Linux developers threaten to pull "kill switch" UPDATE: ESR: "threat has teeth." Most of the internet could be affected as some Linux devs threaten to rescind code in response to CoC controversy.

Update (September 24): new response from Richard M. Stallman, and Eric S. Raymond (ESR) says the license revocation "threat has teeth."

Linux powers the internet, the Android in your pocket, and perhaps even some of your household appliances. A controversy over politics is now seeing some of its developers threatening to withdraw the license to all of their code, potentially destroying or making the whole Linux kernel unusable for a very long time.

An open letter posted to the Linux Kernel Mailing List explains:

Date	Thu, 20 Sep 2018 09:28:14 +0000
From	[email protected] ...
Subject	Re: A Plea to Unfuck our Codes of Conduct

Regarding those who are ejected from the Linux Kernel Community after 
this CoC:

Contributors can, at any time, rescind the license grant regarding their 
property via written notice to those whom they are rescinding the grant 
from (regarding their property (code)) .

The GPL version 2 lacks a no-rescission clause (the GPL version 3 has 
such a clause: to attempt furnish defendants with an estoppel defense, 
the Linux Kernel is licensed under version 2, however, as are the past 

When the defendants ignore the rescission and continue using the 
plaintiff's code, the plaintiff can sue under the copyright statute.

Banned contributors _should_ do this (note: plaintiff is to register 
their copyright prior to filing suit, the copyright does not have to be 
registered at the time of the violation however)

Additionally when said banned contributors joined the Linux team, they 
were under the impression that it was a meritocracy: in-fact this belief 
was stated or ratified by those within the governing body regarding 
Linux when the contributors began their work (whatever that body was at 
that time, it could have been simply Linus, or Linus and a few 

The remuneration for the work was implied to be, or perhaps stated, to 
be fame as-well as a potential increase in the contributors stature, in 
addition to membership in the Linux Kernel club or association, or 
whatever it is that the Linux Kernel Community actually is (which a 
court may determine... it is something, suffice to say).

Thusly for work, consideration was promised by (Linus? Others? There are 
years of mailing list archives with which to determine).

And now that consideration has been clawed-back and the contributors 
image has been tarnished.

Thus the worker did work, however the other side of the implied, or 
perhaps written (email memorandums), understanding has been violated 
(once the contributor has been banned under the new non-meritocratic 

Damages could be recovered under: breach of contract, quazi-contract, 
libel, false-light. (services rendered for the contractual claims, 
future lost income for the libel claims)

In addition to copyright claims. (statutory damages, profits)

For greatest effect, all rescission should be done at once in a bloc. 
(With other banned contributors).

Contributors: You were promised something, you laboured for that 
promise, and now the promise has become a lie. You have remedies 
available to you now, as-well as in the close future .

Additionally, regarding those who promoted the Code of Conduct to be 
used against the linux kernel contributors, knowing full well the effect 
it would have and desiring those effects; recovery for the ejected 
contributors via a tortious interference claim may be possible.


An anonymous commenter clarifies:

The Linux kernel is licensed under GPL Version 2. Under normal circumstances what this license entails is that the code can be freely copied and distributed (and also that the code must be made available with binary distributions but thats not important here). The thing that becomes confusing is that whoever authored the code still owns the actual copyright for the code they contributed. Some projects under the GPL like Emacs have a smart policy where the maintainers will not accept your code unless you also turn over complete control of the copyright. Since you own the copyright and are merely licensing it under the GPL you can technically remove that license at any time.

The GPL Ver 3 has a clause that Ver 2 lacks which dictates though that you may not rescind your license over your code. In a court, a lawyer would make the argument that since the Free Software Foundation(the license’s publisher) saw the need to add the clause, that the Ver 2 allows for rescinding of the GPL license.

If the threat is put into action, ramifications could include large parts of the internet being left vulnerable to exploits, and companies around the world might even inherit bundles of unwanted legal liabilities.

As promised, we reached out to a variety of experts and some results are in. Richard M. Stallman said over email that he thinks the license revocation plan is "misguided."

Eric S. Raymond (often referred to simply as ESR) on the other hand told the Linux Kernel Mailing List that he thinks the plan is viable: "I'm writing now, from all of that experience and with all that perspective, about the recent flap over the new CoC and the attempt to organize a mass withdrawal of creator permissions from the kernel."

He continues: "First, let me confirm that this threat has teeth. I researched the relevant law when I was founding the Open Source Initiative. In the U.S. there is case law confirming that reputational losses relating to conversion of the rights of a contributor to a GPLed project are judicable in law. I do not know the case law outside the U.S., but in countries observing the Berne Convention without the U.S.'s opt-out of the "moral rights" clause, that clause probably gives the objectors an even stronger case."

The controversy

Activists from the feminist and LGBTQIA+ communities have been trying to force the Linux project to join the Contributor Covenant since at least 2015. The Contributor Covenant is an agreement to implement a special Code of Conduct (frequently CoC from now on) aimed at changing the predominantly white, straight, and male face of programming. CC's Code of Conduct is controversial particularly because it allows anyone to be banned from contributing code for any reason, usually with no mechanism for oversight or accountability.

On September 16 the pro-CoC side got their wish (how this happened is a very strange story of its own, read recent news about Linus Torvalds' departure if you want to know more) – Linux had officially committed to implementing and obeying the CC Code of Conduct – and they immediately set about using it to remove top Linux coders. Sage Sharp, who describes theyself as a "diversity & inclusion consultant, hufflepuff, non-binary agender trans masculine" and has 7k followers, cites GeekFeminismWiki and targets Google's Theo Ts'o with accusations of being a rape apologist:

Many twitter users pointed out the apparent irony.

Several users on 4chan's technology board speculate that Theo is targeted first because he famously resisted an Intel backdoor.

CC's Code of Conduct replaces Linux' earlier Code of Conflict (not to be confused with current use of "CoC"), which asked for civility without having political implications. The change is widely condemned by developers, and opposition has generated thousands upon thousands of posts on 4chan's technology board alone. Here is a summary of their arguments:

1. Insertion of the CoC into other projects has heralded witch hunts where good contributors are removed over trivial matters or even events that happened a long time ago.
2. The lack of proper definitions for punishments, time frames, and even what constitutes abuse or harassment leaves the Code of Conduct wide open for abuse (see 1).
3. It gives the people charged with enforcement omnipotent and unaccountable power.
4. It could force acceptance of contributions that wouldn't make the cut if made by cis white males.
5. CC's Code of Conduct is purely about power.
6. "'In all that time I never had to know or care whether my fellow contributors were white, black, male, female, straight, gay, or from the planet Mars, only whether their code was good'; namely, in a project that receives contributions from volunteers who are anonymous beyond a chosen handle, specious claims of exclusion and harassment crumble beneath the most haphazard scrutiny. Contributors reveal as much about their race, sex, and orientation as they want because no one cares about that tangential shit at the end of the day. If there really was some "straight white males only" mentality, the community would insist on determining whether a new contributor is "one of us" before accepting their code, but they don't do that in the slightest. Thus, it's patently clear there is no culture of exclusion, but rather a culture of total indifference to individual differences beyond coding ability. The rhetoric of diversity and inclusiveness is just a weapon being used to attack a community that is inherently opposed to identity politics, which is why they're seen as such a threat to these SJW gestapo."

