6 ways to hold yourself accountable to a workout routine

It's easy to stick to a workout routine for the first few days, but as time goes by we lose willpower and become less enthusiastic.

It’s easy to stick to a workout routine for the first few days, but as time goes by we lose willpower and become less enthusiastic. Accountability will help you stick to a routine even after this happens.

If you haven’t been able to exercise consistently, use the tips below to stay accountable to your workout.

#1. Exercise to get stronger

Most people only exercise to burn calories and lose fat. While there’s nothing wrong with that – this approach takes the fun out of exercise. And then exercise starts to feel like a chore.

Focusing on building strength will make workouts fun and exciting. With time you’ll be able to do exercises you never thought possible. Imagine how you’ll feel when you do your first push up or pull up.

To get stronger you need to track your workouts. So make sure you write down the number of reps and sets for each workout.

#2. Sign up for a competition

Competitions make us get out of the comfort zone and push ourselves. Chances are you’ll train harder and consistently when preparing for a competition.

You could sign up for a half marathon or obstacle races once every 2 or 3 months. You could also run to raise money for charity. Try signing up for a charity run for animals.

#3. Have a written down or printed routine

A routine will outline when you’ll exercise and the exercises you’ll do. You’ll end up wasting time and skipping workouts if you train without one.

Include every exercise you plan to do in the routine – be it walking, running or strength training. Then tick the routine every time you complete a workout – this will give you a feeling of accomplishment and make you feel good.

#4. Take pictures

Most people only track progress using the scale. Sometimes the scale may not budge but pictures will show some progress.

If possible take pictures after every two weeks – they’ll motivate you more than the scale can.

#5. Have a workout partner or hire a trainer

You’ve probably heard this several times. And that’s because it works. A workout buddy will push you to exercise when you’re feeling lazy. And I don’t think you would want to skip a workout when a trainer is charging you.

When picking a workout buddy, look for someone with your strength level and the same fitness goals. Make sure your trainer is knowledgeable. Ask your friends to recommend a good trainer or look for online reviews.

#6. Set workout rules

Simple workout rules can keep you accountable. One rule that works for many people is to never go for more than 3 days without exercise.

You can use this rule or find another rule which requires you to be accountable.

Being accountable can go a long way in improving your health and fitness. Find the tips that will work for you and stick to them.