6 pieces of furniture inspired by chocolate that prove every day is Chocolate Day

Oh my gawd.

There really seems to be a day for everything and guess what: today is no exception, as today is Chocolate Day! And I have to say celebrating our favourite sweet treat is definitely a good use of a day. In true Trying to Balance the Madness style, I have found some stylish, creative and completely strange home furnishings that are all inspired by chocolate.

If you are not hungry now, you will be soon…

Designed for the Hong Kong Chocolate Trail, enjoy a slice of bed made from cake and coookies.

A bed made from cake and cookies, Source

This incredible room is made from floor to ceiling with chocolate. Displayed in a shopping centre in Lithuania, I wonder how many shoppers wanted to take a piece home with them? It took seven artists and 611 pounds of chocolate to create.

183 square foot Chocolate Room, Source

If that is a little mouth watering then you may need a lie down on this edible chocolate cake bed created by Leandro Erlich

Edible chocolate cake Bed, Source

When creating this post I knew I had to feature the Kit Kat bench. An example of outdoor advertising excellence, when you have a break you sit on a Kit Kat.

Kit Kat bench, Source

Another chocolate sofa is one you can actually eat. This Chocolate Sofa sculpture was made by the renowned Prudence Emma Staite.

Another delicious tasting seating offering is by Italian designer Diego Gugliermetto, who created a food inspired sofas and poufs.

Chocolate Bar Sofa, Source