DICK. SIZE. MATTERS. Sure, women *can* cum from a 5.5" dicklet, but the quality and intensity of an orgasm from a thickie is not even in the same realm.

It seems like every time I read an article about sex from a mainstream publication, there's an author falling all over herself to reassure the male half of the population that penis size is irrelevant or minimal in a woman's sexual pleasure.

"Dick size doesn't matter!" they exclaim. "Really and truly!" (Second only to their other favorite topic, "Women totally don't need to orgasm!")

Speak for yourself, ladies paid to put out this kind of crap. Because, um, YES the fuck penis size does matter, and YES the fuck I do need an orgasm. Why is this even a thing I have to defend?

Where's the ladies writing sex columns who can unapologetically break their dick preferences down to a science? Where are the women having crygasms 80% of the time they have sex?

I have so many questions about the women who write these articles. Are you unable to get published unless you print dicklet-apologist lies?

Are you sure dick size doesn't matter, or have you never found a penis with the size and shape to internally stimulate you properly? Are you sure you don't need to orgasm, or have you never been with a man who's patient enough to help you figure it out consistently? Are you claiming literally any dick will do ya?

It seems fairly obvious to anyone who has had a PIV induced or assisted orgasm that they're missing out. Maybe it's because only 18% of women have ever orgasmed through vaginal penetration and so are equally uninitiated.

The question I have is.....why have we all accepted the inability to orgasm through PIV sex as inevitable?

Is it literally physically impossible for most women to orgasm through PIV sex – or is this just one more item in a long list of things women have been conditioned to compromise on unquestioningly?

My theory as to why a lot of women can't orgasm from PIV sex is that the dudes' dick size and shape just aren't cutting it, but we're never allowed to admit that to ourselves because men keep cutting us off when we try to assert ourselves on this issue.

When I've seen this topic brought up online, the comments are FILLED with men telling us all about how women are ridiculous and that women can orgasm from something as small as a pinky finger.

Sure I can cum from a tiny penis (really all you need is clitoral stimulation), but the quality and intensity of the orgasm from a tiny dick vs a thickie that feels like it was hand crafted by god and ribbed for her pleasure is not 👏even 👏 close.

"Dick size doesn't matter" is one big cope that men keep pressuring women to buy into to virtue signal that we are low maintenance while ultimately denying ourselves aspects of pleasure we could otherwise experience if we were just brutally honest about what we like in dicks and looked for that.

Penis size AND shape matters a lot for women's orgasm ability. It is NOT the same as men having a preference for boob or booty size – women will literally not be able to orgasm during PIV sex with some dicks.

That's not to say that bigger is automatically better.

For example, I once dated a guy with an absolute anaconda, but it curved so severely to his left it made sex very uncomfortable and outright painful at times. He was porn sick, so I suspect his curving issues were from Peyronie's disease, which happens when men beat their dick so ferociously they develop internal scar tissue that makes it excessively curve.

On the other hand, I dated a guy who's penis was smaller and less girthy than the guy mentioned above, but it had a slight upward curve. It was amazing, because it naturally pressed against my G-Spot.

I learned from my doctor that vaginas and cervixes can be naturally curved internally too, so if both you and your partner are curving in a different direction that shit will NEVER feel good. But, if it curves in the same direction, maybe you would find men with curved dicks absolutely amazing.

So the good news for men here is that penis preferences can go in either direction. It varies what the optimal dick size and shape is from woman to woman.

This is decidedly *not* the same as saying penis size doesn't matter. It DOES matter, but there are a wide variety of acceptable dicks because there are a wide variety of vaginas. There is a lid for every pot and an optimal and suboptimal range for every woman. Something ancient Indians knew but somehow has become a lost art in the modern era.

So let's settle this once and for all.


There's no reason for women to spend forever "making it work" and never seeking out thicker, longer, and uncut pastures because we've not developed the language to eyeball a dick and say "No thanks, that just won't do."

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  1. Women only say it doesn't matter to keep a stable of "plan B's" for the day they all know is coming- when Chad loses all interest. Problem is, when you destroy a guy over over something he can't change, he is gone and not coming back.

  2. Women need to be a 10/10 with a fat ass and double D cups or they are completely unattractive and should not even try to talk to me.

  3. About 8” with an increasing thickness and upward curve is the best all around dick.

    Vaginally it tickles the right spots, and can tickle the clit as the thick base opens you up. Easy quick orgasm.

    Anally I can feel it filling me, and rearranging my internal pipes. That length and shape is long enough to have him shoot cum directly into the sigmoid colon, just as the base really opens you up. Insane feeling, like being opened up wide and filled with heat. I don’t cum (unless using fingers) but the intense feeling is even better than coming.

    I’ve also found white and black ones have a better ‘texture’ than brown/other. Sorry guys.

  4. It's not just about 'girls can take it' issue, but it also depend on guys.
    Desensitized cut guy tends to be a bit rough, so a biggie practically not going to be fun.

  5. I mean yeah, it's easier to orgasm from a big thick penis than from a small one, exactly like it's easier for a guy to orgasm from a tight vagina than a loose one. It's not everything though. I'll take technique, foreplay and compatibility any day of the week. But men can't help their penis size and it's something that a lot of men have anxiety about.

  6. I don’t think it matters in the way most men thinks it does.

    In my experience, most men I’ve encountered think length is the most important factor. It’s not. My vagina is not infinite, it has a lid - my cervix. If a dick is too big, it does not feel good bashing in to my cervix. In fact, it’s freaking painful and it makes me want to throw up. It’s not enjoyable and I have ended it with men whose dicks were too big.

    Girth is key (for me). I’ll take a short fat one over anything else all day long.

    • Actually what is stated in this article is that the size and general form of the penis should complement the size and general form of the vaginas, for maximum pleasure for the 2 partners. The kama sutra state that there are 3 general size for penis and 3 for vagina, some are compatible and some not. ( For example a "doe" should not have sexual intercourse with an " elephant", because one will get hurt and the other one feel nothing). Ideally one should be with a compatible sexually partner. So...penis size matter and vaginas size matter too. This is just a statement and has nothing to do with body positivity or even beauty or sexual standard.

  7. Thanks for posting this. I've always felt like something isn't right when they put out those articles. Every media outlet, always the size doesn't matter lie. I just shrink into the shrubbery like Homer Simpson in that gif. wtf. We all know it's a lie.

    • Sure having a small cone of a pp isnt going to work out but the local average size and girth tends to be completely fine... no need to go all like "i only date x size" because average vs the big sticks some people ask for are very different things... most people ask for huge dicks but there comes a point where size indeed becomes a problem because the inch size some people ask for as "a good dick" is pretty much a stick that would impale most women.

      Its more about "yeah give it a shot if its not good its not good", technique and general shape does generally matter more than just bulk size.

  8. We have had a lengthy discussion with the author about risk factors -- specifically the incel community and their vengeance for women writers broaching these topics. Together we came to the conclusion that we would publish this piece anonymously. We simply can't afford bodyguards for our writers -- nobody can.


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