This ancient Japanese technique can kill stress in 5 minutes There is an ancient Japanese self-relaxation technique you can do anywhere—with no equipment and in just 5 minutes.

In the short term, stress takes an immediate effect on the body, but chronic stress puts your health at serious risk.

If stress is left untreated, it can cause depression, anxiety, stroke, heart attack, irritability, vomiting, and nausea. It can also affect our sex drive and damage our immune system, making us more susceptible to diseases.

Yoga, massage, and regular exercise can help us cope with stress. But there is an ancient Japanese self-relaxation technique you can do anywhere – with no equipment and in just 5 minutes!

First consider that each of our fingers represent a different kind of feeling or emotion

Here's the finger to emotion chart:

  • Thumb – worry and anxiety;
  • Index finger – fear;
  • Middle finger – rage and bitterness;
  • Ring finger – depression and melancholy;
  • Pinky finger – self-esteem.

The aim of the method we're about to show you is to balance the opposing energy forces in the body. You have to start by taking one finger at a time, grasping it with the other hand and wrapping every finger around it. Each finger should be held for one to two fingers, waiting until you feel the pulse. At that point you will know that it works.

In order to aid in relaxation, you should apply slight pressure on the center of the palm with the opposite thumb, holding for 1 minute. Practicing this technique daily will help your spirit become balanced and will enable you deal with stress in a much efficient manner.

Watch this video for detailed instructions

You can do the technique anywhere and as much as you want. It's pretty discrete as well!

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