On the other side of the aisle, arguments FOR CC's Code of Conduct include:

1. Fostering an inclusive and safe space for women, LGBTQIA+, and People of Color, who in the absence of the CoC are excluded, harassed, and sometimes even raped by cis white males.
2. CC's CoC will remove meritocracy, a "white supremacist" concept which "has consistently shown itself to mainly benefit those with privilege, to the exclusion of underrepresented people in technology."
3. The vast majority of Linux contributors are cis white males. CC's Code of Conduct would enable the building of a more diverse overall demographic as people who aren't cis white males feel welcome to join and white males are weeded out over time.
4. Being against the CoC means you want women, LGBTQIA+, and People of Color to be harassed.

Conclusion? Keep an eye on Linux.

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  1. The CC is a boil on the ass of our community!

    It's all pullshit and I agree this is about power. As a developer, I will never work on projects using CC. Free speech bitches... or bros... or whatever... 😀

    • Within a few years, these SJW's and LGBTQIA+ instigators will wonder why they have been beaten back into the closet, cowering in fear for their lives... it will be their own party doing it.

  2. Linux has been dying for years. Every freaking autist that is a code monkey defiles any code they touch.

    The single biggest reason for why Linux will never go mainstream is because it is a meeting place for people with mental illness.

    • More like a meeting place for SJWs fighting the useless causes for now, this is how SJWs typically act, not really people with mental illnesses.

  3. I love how everyone ignores the actual reason why it's predominantly males. Men are psychologically wired differently. It's been proven that men excel at certain tasks, than women do. Programming is one of them, but most of IT is mostly men, most mechanics are men, anyone b****ing about that? Nope. The other problem is how women react around men in the environment. If anyone in IT hasn't her a sexist/racist/vulgar joke or comment, I'd be damn surprised by that. In the past 5 years, I've worked around maybe 4 women in total, and 3 of the 4 wanted to be treated like they were special, and deserved attention and praise for every god damn little thing. Congrats, you swapped a blade on a C7000 Chassis, big f***ing whoop. It's the same idea behind the gun grab bull****. Guns aren't the problem, people are. Society is THE problem, society says everyone has to be equal. Sorry, hate to break it to you but equality is the biggest load of bull**** ever served. Bosses get fired because of women, if they treat them harshly they start crying and then HR complaints come rolling out like the U.S. Government prints money.

    Long Story Short: Stop forcing your political bull**** on others. Take it, and directly shove it up your ***. We don't want it, we don't need it and we certainly won't tolerate it.

    • Yup. I hang around with a lot of male friends, and we joke around. I can take a joke- and that means we get along swimmingly. They get to tease me, I get to tease them, life is good. Other than that, someone could be a pink haired platypus with a rainbow tail and worship the flying spaghetti monster for all I care, as long as it's a halfway decent person.

      All those snowflake types out there who couldn't see a joke if it smacked them in the face are a cancer for any community.


    Date Sun, 14 Oct 2018 21:56:10 +0000
    From [email protected] ...
    Subject Re: A Plea to Unfuck our Codes of Conduct

    The GPLv2 is not a contract, it is a revocable license.

    Here is a paper explaining what the GPL is and is not:

    Page 12 starts the relevant discussion.
    Page 16 begins the explanation of all the ways the GPL is not a

    Later there is a short gloss of state law promissory estopple doctrines.
    Remember: in the case of the linux kernel it, unlike other projects,
    omitted the "or any later version" codicil, and is only under version 2
    of the GPL, which makes no promise of irrevocability by grantor.

    (Note: The SFConservancy recently chose to publish a "correction" that
    conflates clauses, within version 2 of the GPL, [that clarify that if a
    licensee's license is revoked by operation of the license for a
    violation of the terms, that sub-licensees licenses are not-in-turn
    automatically revoked] - [with an inexistent irrevocability doctrine
    within the text of the GPLv2])
    (Additionally: Clause 0 of GPLv2 specifically defines the "you" in said
    clauses as referring to the licensee (not the grantor); the
    SFConservancy's conflation is shown to be ever more disingenuous)

    The Linux Kernel License grant:
    Is Not: a contract. [No breach of contract damages vs grantor if
    Is: a bare license akin to a property license.
    And: There is no "irrevocable by grantor" promise in v2. [No promissory
    estopple defense]
    .: Can be rescinded at will.

  5. "The vast majority of Linux contributors are cis white males. "
    Nobody cared when the stereotype of a 'nix dev was a spotty, glasses wearing, lives in his parents' basement, single white guy doing it because he was socially awkward in real life but revered in his online community back in the days when only nerds used computers.
    Now that you can make big money being a developer, white-hat hacker or developer everyone wants a piece of the pie and some people are willing to fight dirty for it.

    My own workplace is pushing for 50/50 gender balance but that can only be achieved by either waiting till the older generation of guys have retired or by discriminating when they bring young ones on-board. For example, in the UK about 24% of CS graduates are female, down from 25% in previous years.

  6. This is manipulation and orchestration to undermine Linux because Linux is freedom.
    It isn't a gender issue, it's an insiduous ploy to invoke an ideological faction.

    It's like someone saying that religion is an issue or the colour of your socks.

  7. Ёбанные пидарасы. Они хуже гитлера, затыкают рот всем кто имеет альтернативное мнение. Не думал что ограничение на свободу слова и мировоззрения придёт и в IT-сообщество. Если хочешь жарить своего бойфренда в задницу, делайте это молча дома, не надо об этом орать в обществе где 99% людей не подвержены этому девиантному поведению. Хочу напомнить всем пидорам, что демократия это власть большинства, с уважительным отношением к меньшинству. Так вот, уважительное отношение - это возможность вам пороться как вы хотите без вероятности забивания вас камнями и не более, какие-либо особенные права у вас тут отсутствуют. Мир захватывают фрики.

    Note from editor: English only, please.
    >"freaking pidarasy. They are worse than Hitler, gagging everyone who has an alternative opinion. I did not think that the restriction on freedom of speech and worldview will come to the IT community. If you want to fry your boyfriend in the ass, do it silently at home, do not yell about it in a society where 99% of people are not subject to this deviant behavior. I want to remind all the scroteots that democracy is the power of the majority, with respect for the minority. So, respectful attitude is an opportunity for you to rip off as you want without the likelihood of stoning you and no more, you have no special rights here. The world is captured by freaks."

    • First two words "Ёбанные пидарасы" was translated incorrectly. It's not "gently caressing pidarasy". Correct translation is "freaking scrotes". And I must completely agree those SJW indeed are freaking scrotes.

      P.S. Not meant to insult any sane, reasonable homosexuals 🙂 Insulting only mad freaky sjw.

