'Clean up your room, clean up your life' guru Jordan Peterson in rehab for clonazepam addiction Video statement by daughter Mikhaila Peterson.

According to a

video statement by daughter Mikhaila, Jordan Peterson has been checked into rehab for a clonazepam addiction. Mikhaila says Jordan was prescribed the benzodiazepine to help him cope with his wife's severe health issues.

Jordan "looks like a lost puppy" while they are giving him less potent drugs to wean him off, Mikhaila explains, before warning people to stay away from clonazepam.

His wife's health outlook is looking better after flying to America to receive first world health care (the family is from Canada), and Mikhaila thinks they "should be all recovered by Christmas I hope."

"We figured we should let people know before some tabloid finds out and publishes, 'Jordan Peterson, self-help guru, is on METH' or something."

According to Mikhaila, Jordan plans to write about the incident in his upcoming book, which "should make [it] more interesting."

The video statement:

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11 thoughts on “<span class="entry-title-primary">'Clean up your room, clean up your life' guru Jordan Peterson in rehab for clonazepam addiction</span> <span class="entry-subtitle">Video statement by daughter Mikhaila Peterson.</span>”

  1. I like JP but always suspected something was just not quite right. I think we may find out that benzos weren't JPs only drug problem

  2. Logos is the ultimate expression of reason. It is unreasonable to poison yourself to relax. You can donte all your money to me from now on.

    Look for my new podcast "clean up your room and stop abusing benzos".
    My IQ clocks in at a cool 157.

  3. IF the BRAIN of OUR colLECtive SPEcies could BE as HIGH iQ as Jp WE would BE on THE cusp OF a NEW GOLden AGE

    • Statistics show homosexuals have a higher risk of developing substance abuse issues. In his hometown, it is well known he left his family and luved with his "friend". "Nothing wrong with that", Sienfeld quote.

  4. Jordan is the eminant thinker of our time confirmed something like 300 IQ I can forgive a little weakness even einstein had some problem
    you shills cant stop me getting my monthly jordan b peterson lootcrate my wife not you not no one
    i got to seminars too to ensmarten and enrich me about politics, philosophy, life and expand my horozines
    meanwhile you sit at your computer and attack, shill, troll

  5. Thoughts and prayers go out to you <3 I don't know if you remember me but I bought the talk to jordan skype package for $300 in january. That was the best hour in my life. I'll get your new book can't wait to read about what you've been going through.

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