For young women, trade school is the new black

Young women should go to a trade school or become housewives instead of throwing any more money at useless college majors.
By Anonymous

According to Business Insider, the highest unemployment rates for people who graduated from college are for architecture majors (13.9 % unemployment), arts majors (11.1%) and humanities and liberal arts majors (9.4%).

Hmm. Just the disciplines women tend to cluster in. How perfect. Spend $50 000 plus dollars on a degree that doesn’t even get you a job.

Because there are so many tons of jobs for cultural anthropology/women’s studies majors. (It’s called being a barista at Starbucks.)

So what is a young lady to do when she’s ready for college but has no real idea of what she wants to do or be or how to support herself once she’s done? Easy.

Don’t go.

Find a husband, have some children, stay home and raise them yourself and give yourself time to turn into a mature and responsible woman. Raising your own children and taking care of your own home will help that process.

And believe me, after a decade of folding underpants and doing dishes, you won’t be talked into chucking fifty grand of your family’s money into fine arts or children’s literature or any other of the useless liberal arts majors you can declare these days.

Nope. You will be interested in acquiring some skills that will get you a job and earn you and your family some money. Accounting will become mighty attractive. Hell, you’ll probably do the sensible thing and go to trade school and grab some actual job market skills.

Young people are narcissists. They want what they want, and they are surrounded by a culture that tells them HELL YEAH YOU SHOULD DO WHAT YOU WANT.

Except that what they want is fucking stupid. Spending a shit ton of money (that you probably had to borrow and it will take you twenty years to repay) on a useless piece of paper that qualifies you to work at McDonald’s is just plain old dumb.

Grow up before you make that decision. Do a real job with real responsibilities before you decide how you plan on making money. Be a wife. Be a mother. Do a good job at both.

Only then will you be wise enough to pick a college major.