5 discrete ways to work out at your desk without appearing creepy

Brilliant and healthy exercises you can sneak in at your work desk without anybody noticing.

Hard time fitting that workout affair inside of the workplace? You can sit at your desk looking like a fool or you could simply use these five discrete ways to workout at your desk without appearing creepy — or at least once you get the hang of it.

See, women have been known to use these tactics for quite some time and kept them well hidden from view. Live and learn the easy ways of a workout affair, if you’ll pardon the pun.

First: stretch out

Stretching out is the first of any workout affair at the workplace. Place your legs on the floor, body sitting up straight, and keep your chin level. Stretch your legs out as far as they can go (one at a time).

Stretch out your abdomen by slowly working your buttocks towards the end of the chair and straightening your back in a slant fashion. At that point lift your hands high in the air as if you are getting ready to yawn after a tiring day. Stretch the body a couple of times and then proceed to the leg lifts.

#1: Leg lifts

Leg lifts should be done at fully covered desks. No opening should exist to expose your hidden love for exercise.

Place both feet on the bottom of the floor one foot apart. Remove your shoes if you must. Lift the left leg up until it slightly brushes the bottom of the desk. This will give you an idea of how much space you have to work this affair into.

Then lower the left leg back to the floor. Lift the right leg until brushing the desk and lower again. Lift both legs in that sequence for as many times you can a day.

But do not go leg crazy! Know your limits and make sure you do not “hit” the desk when lifting or you could give away your secret affair under the desk.

#2: Hand lifts

Hands were created for touching, punching, pinching, hugging, and holding. This is when you start to shop for heavy paperweights. Purchase the heaviest paperweight that can fit on top of your work desk.

Whenever you get the chance, touch it, play with it, let it roll from one hand to the other. Pick it up and look at it every now and then. Just make sure you pay attention to it without drawing attention towards yourself. Lifting a heavy paperweight is not only good for hands in general but great for building a little arm strength too.

#3: Buttocks in lock!

Can you tell who is doing their butt exercises?

You can squeeze your buttocks every chance you get when sitting at the work desk when others are too busy to notice. Feel the sensation after five complete minutes of butt locks. But there’s a science to it:

Squeeze your buns tightly and hold for the count of ten. Allow to relax. Tighten them again. Relax. And again.

A tight butt is a workout dream. Make it a reality and get paid at the same time — try it the next time you’re at work!

#4: Abs-olutely!

Abs should definitely be added to this sweet workout affair at the workplace. Your seat, if it actually moves around, can benefit this portion of secret exercises at the work desk.

Sit with back straight. Turn slightly to the left as if you are going to grab a pencil from the container or a paper from a stack. Return back to position after “grabbing” that pencil or paper. Turn slightly towards the other side. Return.

Make sure that your chest (or higher) does not move. Just move your belly area in a slight manner. Do this every chance you get and your abs will soon look “abs-olutely” hot!

#5: Neck-ercise.

You will most likely want to work out the kinks of the neck after a long day of hiding a workout affair at the workplace. Look towards the right, the left, up and down (twice). Just make it appear as if you are just looking around.

What this will do is create better blood flow to the brain. Which is awesome when doing it at work! Remember, as long as you appear like everyone else the better you are at hiding the ways to workout at your desk and not appear creepy.