Write for us, maybe? Contribute scribblings to the internet's zestiest lifestyle blog tailored primarily for women.

We are happy to accept contributions that excite us and/or line up with our mission.

Pitch your best ideas to [email protected] and let's talk.

Have compelling knowledge, or a story or insight you want to share with the world?

We take longform, Top 10 lists, personal memoirs, how to guides, zany brainfarts, and will generally consider any imaginable format as long as it expresses something of interest to us and our readers. We love topics such as relationships, dating, beauty, offbeat topics, fashion, design, style, weird tech, home & interior, high end real-estate / dream homes, travel, and especially strong opinions, hot takes, & even nuclear takes about social and cultural issues of our time.

Not sure what's your beat? Our blog post soliciting submissions contains a list of fun post ideas. The bottom of this page also has a list of types of posts we love more than others.

You can get a blurb promoting you or something you're about in your author bio (we're happy to promote our writers and their stuff!), and we allow anonymity upon request.

Writer guidelines

Please don't email just to ask questions that are already answered in our guidelines. It's not a long read!

  1. Your piece must be unique (not previously published elsewhere), and of a high enough standard that we don't have to spend half a day editing and rewriting your work.
  2. Minimum 800 words, with no sign of useless filler language.
  3. No bland junk already covered to death elsewhere. No wikipedia-style "beginner intros" to something unless it's a totally rad new trend. We expect our writers to be able to express something interesting. You can write about something everyone else already talks about if you approach it in a new way.
  4. Do some very basic editing of your own to make sure that you don't needlessly jump back and forth in time to ideas you've already expressed. (Pieces with poor logical continuity are a nightmare for editors because moving blocks of text around like a jigsaw puzzle also requires severe rewrites to make them fit.)
  5. Feel free to link external sites (appropriately – and source your claims), but we like credible and authoritative sites and don't like overly commercial sites.
  6. No third world "content mill" articles. These are never accepted and your email will be blocked.

With that said, you can work the way you prefer. Docx, text files, Google Docs – it's all good with us! The editor will source any media or images needed, so don't worry about that.

Examples of ~posts we like~

Let's start with a really good format: surprising intersections of topics you wouldn't normally expect being blended together, eg. hairstyle/politics or video games/radio. If you can do this style well the editor will probably hurl wads of money at you and wash your feet. Examples:

Then you have your perennial Top 10s of things that we love individually but now it's all in one story. Examples:

We also love naughty or unusual dating listicles. Examples:

And opinion and thought pieces if you have something interesting or novel to say. Strong opinions, hot takes, and even nuclear takes about social and cultural issues of our time – yesss! 💖 💖 💖 Examples:

Then we like to relax and look back at interesting ideas, things, events, people, and legends in history – especially when they relate to women, sex, relationships, parenting, or lifestyle in some way. Examples:

And who can resist a good exposé? Examples:

Cool guides and how-to's that are either supremely useful or unusual are always a fun read. Examples:

These are hard to find but GOLD: personal experiences that provide a rare glimpse into something that people are curious about. Examples:

And if you haven't figured it out by now, we just love weird and offbeat topics, subcultures, and ideas in general. Examples:

And mysteries and the paranormal. Examples:

And cool but slightly offbeat science. Examples:

And the bone-chilling, the bizarre, and the absurd. Examples:

Is your braincase bubbling over with awesome ideas yet? We prefer to be pitched first (send the story idea) but if you've already written something up, we're happy to consider it. Waiting patiently for you at [email protected].