It’s true: only men pay tax

By Anonymous

A study from New Zealand shows fairly definitively that we (women), as a group, don’t pay any taxes.

Sure, we file tax documents and have taxes deducted from our paychecks and pay out consumer taxes at the cash register, just like men do, but in the final tally, uh…well, look at this:


Let me explain. If you pay out, say, $100 every paycheck to the IRS, but every month, you claim $200 in benefits, you have not paid a single penny in tax. In fact, you have claimed twice what you have paid. You are $100 up, and the rest of the taxpayers are footing your bill.

It’s curious that the data New Zealand doesn’t seem to mind sharing is very difficult to acquire in the US. How much money in taxes do men pay versus women? How much money is claimed every month in benefits by men versus women? What is the net difference? We begin with ….. cue ominous music …. THE WAGE GAP!

The US tax system is progressive, meaning the more money you make, the more tax you pay. If men make more money than women, they must pay more tax by definition. There can be no argument that men pay more in gross tax than women. If you tally up at the end of the year all the pennies men gave to the government and compare that to all the pennies women gave, men paid more on that measure alone.

But that is an incomplete measure. We need to know how much money men are withdrawing from the government coffers, compared to women, but let’s not include salaries, since a salary is in theory a trade-off for vital services performed. Let’s only consider payouts within the social safety net.

What are the main government expenditures that don’t include salary?

Of course, women live longer than men and thus draw more social security benefits.

Healthcare? We know that men don’t access healthcare at the same rates as women because masculinity is toxic and men prefer to benefit themselves systematically by directing healthcare dollars to women, and thus we can reasonably presume that women are withdrawing more in healthcare dollars than men.

If we were going to consider salaries paid as a withdrawal from government resources, men would win in the military category of spending, but this would be balanced out by healthcare, social services administration and education, all of which are dominated by women. In terms of withdrawing resources from the military in the form of non-salary benefits, neither women nor men have the advantage. Domestic military benefits are probably restricted to natural disasters and feminists haven’t yet figured out how to make earthquakes kill only men, although I would not be surprised to discover they are trying.

There are considerably more men who have placed themselves in harm’s way in service of the nation, so men likely win the Veteran’s Affairs category hands down, and men are the primary producers of food and drivers of agriculture, so it’s probably safe to assume most of the subsidies and supports in agriculture and food are going to men. But then we have education, and the much vaunted statistic that there are more women than men earning college degrees (In Feminist Dance Therapy, not Particle Physics, but that’s another story), so once again, women are consuming the majority of education dollars.

Men take the majority of government money in the form of agriculture subsidies and veteran’s benefits. In every other major spending category, women are the primary beneficiaries. Women pay less in tax than men pay, while withdrawing significantly more in benefits.

Ergo …

We really don’t pay any tax. We contribute to a system, and then withdraw far more, all of it meaning of course that men – all men – support women – all women – whether they like it or not. When libertarian leaning pundits quip that ‘taxation is theft’, they are missing a piece of the puzzle. Taxation might be theft, but more accurately, it’s theft for our benefit. The government steals money from men and gives it to women.