Body positivity is for women, not lazy white guys with dad bods There is more to dad bod positivity than meets the eye. It's appropriation of body positivity culture created by and for women—by the usual suspects.

In a world that is constantly telling us to be thinner, it can be hard to love our bodies just the way they are. But what if we stopped seeing our so-called flaws as imperfections and started viewing them as unique features that make us who we are?

That’s the body positive movement in a nutshell. And while it has been gaining traction in recent years, there’s one group of people who seem to have latched onto the concept with suspicious amounts of fervor: middle-aged white guys with dad bods. There's even media campaigns catering to them with headlines like “‘Dad bods’ are the biggest turn-on for singles in the pandemic sex era" and "Why Girls Love The Dad Bod." You've definitely seen a bunch of these.

If you're a white guy thinking you should "just embrace" your belly fat and jump on the dad bod positivity bandwagon, this article is for you. You need to understand that you are not the target audience for body positivity. This isn’t about you guys; it’s about us women.

Now don’t get me wrong, it's nice that people are starting to accept themselves for who they are instead of succumbing to societal pressure (although let's be real, most dad bods probably wouldn't even consider going shirtless at the beach). But at its core, body positivity isn't about looking "hot" – it's about challenging the Western world's patriarchal beauty standards, and that challenge by definition has to exclude white guys to stay authentic to women culture.

Staying in your own lane

White guys have their own things – like khakis, mayonnaise, Abercrombie, and man buns. Don't appropriate from women's culture, and don't steal things that women – especially Black women – have created.

Also, I can’t help but feel like this trend is the usual suspects culturally appropriating something that was never meant for them in the first place. The body positivity movement was created by women – specifically Black women – as a brilliantly sassy yet empathetic response to the unrealistic standards of beauty imposed on us by Western culture. It wasn’t designed for privileged white males who already conform to their own traditional ideas of masculinity (duh); it was meant for those of us who often feel invisible and unworthy because we don't fit into patriarchy's white supremacist definition of beauty.

While I’m all for people loving their bodies, forgetting who the body positive movement was created by and for feels problematic and suss, like it's some kind of 4chan operation against feminism. Remember freebleeding? Yep, I'm getting those vibes from all over this dad bod positivity thing.

So can we please stop pretending the body positive movement is for everyone?

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Body positivity is for women – led by Black women – to celebrate our diverse shapes and sizes, and to finally feel like we belong in a world that has always told us we don't. Body positivity is for women who have been systemically oppressed and told their entire lives that they’re not good enough. Body positivity is for women who have been taught to hate themselves because they don't look like Barbie – not for dudes who can already pass as Ken.

So to the dads out there flaunting their newfound (read: stolen) body confidence: if you have a dad bod, it's time to hit the gym. It's good for you – and we'll appreciate you more. This movement isn't for you and you need to stay in your own lane.

Jamey Braunstein

I normally cover transportation and prepping, and it's as boring as it sounds.

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58 thoughts on “<span class="entry-title-primary">Body positivity is for women, not lazy white guys with dad bods</span> <span class="entry-subtitle">There is more to dad bod positivity than meets the eye. It's appropriation of body positivity culture created by and for women—by the usual suspects.</span>”

  1. Women if you are fat just know all men look down on you like you’re trash, body positivity aside. Most women with appropriate bodies do also. To anyone regular you look disgusting

  2. As a white man with a dad bod, I agree. We are disgusting and are really letting white womxn down. No wonder they go after men of color

  3. This is freaking garbage. Why don't you pick a cause that actually freaking matters instead of trying to police who can celebrate the body they leave in. freaking dork dude.

  4. This is the most sexist crap I've seen . Body positivity goes both ways . If anyone Is a TRUE feminist , they'd be looking for equality , not hierarchy. The majority of us women are being seen as vile and dumb because of things like this. Like what happened to true positivity ?

  5. Really glad to see that people are pooping on this freaking psycho who writes this stuff. I wish i could say I had hope that thousands of people telling this person that their opinions are bad takes would help change their mind but sadly I don’t think they’re open minded or respectful enough

  6. How can a proclaimed antiracist and antisexist be so racist and sexist is beyond me. You literally need an IQ of at least 80 to see the irony hear. Woke people are a true modern social cancer. A threat to equality and democracy.

  7. Body positivity was originially invented for people with big scars, disabilities and such.
    Excluding people with these traits because of the gender doesn't only show what a low-key shitty human being you're, it's also pretty fascist.

    • In general, the body positivity movement has been co-opted by shitty human beings wanting to pretend being victims.  Hint: if you are obese you'ren't oppressed. Maintaining such excess calorie intake means that you are extremely privileged and have access to enough food to not only feed yourself but to get fat, a privilege that a significant amount of humanity lacks.

  8. I cant believe this is real,
    you all need to be healthy to survive it's nothing to do with race or gender, who ever wrote this needs to re-evaluate.

  9. Very glaad this poast was poasted. It had to be said. Ytoids keep tryna steal our culture and take over our movements!

  10. This article is so IT! Let’s let those ni-… I mean… black heifers reach their full potential! Let’s just take them in and force feed them till their curves shine and their hearts ache! Those white men and women will work till our bodies are sculpted beautifully, while those immobile monkeys drown in their own bile! I’ve never heard a better idea from a goyim like you!

    Ah, how I long for the days we sold you nignogs as slaves to the white man, it is a sure shame, we could have been like siss if your kind didn’t muddy the waters, as YHWH muddied your skin as a curse to mark you as barbarians belonging to the devil.
    A sour taste in my mouth indeed…

  11. People didn't like the way ugly, fat freaking sheboons looked, waddling and roaring like hippopotamuses, so they came up with bizarre mental gymnastics to justify being big, fat sacks of shit. But when a white guy with a beer gut doesn't want to be stigmatized, and employs those same mental gymnastics, some snooty garden gnome "journalist" goes "blubwbrlbuwb appropriation!"

    Cultural appropriation isn't even a real freaking thing. Are you kidding me? It's called enjoying and helping spread another culture. Do you think nips care if a white guy wears a hakama and eats a bowl of rice? Fuck, no! They love seeing that! Imitation is the highest form of freaking flattery. I'm sick and tired of this anti-white, sour grapes bullshit being published on every goddamn site. Get a real hobby.

  12. I agree to a point but she’s a bit off the target, body positivity is only for
    Black people and People of Color, it’s appropriation for ANY white people to copy it, including women. Black peoples can be fat and proud, in fact it’s even better. Where fitness is for whites only.

  13. How dare you use "weight" as a word? Weight as a concept has been stained with negative associations in both directions. It's only one letter off from "wight" which means a mindless zombie or thrall of evil. I won't stand for this as I can't stand for longer than five minutes at a time (it's bad for my ankles). Use the term " downward beauty" instead and don't let me ever hear you being so cruel again shitbird !

  14. >The body positive movement was created by women – specifically Black women
    Really, is that so?

    >In 1967, New York radio host Steve Post held a "fat-in" in Central Park. He described the purpose of the event "was to protest discrimination against the fat." This moment is often cited as the beginning of the Fat Acceptance movement.

    Here is the proud black women who created the movement:

  15. >lifting is bad!!! being muscular is toxic masculinity stop it
    >body positivity is only for women, not lazy men
    i want to punch something

  16. Is this reverse psychology to get white men to not go to the gym and die earlier? If so I call #Problematic

  17. Thank you for finally speaking up to this shit. It's not sexy, and not healthy! Belly fat is the #1 cause of coronary issues!


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