  8. I'm starting to feel like maybe this WHOL E GPL thing was kind of a Bad Idea (tm).

    So, like--yeah you contributed code to this project-- but now as a result you can just yank the plug on **the world** if you are upset?

  9. Torvalds should lawyer up. The problems are the large IT Tech firms who platinum donated all over the place in Open Source land. When IBM donated with 1 billion USD to Linux in 2000 a friend who vehemently was against the GPL and what Torvalds was doing, told me that in due time OSS would simply just go away.
    These Community Organizers, not Coders per se, are on a mission to overtake and control the Linux Foundation, and if they can't, will search and destroy all of it, even if it destroys themselves. Coraline is merely a expendable pion here. Torvalds is now facing unjust confrontations and charges resembling the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Looking at the CoC document it even might have been written by a Google executive, who themselves currently are facing serious charges and lawsuits from their own Code of Conduct. See, their leaked video the day after the election of 2016. They will do anything to pursue this. However to pursue a personal bias or agenda furnishing enactments or acts such as to, omit contradicting facts (code), commit perjury, attend riots and harassments, cleanse Internet archives and search engines of exculpatory evidence and ultimately hire hit-men to exterminate witnesses of truth (developers), in an attempt to elevate bias as fabricated fact (code) are crimes and should be prosecuted accordingly.

  10. Ridiculous. Just make it anonymous submission. Any reference to yourself or any others' race, religion, sexuality, or any other identity politics gets you kicked off the team ASAP without the right to rescind your contribution. If they don't like it, the FORK OFF! Bloody SJWs want to ruin everything good in the world with their me-me-me attitudes.

    • Exactly. I really don't care (or want to need to care) about the details of your pigmentation, plumbing, or your preferred way(s) of using that plumbing. And if you (obviously not YOU in particular, Blackie) feel a need to tell people who are likely at a great distance, whom you likely will never meet in the flesh, whose common interest is something neutral and technical like coding, all about those details, that says more about you than anything else. Namely the same thing that those LGBTQWERTY types who get in peoples' faces leading with their orientation are saying-- that they don't actually have anything more interesting to lead with in introducing themselves.

      The best way to avoid any possibility of being harassed by other people in an online work (or work-oid) collaboration for being XYZ is to be a "black box"-- don't let them know who or what you are. There was an old joke to the effect of "On the internet, nobody knows you're a cocker spaniel".

      • If you don't tell them that you're a dragonkin or a pansexual flufflepuff, then you're a cis white male scum. No way to avoid them.

        • Sigh. Yeah, it's straight off the bat assumed (no pun intended).

          I happen not to be a cis male, and the SJW crowd is a bunch of raging hypocrites...

      • Sorry, it is now retroactively illegal to use the term "black box". You WILL be apprehended and you WILL be taught to think correctly.

  11. One would hope that if you have any intellectual integrity or believe that your contribution to the Linux kernel was done in the hopes of improving it as a benefit to everyone that you will NOT use your legal right to revoke your contribution regardless of whether you are banned from the kernel development by the actions of a bunch of SJW buttheads.

    Let's be rational here, even when the opponents are not.

    Now, one might be an effective approach is to cease all further kernel development work until this nonsense is retracted, or until some other strategy might be developed whereby the kernel contributions so far are transferred to another OS development team which is not so subject to the CoC - in other words, forking the kernel, a time-honored method of dealing with buttheads on open source projects.

  12. Cant wait for the time when everyone would get operated in Hospitals but people with morphed knowledge, if not little or no knowledge.

    I am already sick of their shit.

  13. Reading this, and the comments, gives me a great big fk u c ing headache. If I wanted an American liberal/marxist take-over of something formerly good, I would just hang around the campus commons or go visit Democrat Underground.

    So now the purple-haired scrotebrains are gunning for the Linux kernel too? I guess there isn't one part of the world that will be left without toxic femininity (and hair dye) infesting it. Hey maybe Anita Skeezian will give her oh-so-informed opinion on Linux Kernel patches...that should be good for a laugh. Maybe Pantifa will pay Linus a visit at home next.

    • The purple-haired scrotebrains are useful idiots doing the bidding of a higher power. THAT is what needs to be in the crosshairs. Chop off the heads of the hydra.

  14. "It's about muh eeeethics in linux programming!"

    No, it's not. It's about racism and misandry and harassing men. Look at the social media profiles of the people pushing this. Full of the typical "kill all white men" posts.

    If you're for CC CoC you're racist filth and a monster. #basta


    >A senior scientist has given what has been described as a "highly offensive" presentation about the role of women in physics, the BBC has learned. At a workshop organised by Cern, Prof Alessandro Strumia of Pisa University said that "physics was invented and built by men, it's not by invitation". He said male scientists were being discriminated against because of ideology rather than merit.

    >CERN, the European nuclear research centre, described Prof Strumia's presentation as "highly offensive". The centre, which discovered the Higgs Boson in 2012, has removed slides used in the talk from its website "in line with a code of conduct that does not tolerate personal attacks and insults".

    >He produced a series of graphs which, he claimed, showed that women were hired over men whose research was cited more by other scientists in their publications, which is an indication of higher quality.

    >He also presented data that he claimed showed that male and female researchers were equally cited at the start of their careers but men scored progressively better as their careers progressed.

    >Prof Strumia pointed to behavioural research which he suggested may account for the disparity.

    CERN has a similar Code of Conduct and it's being used to define facts someone doesn't like as "harassment" so they can be censored.

  16. Pure Racism. Counting the colors is racist. If they want more blacks coding teach them to code.
    Should EVERYBODY have to wear blindfolds because some people are blind?

  17. Why don't they just create their own "politically correct" os from scratch instead of destroying something that works.

    • You are now implying that they actually are capable of doing something productive instead of trying to show off how 'special' they are.

      • You are right, I am sorry I wasn't thinking properly ...

        Come to think of all this nonsense, it is very clear to me now that a swath of the population, usually the unproductive ones, are so bored with life, and with getting everything for free, that it's time a large world war shows them the truth about life and death.

        • > it’s time a large world war shows them the truth about life and death

          War kills the strongest in a society, those who are capable of being soldiers. It wouldn't kill these parasites.

  18. Every single person that demands a "safe space" is an idiot. Whether they be feminist, gay, trans gender or have any form of mental illness whatsoever they have no right to a veto over other people's views or speech. I have been insulted, mentally abused and driven almost insane by a female and nobody has ever suggested that I get a "safe space" yet here I am, older and wiser. If other's are so weak minded that even mild criticism or actual facts burst their bubble too bad. Toughen up and grow up.

  19. Yeah the freaking SJW IDIOTS - the freaking feminists and their cunt licking acolytes.

    Jesus fuck I have been standing up to this crap in forums all around the world, and freaking IDIOT moderators etc., "Oh your freaking suspended, blocked, banned etc." and it's almost always because I stand up to stupid cunts.

    People who give bullshit advice, they say use code, that they have no idea of what it does, or they pop out comments like, "Oh why do you want to do that for?", or "You should never need access to the root directory, so therefore you should not need to find out how to access it.."

