Is police publishing pics of prolific prostitutes justice? An unique attempt at combatting their worst-kept secret.

The rest of the world may appreciate Las Vegas's reputation as the epicenter of unbridled debauchery, but Sin City's police and prosecutors are trying out a new way to crack down on vice in their city: by publishing the names and photos of the women with the longest prostitution-related criminal records in Clark County.

Some have criticized the "50 Most Prolific Prostitutes" list as overly aggressive, suggesting that it could lead to arrests without probable cause. But according to Lieutenant Karen Hughes, the extreme strategy is necessary. "We're talking about girls who have been arrested repeatedly over the years, ones that we all know by face and by name," she said.

Although Hughes says police won't make initial prostitution-related arrests without proof that a new crime has been committed, police have already arrested 13 of the women on charges of soliciting prostitution, loitering for the purposes of prostitution, or trespassing.

What do you think? Is publishing offender lists a smart strategy or an unfair one? And would we feel the same way if Las Vegas police were posting pictures of johns who got caught?

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5 thoughts on “<span class="entry-title-primary">Is police publishing pics of prolific prostitutes justice?</span> <span class="entry-subtitle">An unique attempt at combatting their worst-kept secret.</span>”

  1. I do believe in holding people responsible for their actions. However I also think that the system is what it is. When we allow law authorities to go "outside the box" to impose law & judgment on generally "nonviolent offenders", say repeatedly offending prostitutes, boys who wear there pants to show the crack of their ass, and junkies, we, us, the taxpayers open up the door for the law to start violating law abiding people's civil rights and creating outrageous laws that allows them to do so legally. The system is messed up but unfortunately we need to use the system to fix the system that we allowed our representatives to create...when we let the law take shortcuts with some, it will eventually trickle down to the rest of us.

  2. It is far more likely that this is a Cat"a"Log used for the Townsmen of Vegas, and covered up by this story, so the public allows it to remain, hmmm

  3. In honesty, it is more likely to be a shopping catalog for the townsmen of vagas and the only way to make it public and not be suspected!!!!!

  4. I don't care if its the prostitute or the pimp or the John bust them all, and put there face in every news publication in the nation. I don't like paying the bill for their aids and stds.

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