while Buck may have started life female, thanks to a mixture of hormones and weightlifting, he is now, to all intents and purposes, a man.

The weightlifting has given him shoulders that would shame a rugby league prop and although he hasn’t gone the whole hog with the operation to have a flesh-and-bones cock grafted on, the hormones he ingests have given him an enlarged clit that he can get hard and penetrate people with if he so wishes.

What happened?

I always felt like I was male but I was born genetically female. That shouldn’t have been the case, I should have been born a boy.

So, 11 years ago I decided to have a sex change. Most of my life I was very masculine and I was treated like a man. I was a tomboy, but I guess I was one step above that. I always felt like a boy, right into my teens. And then people started acting like I was female, which I was very uncomfortable with.

I had a really harsh time with alcohol and drugs and just decided that I needed to make this change. In effect it was a life-or-death situation because I was just not coping with being like that anymore.

So being a lesbian wouldn’t have sufficed?

I never even identified with lesbians. I hung out with them because they were the only group that I could hang out with. The only people that I fitted in with were gay women — or gay, butch women more specifically — but I still didn’t feel comfortable with that. I never really identified myself as a lesbian. They were still women and I just didn’t feel female.

Even though I could understand lesbians, I wasn’t one of them. When I dated women, I dated straight women. The women who were attracted to me were women who were attracted to men. Transsexuals, especially female-to-male ones, were basically unheard of.

For a long time I didn’t even realize that I could have a sex change.

Do you have some kind of medical condition? Do you have more testosterone than a normal woman?

I’ve had chromosome tests done which show that I am more male than most women. I am not sure what kind of tests are out there right now, but I am sure that this is a medical condition.

You take testosterone to make your body more masculine. What effect does it have on you?

It has completely, 100 per cent changed me, mentally and physically. I looked female before, I was born genetically female. I had breasts and I had — well, I still have — my pussy, so I had all the characteristics of a female. I had the surgery to have my breasts taken off. I am now 100 per cent totally male.

Has it aged you?

It has definitely changed my skin, which is tougher. You know how female skin is soft? Well my skin now has rougher parts. It might have aged me a little. Maybe I just look a little rougher.

How old are you?

I’m 32.

And you were 21 when you decided to have this done?


How did you find out about the procedure to go from female to male?

I saw a documentary about a transsexual and it was like, “Oh my God! That is what I am!” I had a revelation there and then. Then I realized that I needed someone to perform the surgery on me. It happened just in time because I was on the verge of taking myself out if I couldn’t be treated like a man.

Has this made you happy?

Oh, 100 per cent, it changed my life. Before, I had a drug and alcohol problem and I was out of control, but now I am sober and I don’t do any of that kind of thing any more. I love myself. I am happy with my body. I wouldn’t put myself on the internet if I wasn’t so happy with myself.

How have your family and friends responded to your transition?

Everyone has been completely accepting of me. Everyone who knew me before was like, “That is what you need to do.” It wasn’t like I was a girl and then all of a sudden I said that I was going to become a man. I was always treated like a male. I had always acted like a male. My family have always been very accepting of me and are even more so now.

One thing I noticed was you have very broad shoulders.

I work out really hard. I work out five times a week. The testosterone has also helped.

It was the shoulders that made me wonder if it was all for real.

I get emails from people all the time asking me if I am real because they are so shocked.

With the organs that you have now, how do you experience sexual pleasure?

I like to be penetrated. I like to be fucked. My clit has grown to the size of a small penis so I like to be sucked off as well.

What genitals do you have now?

I still have a pussy, it is just that my clit has grown. I still have female genitalia — I haven’t had
a hysterectomy.

How big is your clit at the moment?

It is pretty big, about the size of my thumb. It gets erect when I am excited.

Theoretically you could have sex with three people at once.

Theoretically I could have sex with 20 people at once.

I meant you could be penetrated in every way and you could penetrate someone as well.

And I have still got hands.

Ever done that?

No, I haven’t. It’s hard to find talent at the moment because it is so different. Things are starting to improve, though.

What reason do people give for not wanting to work with you?

They just say that they aren’t interested at the moment or it is not something that they would like to do. People are always scared to try new things, in this case something that they don’t know how to deal with. I think as I get out there, more people will come around. Five years ago, transsexuals weren’t very well accepted, people thought they were weird. Now, though, people don’t mind them.

Have you met any other female-to-male transsexuals?

Yeah, sure. They write to me all the time. They tell me how great the site is and how excited they are for me and that I am really doing a great service for the female-to-male transsexual community. Some of them want to be in my videos — hopefully that will start happening soon.

Have any of them had their penis reconstructed? Is that normal?

It’s not as popular as you might think because the surgery is very expensive — ,000 to ,000 — and the penis is also non-functioning, you can never get a hard-on.

How does that work then?

You have to put a stick thing in it for it to be able to stay erect. That is because they take skin off your back or your forearm and they take a tendon from somewhere else. And then it has to be connected to your vagina and has to be connected to your stomach and they let it grow. It is messy. It doesn’t work. The surgery is not for me.

Did you have counselling before you could take the hormones?

I had years and years and years of counselling before I could take the hormones. I wasn’t sure what the situation was or how I was going to look. I wasn’t sure about a lot of different things.

Did you have a history of mental illness?

The only problems I had were drug and alcohol ones and that was because I wasn’t comfortable with my body. It is very hard to explain to someone who isn’t in the situation. Imagine if you had to dress up as a woman every day and you had to walk around the streets and you just weren’t comfortable because you thought that people were staring at you. It is a nightmare so I started drinking and taking cocaine, and dulling my senses just to forget.

Have you met anyone since you became a man who previously knew you as a woman and didn’t know about the operation?

No. Everyone who knew me as a woman knows I had the operation. Everyone has been very accepting of it. They see that I am so much happier.

Do you intend to have children?

No, I have dogs. If I stop taking the hormones and I had sex with a man, I could get pregnant because I haven’t had my ovaries out but I don’t want kids.

Is that because of childbirth or do you just not like kids?

My lifestyle is a little too out there for kids.