    And the cunts of moderators and the IDIOTS who hang out in the forums of Ubuntu... Bugzilla, and lots of other sites... They DO really stupid block you out and lock you out shit and the IQ of the forums keeps on dropping and dropping and dropping and only the dumbest of the dumb cunts - with all their politically correct bullshit exist in there...

    And these feminist pieces of shit and the "Oh my god" the sexist, racist, bullshit artists, in the CODE OF CONDUCT".......

    All the dumbest of cunts, will rally to the cause celebre, and the very best, smartest, and most capable people will just pull the plug on these scum....

    And that could fuck it for everyone.....

    They have pulled this shit on Reddit...

    “On a platform as open and diverse as Reddit, there will sometimes be communities that, while not prohibited by the Content Policy, average redditors may nevertheless find highly offensive or upsetting,”

    I pulled out of that about a week or two ago... "The crazies on that with their "Your banned, your banned, your banned" - bullshit......

    And in terms of Linux and these cunts, and their code of conduct - well people for the most part do like to argue, fight and make arseholes of themselves... and that is fine... and these idiots are saying we should all interact and police the lives and minds of others to make sure they are following OUR RULE BOOK, and if they don't they will be freaking banned.

    We need an active campaign to erase their systems, and cripple their net access...

    Just to wipe them off the internet.

    • since everything spoken nowadays must accepted as truth all these guys have to do is say they are gay, black, disabled or Asian job done now piss off

  20. I've been banned even in liberal New Zealand, the Netherlands, and Belgium.
    Try using Tor, and VPN; they won't even accept anything from such sites!

  21. Funny the technology that enabled the SJWs is going to be killed by the SJWs. Well the 80's was not a bad time.

    Also I was playing around with NetBSD before as I did not like how RH was pushing the new startup system they were making, and trying to ram it down the thoughts of the rest of the Linux systems. So for me, as I have worked with NetBSD (heck I have worked with a lot of Real unix systems, Irix, Ultrex, Solaris, BSD, SunOS, etc) all I have to do is back up my data and jump to a place that is friendly to cis white males, and will accept things problematic af on "the content of some ones heart and not the color of their skin"

    • years ago when I was strictly using UNIX on military computers and saw this LINUX rising up up and away from MicroDong's poorly written expensive crap, I knew that the days would come when the coders would be infiltrated by money'd interests using some canard to float it. so it has now come.

      sadly, this is not the only assault on white hetero's and straight people going on, a particular
      'group' following the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan to cause rifts and divisions in society, seem to have effectively utterly destroyed Europe with that garbage under the false premise of 'humanitarianism' now.

      Goetz (Gates) will not stop till he has his way. very sad day for us all. his tribe is the root of this.

      • . . . Goetz . . . is merely yet another ∯ront:..

        ʬHICH /\ll/\
        u do know
        4the lie
        [hic et ubique] /\/\ i s s i n g..:

        0N0!!n a m e s


      • . . . Goetz . . . is merely yet another ∯ront:..

        ʬHICH /\ll/\
        u do know
        4the lie
        [hic et ubique] /\/\ i s s i n g..:

        0N0!!n a m e s


  22. The Linux developers should amend the policy and the implementation of this code of conduct to make it a meritocracy thus satisfying the non-discrimination parts of the COC

  23. So, will Ubuntu name their next Version "Vociferous Vodoo", then? Good luck, and good night, GNU/Linux! In German, there's a saying: "Wer die Schlechten schützt, verletzt die Guten!", meaning: "Who protects the bad ones, hurts the good ones!"

  24. Your Project Needs a Code of Conduct, OR ELSE

    >2018 SouthEast LinuxFest; Paul M. Jones; Your Project Needs a Code of Conduct, OR ELSE;
    >How else will contributors know that their contributions are welcome, and that they will be treated as respected equals, even superiors, regardless of (or perhaps because of!) their personal characteristics or lifestyle choices? Besides, if you dont accept a code of conduct, you might be subject to uncomfortable consequences. It's only fair; just because you created your project doesn't mean you should be the one to make decisions about it, especially if youre so short-sighted as not to adopt a code of conduct.

  25. It is not about rights of minorities anymore, now it about power and cut rights of majority.

    Be worthless hurt somebody's feelings. They can not create anything useful and try make obstacles for people who actually do something, and they want everybody respect them for gender, orientation or something else.

    Sorry for my english.

  26. If you do not like the conduct get the fuck out. By the way, it is very interesting that all of you talk about oppression, but you are oppressing others because they have a different view than you stupid freaking idiot. You do not like your lives or do not know who the fucks you then figure it out but leave us alone.

  27. Just another way to remove everyone's freedom. Adding laws to a society produces a non-civil society. Subjugation is what this CoC is going to produce, lame code, lame people, lame progs.

  28. These SJW, let the have it, they don't want white men, those who build the dang internet and operating system and most of the tech others from all races enjoy is stupid. Instead of morphing things that are established, why the hell don't they just create their on JSW version of shit, instead of controvert everything everywhere.

  29. One thing proven by history time and time again is when you force race or religion in innovation it leads to full stoppage. Linux is going to suffer this ridiculous need of political correctness.

    • And they will do it without SJW input.
      You aren't interested in inclusion, you want control.
      You won't get it.
      You will be out on you your collectivist asses!

      • If linux developers were collectivist they wouldnt have been dominated by another collectivist group. Tribalism protects ideals we all find important, we are going to have to reject individualism if we want what we believe in to survive

    • Because ? Magic ?

      I do not give a rats ass about your politics or gender or whatever

      In any domain a very small number of people are incredibly good and are responsible for nearly all innovation and productivity
      Below them are increasingly larger groups of increasing less capable people

      Talent and skill are not distributed in conformance with sow principles
      Some of the most important innovators are complete asses
      Think Shockley
      Get over it

      If you convert any part of programming from a meritocracy to your sow nonsense you harm it and yourselves

      If you give a damn about the future of open source you will back away from this idiocy

      If you want respect write incredibly good an usefull code
      That is what earns respect from actually talented people in any field

      That is the only real privilege and anything you try to do about it harms yourself

      • Someone who unironically believes that Harry Potter magic and programming are mutually inclusive practices, and that if you think hard about code it will write itself out of thin air through some intent-magic (i'm not even joking, that's all from this person's Twitter).

    • It is high time that obviously mentally ill people like this "purple haired stoner wiccan magician" (it's own words) are no longer given a say in anything.
      Just look at the damage and the punitive way in which the witch wields any power given it!
      DING DONG the Wicked Witch I say....Ding Dong....powerful dong.

    • Gently, ever so tenderly CARESS!!
      Infact, caress me dead!
      This is beyond the pale old chap.
      What a horror!

  30. Oh boy... I'm out of words.
    So, some women wanted to have a job but their codes were so shi**y and didn't get the job and now they think, that this is because their gender and sexuality? Those feminists are ruining the world... and they make normal females look stupid.

