The dating superpower: 8 ways having a female friend helps you get girls

Having a female confidante is like being Neo and seeing the Matrix for the first time. You can exploit that power.

Besides helping you pick out clothing, giving you the chance to hone your spider-killing skills, and occasionally baking you cookies, there are loads of things your platonic female friends are good for. One is their ability to help you with your love life. But they can’t just wave a magic wand and have a trio of Swedish cheerleaders drop in your lap. No, it’s a far more subtle magic they work.

Hanging out with you

Say you’re out and about with your female friend. You’re talking and laughing and other women happen to see that. They’re seeing that you can easily get along with women because they find you desirable to be around. The ladies are also drawn to men who are taken, so just by being in the company of a woman helps you become more appealing. The only thing that can top that is if you have on a wedding ring — and have a cute, nonthreatening dog.

Being your wing girl

A female friend will net you a wealth of interesting information that only women can tell you about your surroundings, the females in the room, and the way you come off and are put together. Think about it like Neo actually seeing the Matrix for the first time.

Talking you up

Talking about yourself in flattering ways doesn’t have a fraction of the effect it has when someone else does it for you. In fact, it could even work against you. When you have a friend (especially one of the opposite sex) telling other women how awesome you are or telling cool stories about you, it can make a real difference.

Giving you confidence

Sometimes all you need is a little confidence boost from a caring friend of the female persuasion. This can come in the form of complimenting you, giving you empowering advice, relaying some insider information you should know about or just being understanding. The magic of compounding effects, bro.

Giving you a reality check

Then there are times that you’re riding high on false confidence, hollow aspirations, or even misinformation. Sometimes the female perspective is exactly what you need to get a firm grasp on reality and adjust your goals, expectations, or attitude.

Introducing you to her friends

The world revolves around the friend of the friend introduction. This works as long as she has at least one acquaintance, friend, or co-worker that isn’t a psycho-stalker, marriaged up, or a stone cold lesbian.

Showing you what the definition of a “red flag” is

Sometimes you like to hang out with crazy chicks, right? These are the ones you’d never seriously date, let alone bring home to mom and dad. These girls play an important role, though, in showing you who to stay away from. Learn well and dodge those bullets.

Giving herself to you

What if your female friend is the one you wanted all along? Though difficult, you can get out of the friend zone. It just takes time, patience and an attitude adjustment. Go for it. Just be forewarned that many a friendship has been ruined this way.