10 fitness secrets of Thor’s stuntman

The rules Hemsworth's stunt double Bobby Hanton followed to chisel the body of Avengers' hammer-wielding Norse god.

Avengers: Age of Ultron crushed all foes by raking in a whopping $191 million over the weekend. And since key team member Thor is totally jacked, we figured it was a good time to grab some fitness advice from the guy who plays him.

No, not Chris Hemsworth. Hemsworth’s stunt double, Bobby Holland Hanton — who has also doubled for guys like Christian Bale (in The Dark Night Rises), Ryan Reynolds (Green Lantern) and Daniel Craig (Quantum of Solace).

Below, check out Hanton’s tips for getting ripped, looking good and chiseling the body of, well, a hammer-wielding god.

#1. Hit the gym. Hard.

“For Chris Hemsworth, I was working out twice a day, seven days a week,” says Hanton. “For other movies, where I don’t have to bulk up but rather just maintain a lean build, I might work out five days a week and give myself two days of rest.”

#2. Keep it old-school.

“I prefer body-weight exercises like push-ups, pull-ups and chin-ups to build muscle and then I might isolate one body part with dumbbells,” says Hanton. “To add in cardio, I’ll do treadmill intervals or swimming.”

#3. To bulk up, go heavy.

“Chris Hemsworth’s size was difficult to achieve, as he is extremely well built and also very tall,” says Hanton. “I was working out for nearly nine months with heavy weights and a lot of protein in my diet. I focused mainly on upper body weights.”

#4. To lean down, avoid sugars.

“For Daniel Craig I did more circuit workouts and focused more on healthy nutrition,” says Hanton. “I had to reduce sugar, starchy vegetables and most fruit. I would eat a banana or two after a workout, or some blueberries, but not every day. I focus on a clean diet of lean protein and healthy fats.”

#5. Ditch the supplements and powders.

“I like to eat real food,” says Hanton. “I steer clear of supplements and protein powders. I generally will fix a healthy diet of lean protein such as turkey and tuna, clean carbs including sweet potatoes or quinoa, and healthy fats from foods like avocado and nuts.”

#6. Develop good eating habits.

“I migrate towards turkey breast, tuna and eggs for daily protein,” says Hanton. “It has essentially become routine for me.”

#7. Don’t hit the sauce too hard.

“I will have a drink on occasion,” says Hanton. “To be honest, a vodka water is my drink of choice.”

#8. Give yourself cheat days.

“I also love my cheat meal or cheat day depending on what movie I am on, where I allow myself to indulge in anything I want,” says Hanton. “I think cheats are important to help spark your metabolism.”

#9. Take care of your skin, too.

“With all of the makeup they put on me, my skin can get extremely beat up,” says Hanton. “It’s crucial to take care of it. I shower first thing when I get home with products that don’t irritate my skin. I am currently using Dove Men+Care Hydrate+ Face Wash. Then I put on a moisturizer before going to bed.”

#10. Bottom line: You are what you eat.

“I would say that about 85% of the success in achieving your goals is nutrition,” says Hanton. “If you can really restrict and focus on exactly the right times to eat during the day and what you should eat, then the training actually comes secondary.”