    • I would feel much better as a person if my code is added into the kernel because I wrote good code that was deemed fantastic by the general kernel development community. If my code gets added just because I am this gender, with this sexual orientation and that tone of skin then it wouldn't feel like an accomplishment. Since my worth as a coder didn't get my code added into the project; some idiotic bias got my potentially sh*t code added in.

      I want the best doctor to operate om me.

    • It just makes the actual accomplishments of women and non-white, non-asian people murky in the waters of racial discrimination and bias in favour of them.
      If anything it's hurt female and other ethnic developers more than what ever "discrimination" they deemed there in the first place.

  31. nobody cares about your race, gender or sexuality, just your code quality
    grow the fuck up pls

      • Because the "Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct v1.4" makes gender, race and sexuality a central point to the participation in Linux Kernel development.

        And if that question was any indication of your reasoning ability, you clearly lack the mental fortitude necessary to develop software in general, let alone participate in something as demanding as Linux Kernel development.

  32. - History is not short on reserves of megalomaniacal power-hungry people misusing moral creeds as a smokescreen to cover up their own evil.
    - Rejecting certain religions who declare themselves copyright owners of the concept of world peace doesn't make the opposition an enemy of world peace, world peace which is merely being used as a smokescreen tool.
    - On that account i see no reason that rejecting this CoC should be an indication of opposition towards the values the CoC and its makers twist, corrupt, and misrepresent.

    If anything it is an opposition towards the hypocrisy, corruption, and disruptive more-negative-than-positive nature of the collective standing behind the CoC.
    The CoC is badly worded and corrupted by the badly functioning minds behind it which believe, out of great hubris, ego, delusions of grandeur, that they own copyright on the values they lie about representing and that no other collective is allowed to represent those values more rationally and logically than themselves.

    Don't forget, the greatest fear to a megalomaniac is someone doing a better job than the one they use as a representative smokescreen. These social justice evangelists, and i use evangelist for reasons obvious to anyone educated on the matter, are typical examples of the above.
    When someone believe that they alone are entitled to represent certain concepts, there is a word or few for that.
    However let me add another thing:
    When an ugly middle-aged white man in drag tries to circumvent his white privilege by proclaiming himself trans, and then tries to take ownership and power over projects while lacking any personal skills associated with those projects - the word for that would be white privilege no? Maybe the people behind this CoC should check their privilege?

  33. As someone who has been shadow banned by Google I can personally vouch for the dangers with these codes of conduct. I never used any strong language, nor did I insult anyone, nor did I mention anything to do with race / religion / gender etc. All I did was disagree with a Vlogger who made claims about a particular distro of Linux regarding security. You know - the kind of conversations that happen every day within the Telegram groups often with varying opinions.

    As I had left this comment on a video they had produced on a well known video website (and rather than taking constructive criticism on the chin) they instead opted for reporting the comment as spam and abused the system. Now no-one knows my opinion as it has been silenced. I wasn't informed by Google. I wasn't in breach (as far as I know) of any rules. I would certainly like to appeal this as I know I haven't done anything wrong but the reality is there is no appeal process. Nor do I think Google even read the comment as it would have been very obvious that it was merely a difference of opinion rather than a personalised attack on the individual concerned.

    As for spam, well, I would define that as off topic and considering that I was replying to what they were talking about I would personally argue that it was highly relevant.

    Do we really want to live in a society where we can forcibly silence and remove people from positions purely problematic af on political agenda? We do still live in a democracy, don't we? As innocent and inclusive that these codes of conducts are intended to be they are often abused for political gain and for silencing opposition.

    • Youtube very easy silenced inconvenient political videos(some music videos too) in Russia, freeze views and remove ads and more. It just a business after all, they don't care about who right or free speech.

  34. Anti-sexism is a distraction from creating functional and secure code and a trojan horse. Reject it outright and let them throw a tantrum. Nobody is responsible for their delusions about how to write a kernal. Linux has an ethos, not an ideology. Protect it.

    • Hahahahahahaha... Well, that could lead to an increase in CO2... but, you save on water and food consumption.. I guess that balances it.

  35. '2. Lack of CC’s CoC sustains meritocracy, which “has consistently shown itself to mainly benefit those with privilege, to the exclusion of underrepresented people in technology“.'

    Anyone who denigrates merit as the true and ONLY acceptable measure of anything is too stupid to debate with, has in fact forfeited their right to enter discussions with humans. It's actually a bit surprising their hindbrain functions well enough to keep their diaphragm moving, heart beating, etc.

  36. A Linuxgate is needed.
    It is impossible to reason with SJWs
    Fight them or Corporations will take over Linux using these people as a bridge.

    Thank You.

    An user that found a refuge from Windows in GNU/Linux and now fears the old oppressors with new clothes at the gates.

    • The issue here is that the livelihood of a huge army of developers that's at stake.

      Imagine that your day job revolves around submitting code to the Linux kernel.

      Now, imagine that for some reason you fall on the bad graces of the SJWs, and are banned from submitting code patches again.

      What does that do to your livelihood? To your career prospects?

      This is the big issue right here, and the reason why any resistance to this has to be done discretely, at least for now.

      But have no fear: If all else fails, we can still fork. The project will lose about 5 years to get back on track, but it will be back to business as usual. Eventually.

      • Looking at how widespread the problem is hopefully a group effort would get most of the most important code and leave the harpies with a tattered mess and a court battle or two.

  37. Partition is the way to go...
    * Meritocrats with their kernel code
    * SJWs with their conduct code
    Everyone wins : developpers can code useful stuff and SJWs have their safe space.

  38. I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you’re referring to as Linux, is in fact, GNU/Linux/NSA, or as I’ve recently taken to calling it, GNU plus Linux plus NSA. Linux is not an operating system unto itself, but rather another free component of a fully functioning surveillance system made useful by the LGBTQ backdoors, shell utilities and vital system components comprising a full OS as defined by Coraline Ada Ehmke.

  39. Since my name was mentioned in the article... I claim the right to object and demand a kill switch.

    The issue with me and Drupal had nothing to do with a Code of Conduct. Drupal has a Code of Conduct, which I did not violate. The project lead said, explicitly, that I had not violated it.

    I am, in fact, generally pro-Code of Conduct, as long as they're well-written and reasonably enforced. The issue with Drupal is that it was NOT enforced, because those who violated it (to cyberstalk me, dox me, and out me to the project lead, and then the project lead for trying to throw me out without review) were not held accountable for it. Not having a Drupal CoC would not have changed anything.

    There's ample issues with Open Source culture, but the existence of CoCs is not one of them, and I strongly object to my name being associated in any way with this article or its intent. Please remove it promptly (assuming you believe in the right of people to opt-out of things which seemingly you do).

    • Removed the line. Your case was mentioned as an example by one of my sources and it seemed to check out due to the multiple articles.

      Why do you disagree with the article's "intent"? What is its intent?

      • Thank you.

