It Happened To Me: he wants to *live* inside my butt

This confession may not agree with sensitive stomachs; do not read while eating lunch.
By Anonymous

I am a phone sex operator and recently I was talking to Tim, one of my toilet slaves who is a TV producer. This particular caller is a great regular, going for hours and always polite.

Our calls have a routine — we start with golden showers, travel into scat and spend the hours inventing different scenarios in which he can feed from my anus.

This time he was focusing more on my ass, waxing poetic about its beauty. I’ve sent him some close up photos for him to admire.

The call is going along normally when out of nowhere he tells me he wants to live in my ass (related to vore). I’m sure I heard him wrong. It was late, not quite dawn but getting close. Strong coffee was keeping my eyes open.

I asked him to repeat himself. Sure enough, he tells me that he wants to live inside my ass. I was clueless and asked him to explain.

He told me he wished there was a way he could shrink down his size to be small enough to, actually, crawl inside my actual ass. He wanted to live in my ass as my miniature ass slave.

This admission shifted the call into new territory for me. I’ve never done shrinkage fantasies and I’ve never done anal habitation fantasies either. Not knowing what to say, I followed his lead.

Apparently he’s thought this through. He would have the ability to change size, growing back to normal when I scooped him out of my bottom with my fingers. He’d sleep in my ass and feed off my shit as it passed by, as one does.

For entertainment he’d explore my intestines, which makes sense. During these explorations he would eat the more “vintage shit” found there. Or bring in a miniature shovel to haul it downstream. We both agreed going into the stomach would be too dangerous.

With a lot of fantasies I can guess what’s coming next. In this particular case: bringing out his anthropomorphic dildo (named Eric!) which leads to sucking, leads to anal play, leads to call the guy a slut etc. With Miniature Man I didn’t know where he was going with the story.

The mental images of this new fantasy certainly woke me up.

The more we talked about his daily life in my ass the more excited he became. We talked about his miniature life in more and more detail.

Then as abruptly as it began, he switched gears again. One minute he’s talking about how warm and soft my ass would be and then the next he’s talking about kneeling below me with his mouth open, waiting for his shit desert. I followed his lead and shifted gears with him. He didn’t mention the shrinkage fantasy again.

Will Miniature Man make another impromptu visit? Only time will tell.