A boldly colored bi-fold door is the striking transition to the outside plants crave

Let light flood into your home and provide an unspoiled view of the garden.

Bi-folding doors are a popular choice in the home for creating a stylish transition between indoors and outdoors. They also allow natural light to flood into the home and provide an unspoiled view of the garden. Despite all these benefits, there has never been much opportunity to stamp your personal style on a set of bi-fold doors.

Origin, a leading UK manufacturer of bi-fold doors, has taken this challenge and injected some colour into the bi-fold door market by launching its new Colour Palette range. In an industry first, Origin’s range of colour palettes for bi-fold doors highlight 90 different door colour options customers can choose from, allowing the homeowner to handpick the colour, or colours, they love. Origin has designed the colour palette to reflect the language used by paint manufacturers to inspire people to think about bi-folding doors in a new, more creative way.

Neil Ginger, CEO of Origin, explains: “People put a great deal of thought into choosing their perfect interior. Bi-folding doors are a real focal point but people get stuck in a mind-set when choosing doors, thinking they should be white, grey, black or wood effect. We hope our new colour palettes will inspire homeowners to think more creatively – whatever the colour of their room, they can integrate their door frames by matching the wall colour or make them a feature with bold contrasting colours.”

Each colour palette was designed to provide home owners with a wide choice of finishes which would complement their home. Each palette describes a style story of an era or setting which helps customers picture how these colours and complementary styles might look in their own home. For example, if a customer has a nautical or beach themed home and is looking to liven up their living area, then the Beach Hut range adds a pop of candy colour which complements the laidback blues and whites of seaside tones. Origin has also created Pinterest pinboards for some of the ranges to spark inspiration in customers, including Origin’s Beach Hut board. As Origin’s bi-folding doors are bespoke, customers can mix up the colour palettes and choose a different colour for the interior and exterior door frames.

The palette concepts have been carefully selected to include a range of diverse styles:

  • Heritage – Muted shades of pale cream, dusky greens and blues suitable for period properties
  • Pop Art – Bright, bold colours from across the spectrum, reminiscent of the Pop Art era
  • Naturalist – Deep, rich earthy colours inspired by the natural world
  • Gentleman’s Club – Rich, jewel like reds, greens and blues, evoking the interior of luxury private clubs of a by-gone era
  • Beach Hut – Bright, candy colours with a hint of a seaside resort and candy floss
  • The Hamptons – Classic cool beach tones inspired by Ralph Lauren, bringing sophistication to a coastal vibe
  • Tuscany – Warm terracotta tones of burnt umber, orange and browns, like the roof tops of a Tuscan village
  • Urban Chic –  Steely utilitarian tones of greys and blacks for classic urban architecture
  • Retro – Bold colours from across the spectrum in tones with a 60s and 70s interior feel

Within the ranges, the bold colours have playful names such as Marilyn’s Lipstick in the Pop Art range and Blue Blazer in The Hamptons collection. The more muted shades have names such as Espresso in the Tuscany range and Rich Peat in the Naturalist range. These names have been purposely chosen to evoke not just the colour, but an image in people’s minds of the era and style the colours help to create.

A home is a personal statement and bi-folds offer a key a focal point which can now be styled to either complement the colour theme in the home or provide a bold contrast. Origin Blinds complement the door colours and add an extra touch of personal style to the home.

Thank you to Origin and Sarah Stewart.

About Origin

Origin is the UK’s leading specialist manufacturer of bespoke aluminium folding sliding doors.

The company was founded 12 years ago when cousins Neil Ginger and Victoria Brocklesby found they could not get great aluminium folding sliding doors for their building projects. Their ambitious solution was to create a company capable of manufacturing the UK’s best quality doors, backed by uncompromising levels of service. The result is the Easifold range of cleverly designed, beautifully made and exquisitely finished sliding folding doors, featuring a unique free-glide running system.