        You're not the first to assume that a CoC was used against me or that I am therefore anti-CoC. Both of those are wrong; unfortunately much of the chatter around my case was horribly wrong and misinformed, and spun to various political ends (by both far-leftist activists and alt-right activists, neither of whom I endorse or support). My blog has a more accurate and factual description of events, and in one post I explicitly say that I am generally pro-CoC.

    • Welcome to the world of SJW #metoo justice. I am not a developer but have seen how SJW desire standards to be lowered in all industries(Google air traffic control diversity standards). These cultural tentacles are capable of entering all industries and men cannot see that no one is immune. I'll write it again, NO MAN IS IMMUNE.

      One of the comments made here is to stay away from politics and I want to encourage people not to follow this advice. Politics affect everyone's life in directly or indirectly. Obama gave Title IX initiatives to make campuses safe for women. Young men all over the US were accused of raping a student and were expelled with no investigation and no allowance to produce evidence of innocence(Google male student expelled for rape accusation). There were professor's, son's, nephew's, grandson's, cousin's careers ruined across the US. The current administration has removed those policies and now the universities are required to report all accusations to local police for official investigations and now young women are going to jail for falsely accusing our young men(Google female student goes to jail for false accusation).

      In the workplace this is still happening and every male is a candidate for this to happen if you work in an office. I have seen it happen before my eyes twice.

    • I'm gonna start this by thanking you for the work you've done for Drupal.

      With that out of the way, and in the hopes of you reading this eventually, here's the thing I don't think you understanding about the anti-CoC movement:

      1. The vast majority of people are not opposed to a code of conduct *on principal*, so long as the code of conduct preserves the idea of the Kernel being an apolitical place of work where technical excellence remains the sole focus;

      2. The opposition to this particular code of conduct stems from the fact that it attributes more importance to matters of race and sexuality, not technical excellence, deliberately so;

      3. The opposition to this particular code of conduct also stems from the fact that there is a considerable track-record of it being used to hunt down and punish people for things that are personal and completely beyond the scope of the project, namely political and ideological orientation.

      4. The pattern of systematic ostracisation and shaming dissidents into silence is already in full force. Popular online discussion platforms, like reddit and twitch, are already filled with people dismissing any and all critics this Code of Conduct for the aforementioned reasons as being "vile misogynistic racist and reactionaries".

      It is now clear that in this environment, something must be done. The choice is either to:

      - Adopting another code of conduct;

      - Forking the kernel;

      - Trigger the killswitch.

      Unfortunately, as things stand right now, the most likely of these is the triggering of the kill switch.

      - The non-insignificant number who pushed for the adoption of the Code of Conduct did so motivated by ideological zealotry. And they will block any attempts to remove it. They most likely would rather the ship go down in flames than compromise.

      - Forking the kernel is, at this point, technically unfeasible.

      - Any contributor can trigger the kill switch, for whatever reason they see fit.

      The critics of this code of conduct didn't start this. But, apparently, have to end it.

  40. SJWs are the "useful idiots" of Cultural Marxism.. People keep blaming SJWs, but the real problem is Cultural Marxism..
    Universities manufacture SJWs.. Almost all textbooks in most fields are full to the brim with Cultural Marxist ideology.. Virtually on every page there is something about feminism, queer theory, colonialism, slavery, white privilege, equity, racism, discrimination, inequality, intolerance, oppression etc.. The only way to destroy this perverted ideology is by removing marxist teachers from universities and rewrite contaminated textbooks. We need a clean generation that is not contaminated by Cultural Marxism.

    • Cat, I have a B.A in Translation Studies. True, most texts are filled with Cultural Marxist ideology.

      But do not think that students do not know how to absorb this subject with a grain of salt. Yes, there are the extremists who become poor SJWs who see "racism,sexism" in everything, and refuse to discuss their ideas with those who are different.

      Nevertheless, believe me, there are many who read "Cultural Marxist" texts and do not become "crazy feminists". There are those who know how and when to apply cultural marxism ideas, for yes, there is "slavery, white privilege, equity, racism, discrimination, inequality, intolerance, oppression" in media. But let's discuss about this, not fight.

    • "In soviet russia, ....."
      Joking aside. The wall may have come down, but I fear their parting shot may kill us all.

  41. There's one thing I don't get here.. They rant on about their anti-white "inclusion" bigotry as always, but how the heck do these people know how many coders are white or other? Don't they all do this from home, in complete anonymity? It sounds like they're trying to force some workplace rules on basically, an internet forum for coders. And this one in particular causes me to question this...

    "Fostering an inclusive and safe space for women, LGBTQIA+, and People of Color, who in the absence of the CoC are excluded, harassed, and sometimes even raped by cis white males."
    - How do you rape someone when you don't know who they are or even what country they're in?

    Linux coders doing this from home in the privacy of their homes have no idea who their fellow coders really are or where they live. It would seem quite impossible for workplace SJW hypocrisy to be applied here, for all they know it could be 80% Chinese or black people there.. they just don't know. Coming in with the anti-white bigotry.. they would be the first to bring racism to Linux.. what an irony.

  42. Let me see if I have this straight: so, some naturally whiny girls got denied a submission because it sucked, and decided to make it into a "it is because I am a lesbian" issue because there is no other recourse for them due to a simple lack of ability? They then convince the greater LGBTQ++ community that it really is a problem and they get behind this movement, all with the entire willingness to bring the entire thing down with them? I am going to take my ball and go home because I can't make a basket. I think Hitler had some similar thinking when he convinced people to imprison the garden gnomes with no "real" reason, and a gently-caressed-ton of baseless arguments.

  43. I have always stated that what these so-called progressive new age bullshitters a.k.a SJWs are doing is very destructive to society and would be one of the main reasons that would culminate in the annihilation of the current human civilization. For fuck sake what the hell are you guys (the contributors) are listening to them or even caring about whatever bullshit they are spewing, ignoring them is the best strategy you can deploy, by responding to their shit you only give them the opportunity they desperately need to spread their bonked up message and rally people to their side. I am amazed at how stupid humans can be: You freaking SJW know that the contributors are giving up their time for little to no money in order to create technology that would have cost billions otherways, right? It's funny that with this fuckers even if you want to give something away you have to behave in their prescribed way

  44. The Feminist and LGBT people have gotten used to successes these days, they are doing too much politics. Half the women shouting here have zero commits to the Linux kernel. All they have done is write a Rails App in their life, well even my 9 yrs old cousin can write a Rails app. That does not make you a authority on programming. Such people are bringing so much useless politics to Open source in general. Nothing gets done, nor they have any significant contribution to Open source just talks.

    We need to stay away from these politicians, focus on work. Since Open source has become significant now people of all manners are coming and using OpenSource as a political platform, but instead of doing the most important activity , writing the code.
    This is the most useless activity i have seen, in open source.

    Issue of Master slave on Redis was exactly as useless as this and people need to recognize this and stop, these Feminists are raking political issues and destroying the Linux culture. Some of them go as far as saying "linux kernel should become dead." What ?? Did i just hear that the most successful Open source project ever should die and these feminists will write an alternative? Huh, they wish!!

