Check out these 9 super weird designer beds

Going to sleep has never been so strange.

Industrial strength magnets power this magnetic floating bed by designer Janjaap Ruijssenaars. It is held in its position by 4 wires attached the floor.

This standing bed is perfect for those days when you want to feel like a marshmallow.

The Quantum Sleeper, price tag: $160,000. Why the price? Because it hermetically seals itself to protect you from bio-chemical terrorist attacks, natural disasters, and any kidnappers who might try to snatch you in the night. “It also has one-way mirrors so intruders can watch themselves futilely try to get in while you sit inside and call the police on your mobile, shortwave or CB radio.” Of course the bed also comes with a DVD player and microwave oven.

Book Bed, by Yusuke Suzuki. Its “pages” serve as duvets and pillows, and during the day it can be folded up and used as a soft playmat.

A giant bird nest by Merav Eitan and Gaston Zahr, because why not?

Sleep squarely.

The Feel Deluxe by Animi Causa. It is made of 120 balls that can be re-arranged to suit your tastes.

$47,000 is the price tag on this handcrafted Cinderella fairy tale bed for (spoiled) little princesses.