Chris Brown is an ass—but hating him is actually kinda racist

Plenty of white entertainers have done what Chris Brown did, but only he doesn't get a pass.
By Anonymous

So, Rhianna is cuddling up with Chris Brown again.  You know, they guy who did THIS:

Personally, I would like to meet the ugly little fucker in a dark alley and choke him til he’s dead, but that’s just me. Luckily – DRAKE!  He bottled the fuckhead in a bar and ha ha!  Payback’s a bitch, eh?

But here’s the thing:  Chris Brown is not the first (or last) man to ever settle his differences with a woman with his fists.  He has come in for an astonishing level of vitriol and hatred that is astonishing only because he’s NOT  getting a pass on something plenty of white entertainers have done.  His music is boycotted, he is mocked and derided in the press, basically treated like shit.  Which he totally 100% completely fucking deserves,  BUT SO DOES EVERY OTHER FAMOUS WOMAN BEATER, TOO.

Something else is going on, and I think that something has to do with a racist cultural narrative about black men being dangerous, violent predators who have no place in society. This image  was taken less than 100 years ago, and the kind of fear and loathing of black men it represents is still very much with us.

Chris Brown is a gigantic asshole, but he is not MORE of an asshole than oh, let’s see:  Sean Penn, Mel Gibson, Michael Fassbender, Nic Cage, Mickey Rourke, Charlie Sheen ….  yeah.  The world has no shortage of assholes who beat women.

If you are one of those people who rages on about Chris Brown while enjoying some Three and a Half Men or Braveheart or gushing over Sean’s sensitive portrayal of Harvey Milk, you just might be a giant fucking racist.

Sean Penn hit Madonna in the head with a baseball bat (which may partially explain that Wallis Simpson movie)!  I am in no way approving of Chris Brown (and I’m sure he gives a giant fuck about that), BUT I also do not approve of anyone who gets over WHITE men beating the shit out of their wives and girlfriends, but hangs on to hate for the BLACK man who did the same.  That’s just cloaking straight up racism in some morally acceptable indignation.

Also, Rhianna is a grown woman.  A really fucking stupid one, clearly.  Still, she can do whatever she wants.  Personally, I recommend she do some mixed martial arts training and learn how to put the little fucker in a chokehold if he ever lifts a hand against her again.