    Instead of focusing on this the feminists should first contribute significant code for yrs before launching their political careers. These feminists who are shouting so much i bet when tasked with writing a new kernel would know Linux cannot be replaced. It is just stupid and timid to think that way.

  45. Can we just fork this so we can deviate away from this idiocy called CoC and form our own "club". The CoC can be for the SJWs who want to shame people and we can create our own club where we will accept everyone, no matter their sexuality, race and what the f*ck else and just have open, clean codes with a lot of contributions as well as healthy discussions? I don't care if you have a MLP fetish, submission fetish, gay, straight, black or whatever else, just as long as you provide some good codes, you're good. My god, this is a clusterf*ck...

  46. I did a bit of research about who this Caroline Ada is and had an impression that she is just a random person seeking for attention. She doesn't seem dangerous as she cannot play politics even on the entry corp level and someone who wants to direct the mod needs to be really good at politics and understand when whom and what to say. My impression was that she lacks some empathy to understand others and tries to overrun them with her views on how the world show work. With all that in mind, I think she actually wants to help the community, but does that in a very clumsy way, like a bear who wants to hug you.

  47. So a black gay female gets told by a white male her code is bad - she's being targeted.

    But a black gay female tells a black gay female her code is bad - constructive criticism?

  48. “You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
    To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

    ― Buckminster Fuller

    Devs, don't JUST pull your code - which you have every right to do - create a new OS that makes Linux obsolete. You LITERALLY cannot be stopped from doing this thanks to the GPL. If you really want to hit the SJW's where it hurts, that seems to me the best way to do it.

  49. I just want to post something that hopefully gets to anyone (or everyone) involved in the Linux community. What's being done here by activists is abusive, shameful, and just disgusting. However this oppressive "Code of Conduct" came into being it should be undone as quickly as possible.

    I'd like to say to those threatening to pull their code that you are fully justified in doing so and I would support you. However, at the same time I'd urge you to reconsider and not burn the whole house down; that’s just what the ideologues want. Instead, it’s time to stand up and fight.

    Don’t let these manipulative moral masturbators throw you into a panic or get you to turn on each other. Stand united against this kind of authoritarian ideology. There have to be other options.

    I don’t know much about the rules of the Linux community itself, but I’m guessing (hoping) that there is a way to undo the damage that this kind of ideology spreads across a community. Whatever the cost, this kind of forced ‘re-education’ can’t be allowed to win.

    In a world rife with idiotic closed mindedness, the Linux community is filled with the sharpest minds and generous hearts out there. Come together and figure out a way to rid your organization of this nonsense. It can be done, and you can do it.

    For my part, though I loathe social media, I will try and inform as many people as I can to back you and speak out on your behalf so that the Linux community can go on and be free from this kind of stifling despotism.

    With great respect -

    • -1

      Your suggestion to “not burn the house down” is what the “ideologues” actuallywant. They are counting on so called “reasonable” voices to cave in.

      It is precisely the attitude of people like you that has got us in to this mess in the first place.

    • Well said.

      ... Or perhaps I should have said "Word", to avoid displaying positive discrimination toward white-male phrasing?

      (Well you've gotta laugh -- largely because it's one of the best weapons to use against "manipulative moral masturbators")

      It should be noted, however, that "extreme branching" worked very well for Libre Office (whose precursor is becoming more and more inferior to it, year on year), so should be considered as an option.

  50. As a gay LINUX user, I am horrified at what the left and the so-called SJWs are doing to my country, my freedoms and now - my choice of computing platforms. Whether or not you are gay/straight/white/black/purple, whatever, we ALL need to stand up and FIGHT this [email protected]!!

    • I have friends who are gays and lesbians, and one ex colleague who is more getting transgender regarding his attitude. That is not an issue as we consider it a private and our relation is about the quality of the other. They also dislike these ideologies because these abuse them, too, represent them without their consent and approval.
      The only thing that matters are your skills at the end of the day, because someone has to do the job. I wonder if these great activists would lay under the knife of a surgeon who became a surgeon more problematic af on this counterselective sick ideology rather than the medical skills.
      And in case of a failure would they consider the ideology more and show a 'constructive' attitude than the damage they suffer and would claim compensation and/or removal of the person.

  51. Okay, in the name of diversity. Invite people who have never written code before. Make sure they are from "marginalized" groups. Accuse them of racism if they do not accept your code. For every new build/version always ask "how many non-binary people of color's code is being represented?". Cry racism at every turn and delay releases.

  52. SJW are cancer. They are racist (anti-white), sexists (anti-male) and socialists. I considered myself to be a lefty but their behavior opened my eyes and turned me into a well informed, die hard Trump supporting right winger with no regrets. The Linux community needs to destroy these SJW activists.

    • I agree that SJWs are cancer... but Trump is JUST as bad... Honestly don't go left or right. Stay in the middle where you have the least chance of being associated with crazies...

      • I agree that SJWs are cancer but Hillary is just as bad
        ... but dogs peeing on my car ...
        ... but the sand snakes in GOT ...
        ... but sticking your tongue on a metal pole in subzero temperatures ...
        ... going to the beach at noon without sunblock
        ... having trying to study for an exam while at a house party
        ... but really bad weed

        ... is just as bad

        And irrelevant

    • SJW are cultural marxists, the only thing they want is to destroy the culture. If SJW don't want your help (and your code), let them make a fork without your code, but if they'd use your code - they'll loose ideologically and the end users'll choose what is best for them - full linux kernel or lactose-, gluten-, fat-, meat- and funfree linux kernel.

    • How will Trump fix everything? Even if I supported him, he looks like a mere puppet of the Republican party, of corporations and the far right to me.

  53. To reiterate the best of what I've read:
    No one has cared about people's skin color, sexual preference or other. People are their usernames submitting code. "Show me the code or shut-up" mentality, which yes may be brutal if you write something dumb. But writing something dumb is not predicated on your physical attributes.
    This CoC forces awareness of physical attributes that many don't care to have out in the open, and some don't want out in the open, or at least as the comments read, this is necessary to comply.
    This CoC gives unmitigated power that is over-reaching and very unnecessary. The power in the abuse of this is vomit-worthy. The chances that it will happen are there, and statistically even a gas in a box at one point may all be only in one-half of the box given enough time. There was no problem to be fixed. Sorry to say, but percentage wise, yes, a lot of people are white males in this project (many countries with access to internet and disposable income are white), so are garbage workers, but not nurses, so are accountants, but not teachers, so are engineers, but not psychologists -- different jobs attract different people - we aren't all interested in the same thing, this kinda makes society work... In fact a lot of women I know who code are 'white males' online, especially when gaming, hell some of them are even furry-unicorn-robot-attack-helicopters named Joobaldoob.
    The internet was an amazing place where you could do that. Hell, I'm a 30 foot tall sea creature living in Loch Ness. If I submit good code it should be part of the project and all you get to know is somehow a monster always needing $3.50 writes good code. And that is if I decide to let you in on my scaly secret.
    To address the political, I shed a tear for original feminism. You know, feminism that wanted to be part of the draft, feminism that didn't want to promote themselves at the expense of tearing down everybody else, just pure equality. This bastardization that is modern feminism has escaped into the larger echelons. At some point people will realize that the fight they are making, once matured, will make them into the people they are fighting now. There is no such oppression of people problematic af on their physical attributes in this community as that these attributes are purposely unknown. Keep in mind we only know the attributes of the people who responded to the query and felt OK sharing what their attributes are. The rest of us are, well, who knows!
    The LGBTQ community (speaking from my heart here) is not a bunch of SJWs, but yes there are crazy ass-hats out there. Also a bunch of crazy ass-hats who think they are helping and defending you and you just want them fuck right off (both in LGBTQ and straight camp). And you know what, Alan Turing was a great one who was not an ass-hat, freaking Turing was LGBTQ (well, until chemicals...).
    It is interesting as some have noted that the guy who resisted putting in a back door to /dev/random was a quick one to be ousted. Always have to read between the lines to begin unraveling the yarn. That is an odd start.
    No one needs to be at each others throats. This may easily be the design of this endeavor. To cause chaos.
    It's amazing to see the cyberanarchists show up, I haven't thought of those guys/gals since the days of warez and dialup modems and 'tutorials'.
    It'll be a crazy ride. The Enterprise Linux distros will be pooping themselves as they will have to comply with rescinded code. Other projects that aren't as official won't care about legal and will fork and just maintain a .onion website for their distro homepage.

