Dad should be every little girl’s first love

By Anonymous

Famous insanely screechy feminist Germaine Greer has pissed me off something fierce today. Normally, when I see the words “Germaine” and “Greer” next to each other, I shiver and click away, but today I ran across some remarks she made on a talk show in June 2011 and I just can’t let it go.

Let’s keep in mind that Greer, who built a career out of convincing women that marriage was some sort of patriarchal plot to deny them the freedoms men enjoy and that children were millstones that would drown them in a sea of frivolity and domestic drudgery, hit the age of forty, and after multiple abortions and contraception disasters, decided, oh hey, wait, I really DO want children. She spent a shitload of money on fertility treatments and was unable to conceive, and given that she convinced countless other women to make the same rotten choices, good! There ought to be some punishment for spending a lifetime hating children and then deciding, oops, that was a mistake.

Payback’s a bitch.

So childless bitter spinster Greer gets on Question Time on the BBC and opens her big mouth and says that little girls are sexualized by kissing their fathers goodnight. Yeah. Seriously. She really did say that. Click the link below to watch the stupid cunt.

Once again proving that old school feminism actually DOES hate men, she paints men as lecherous predators and little girls as helpless, brainwashed victims. The fact that she could even THINK of a daddy kissing his little girl goodnight in a sexual context says a lot about how fucked up she truly is. Naturally, the child she was hoping to conceive would not have had a father. Correction, she would have HAD a father, because ALL children have fathers, but the father would have been denied any access, through the wonders of sperm donors (Jesus, men, what are you thinking? Why are you letting these women raise your children?).

This is the thing: Daddy SHOULD be a little girl’s first love. He will show her how a man should treat a woman, so needless to say, he should be a good man, and guess what? Most men ARE good men. All we ever see in the media is men who are bad (although never asking WHY and HOW they have turned bad), which allows us to ignore the fact that the vast majority of men, like the vast majority of women, fiercely love their little girls and boys and would move the earth to protect them.

The biggest crime of divorce and single motherhood and broken families is that BOTH little girls and boys are denied the opportunity to live with the men who fathered them. They have no day to day opportunities to see how real men behave and act and speak and think and do. Let’s be clear: we’re not talking about any random man here. We are talking about their FATHERS. Daddy. Papa.   Not just any man, but THE man who SHOULD be the center of their lives and the core of their understanding of love.

When Daddy is gone, children are left to grow up with only the portrayals of men in the media, which are rarely good, so when they eventually run into a philosophy that hates men, like feminism, it becomes easy to embrace. It mirrors their lived experience. Little girls grow up to hate and fear men, and little boys grow up to despise themselves. The whole Slut phenomenon can be traced back to the absence of men in the home. Little girls grow up not knowing any men who love them with the unconditional love of a parent, and yet they long for it. To walk down the street and know that not ONE of those men is HERS specifically, the way little girls who grow up with their fathers KNOW their Daddy is theirs, leaves them with an empty hole in their hearts.  Which they try to fill, by fucking as many men as they can. And having no idea what a decent man is, what he does, how he acts, how he should treat her, she settles for thugs and douchebags and “bad boys”. Assholes.

And those men are assholes because they, too, did not grow up in homes with a loving father who modeled kindness and duty and responsibility and manliness. They have no idea how to behave, because they have never seen it. It’s a tragedy for everyone.

Breaking up a family should always and only be a last resort in the face of intractable abuse, when there are children involved. Feeling unhappy and not in love anymore is an insanely stupid reason to break up a marriage and put children through the hell of divorce. It is a crime against humanity that so many children are growing up without men in their lives. A family without a mother is not a family at all. And a family without a father isn’t a family either.

It’s a recipe for disaster.

A little girl who grows up kissing her father goodnight is not “flirting” or “sexualized”. She is blessed and growing up loved by the one man who will love her forever.

It’s not a family without a man.

Disclaimer: Children who grow up with TWO Daddies are doubly blessed and children who have TWO mommies are also doubly blessed, because they will still see a loving relationship modeled for them, and since most of those children will be straight, they will transfer that model quite naturally into their own relationships. So suck it, gay haters.