Short break packing tips for people who just can’t seem to travel light

From strategic mixing and matching advice to hot pictures of men in sarongs, meet the light travel packing tips list of your dreams.

Are you notorious for filling the entire belly of a plane with your shoes? Do people tell you that you don’t actually need three outfit changes a day? Well, we’ve got the guide for you.

Pack staples for strategic mixing and matching

The trick to packing light is having a bag of staples that you can mix and match in various ways once you get there. Pack a couple of neutral, simple tops, a couple of dressy tops, your favorite jeans, and a statement skirt, and you’ll have the makings of a weekend’s worth of outfits that you can mix up on the fly. Add a dress in there if you want to get fancy at dinner but remember that you can fancy up your jeans or statement skirt.

Remember also that a nice pair of trainers can go with a lot of looks. They serve to casual down an outfit, but that’s just about any outfit. There are brides that wear trainers. If you need a fancier pair of shoes, try to go as strappy, open-toed, and “not there” as possible.

Check what the hotel has (it will have it in stock, whatever the “it” is)

A lot of hotels know exactly what you’re going to ask when you get there, so have updated their listings accordingly. If you’re determined air drying your hair is not an option, check the hotel listings before you go trying to fit that hairdryer into your suitcase.

Even the travel ones can be quite bulky, so you’ll be kicking yourself if you arrive and see a hair dryer in the wardrobe next to the safe. And you probably will!

Wear your bulkiest items

Strappy sandals or bulky extra support trainers? Wear the trainers on the flight. You really need that heavy jacket? You don’t. Opt for a lightweight technical winter jacket instead and wear it on the plane.

And if all else fails, there are stories of people wearing 12 layers onto a flight or filling a pillowcase with clothes for a comfy addition to the flight.

Don’t bother with toiletries

Unless you’re going off on your own into the jungle, forget about the toiletries. Your destination will have anything you need. If in doubt, get some of the 100ml TSA-compliant bottles and put whatever you need in those.

Go digital: if there’s an app for it, don’t pack it

Forget the books, maps, camera, and anything else that your phone can handle just fine.

Swap this for that

Sometimes, for the sake of space, it might just have to be a matter of swapping an item for a slimmer alternative.

For example, if you’re headed to the beach, pack a sarong instead of a towel, which will make for a fashion statement as well as some protection from the elements over your bathing suit.

I’d like to pack his sarong.

Don’t pack a full-size shampoo and conditioner, or even a travel size one. Look out for plastic free options, like bars or strips of water-soluble soap and shampoo. They can fit in a tiny box, and you can take only what you need. Although, it is also worth mentioning again, depending on where you’re going, your hotel might just offer shampoo and conditioner. If this is a city break, you can always opt to not bother with the shampoo and soap entirely and pick up a bottle in the local supermarket once you get there.

Leave the massive electric toothbrush at home and buy something small at the airport while you’re at it. If you’re looking to listen to some music on the flight, buy a cheap pair of earphones for the weekend and leave the bulky Beats at home.

Plus, it’s all less to worry about should you lose your bag at the airport. However, there is sure to be something valuable in that bag, so consider getting some travel insurance from Staysure, as an example. Even if you’re not packing the family jewels, travel insurance can protect your wallet from “falling” out of your pocket and your wallet from emptying should you need a trip to the hospital or even to cancel your beak due to Covid.

Bon voyage!