The ultimate guide to your future engagement ring

Engagement rings are meant to be worn forever and should be chosen with care. Here's a handy style guide of what's hot in engagement rings in 2022.

After dating for a while, you have finally made the decision that it is time to take the next step in your relationship and that is a marriage proposal. It goes without saying that for this milestone you will need an engagement ring to make the moment more special and memorable. The ring should be thoughtful, meaningful, and suitable for your better half because they will wear it forever.

However, with so many ring styles available, it can be difficult to pick the best engagement ring for your partner. Whether you want diamonds, pearls, or other gemstones, you have plenty of options to choose from to surprise the love of your life for this special occasion.

To help you along, we have put together a guide on the most unique engagement ring styles you can consider for your proposal.

Classic ring styles

Classic ring styles are the ones you will most likely find in any jewelry shop. They are often regarded as the basic types of engagement rings as they can work with different gemstones, shapes of stones, and metals to put together a piece that is timeless and beautiful.

They also come in many styles, with the solitaire (32% of all sales according to a survey by KNOT and JCK Magazine!), halo, cluster, and pavé engagement rings being some of the most popular choices among shoppers.

The classic and ever popular solitaire.

Halo style: the runner up in terms of popularity.


Pavé simply means that there are tiny diamonds around the top half of the band, giving a sparkly all-diamond appearance.

The pearl halo engagement ring is another favorite. The ring features a pearl in the center, surrounded by a circle of diamonds or other gemstones. The pearl can come in a variety of colors, while the gemstones around it are there to add more sparkle. It is the perfect ring style for classy women who want a minimalistic, yet eye-catching jewelry piece.

Since this is an engagement ring your significant other will wear forever, it is important that you look for pearl halo rings in jewelry stores that sell real pearls as they are more durable and have a long-lasting surface quality.

Vintage ring styles

If your partner is more into vintage-inspired things which have a story behind them or a kinship about a certain era, then you should consider buying a vintage ring style. This can be an antique ring you find in local antique shops or a new ring inspired by a vintage design. Some popular vintage engagement ring styles you should check out are Art Deco, Victorian, Art Nouveau, baroque, and acrostic rings.

The more niche but absolutely gorgeous filigree style. You will want to dip it in something like acetone from time to time to avoid buildup of gunk.

For instance, if your significant lover is a true fan of the Roaring Twenties, then the Art Deco engagement ring can be the perfect option for them. This era is known for its glitz and glamor which is why you will find this ring style featuring baguette cut stones, fanned motifs, geometric shapes, and even a touch of color.

This particular Art Deco moonstone ring will set you back about $850.

If you are looking for something simpler and more romantic, the acrostic engagement ring is a great choice. The ring only features a band with stones set into it which often spells out a word. This ring style dates back to the Napoleonic era and is still one of the most popular vintage-inspired rings.

Modern and alternative ring styles

If you want to step away from the traditional and vintage engagement ring styles, then you can always look for modern pieces to surprise your partner on this special occasion. Modern engagement rings are truly innovative and versatile, featuring lots of colors, textures, and unique geometric shapes.

Even spirals!

For example, for women who aren’t into classic ring styles, the minimal engagement ring is a great option. This ring is exactly what its name implies—a thin band with a small understated stone which sometimes has a geometric element to it.

If you are looking for something modern, minimalist, and personal, then an engraved engagement ring is a popular choice. You can carve your emotions through the ring’s band to make it more special, and then your loved one will always have your little message right at hand. The engraving can be a date, a symbol, or a quote that has deep meaning for you as a couple.

Final thoughts

Your engagement ring should strengthen the bond you share with your partner and make a promise you will love each other forever—not grate on you or be hard to wear after the initial excitement. Getting engaged is one of the most important times in your life, so don’t spoil it with impulse purchases. Good luck!