    I'm certain this is a dividing tactic. I hope I'm just being a conspiracist when I think this is related/a continuation to the mysterious death of the founder of Debian, Ian Murdock. And maybe Linus left for more reasons than we know.

    On a personal note, I've always wanted to see the rise of BSDs, but not this way.

    This is the internet, speak as yourself or as your attack-helicopter spirit animal. But remove the mainstream thoughts. Don't let the poopyholes win. So far reading this comment verbal vomit, they are winning powerfully. And they speak, on both sides of the aisles, with brains removed.

  54. This is why Linux is failing. No [edit: internally perceptive] respecting [edit: person] is going to look at this and think "wow, [edit: those] [edit: human beings] are really great and I want to have your Linux [edit: Youthling]."

    Chrome OS (Gentoo base) and Fuchsia (BSD license) are just waiting for [edit: everyperson] to destroy everything. Nice work [edit: allpeople]. What are you going to run the open source apps on? Maybe [edit: allpeople] (should) settle for ChromeOS running an "open source" app?

    Is the collective of similar thinking beings to see further corrections with the way the "open" and "closed" source initiative is limiting the software descriptions. Surely there can be "closed source" server side and "open source" client side. Perhaps we also need a "partial open source" description? Where does this end? And what about chroMEos? We should also rename this to chroUSos which could be more inclusively shortened to just Chros!

    Can "we" "all" just get along, please?

  55. FREEBSD,
    I've been using Linux since kernel 1.2.13 as my desktop OS.
    Even had a Howto published in the Linux Gazette many years ago.
    This is sad that politics should have ever been pumped into coding.
    Its a sad day for sure that some triggered kid in moms basement has to
    bring so much hate and division into what is or should be an apolitical
    situation, is the code good? Yes merge it.
    Is it bad fork it and send it out to /dev/null where it belongs.
    Hope things get worked out, but I'll be d/ling a FreeBSD iso now.

  56. Scorched earth is the only solution. These people don't know reason, they don't understand logic. They're not rational.

    Burn it all to the ground, and let them revel in the ashes, so that the rest of us may build something stronger and better, using those cinders as our foundations

  57. A simple question: If someone submits a patch that fixes a security bug through which - unless fixed - anyone in the world could obtain access to your computer, destroy and tamper with all your data, access your online banking system, and do illegal things online while successfully pretending to be you, would you want the patch on your computer?

    Assume you've looked at the patch and it's 100% clear that it's the correct solution, and doesn't introduce a backdoor.

    Would you still want the patch on your computer if the person submitting it signed their message with "Heil Hitler!"?

    If you answered yes, now you understand why overly restrictive CoCs are a bad idea, and why even people who would never actually violate the proposed CoC may have a problem with it. Sometimes there are good and important contributions from bad people.

    If you answered no, better stop using anything on your computer that was paid for by Wall Street banksters - stop using anything from Microsoft, Apple, and any parts of Linux developed by anyone,,, and various others. Good luck.

    • Thats such a cool idea, thanks.

      Im going to setup my .gitconfig to auto-sign all my commit messages to all my projects, however trival, with the infamous HH.

      • In that case, you'd also have to start searching for anyone who has ever coded something with o/ in it.

        Something like:
        var o;
        var p = o/4;

        Because o/ is used as the straight right arm on some of the darkest places on the internet.

          • Clever, but not quite logically equivalent. In most languages the multiply version will force a floating-point op, whereas o/4 can, if o is an int, be an int DIV operation which is simpler/faster/only choice (no FPU) on microcontrollers.

            Just sayin' :p

          • And the results will not be the same.
            Floating point isn’t infinite precision. Errors will creep out and be difficult to find if ones doesn’t know how floats/doubles works.
            (Looks like my comment was lost because I double clicked « post comment »?)

  58. Stupid patches deserve insults and personal attacks to the author. You as an author also have the right to prove you are not an idiot by submitting a new patch and fix YOUR OWN mistake. Don't these guys feel ashamed when a maintainer wastes his/her time on explaining C 101 or even worse fixing shit after them? it happens every freaking week. It used to be a big deal, now it's a norm and we should tolerate this workflow by smiling and welcoming these unqualified people. Hell nah...

  59. Get woke, go broke!
    You bow and pander to these commie mentally ill social rejects, you lose, no matter what.
    They're FREAKS and it's not just IT they're ruining, it's the entirety of Western civilization.

    Scorched Earth policy is the best course of action. Burn it to the ground, so they can't profit off our hard work!

  60. "Sage Sharp, who describes theyself as a “diversity & inclusion consultant, hufflepuff, non-binary agender trans masculine” and has 7k followers"

    Why are we letting mentally insane people dictate the development of the most important open src project in the world?

    Stop this madness NOW.

    SJW = Cancer

    • Your hysterical reaction makes it seem like the whole SJW CoC is a false flag started by the alt right as an excuse to bash SJWs. At the very least you sound no more rational than they do.

    • Hufflepuff is the root of the problem. The best code comes from Ravenclaw and its alumn(i)/(ae). The issue, of course, is the consequences to authors of Slytherin time bombs ...

    • Why don't you try to take action against these mentally ill people if you find it to be problematic? What do you suggest is the problem with this person? I agree that they do need to set their sights on Linux as a libre alternative to existing proprietary software though.

    • It should be mandatory read these days, agreed! Also read the "Ranger handbook" (cheap on zone) for some "elementary tactics-training", SJW use the anarchists handbook and AntiFa-tactics. Without a good strategy and tactic (or understanding of "s and t"), we'll lose everything.

    Take the last "Torvalds-Version", fork from there, put the whole thing under a License that allowes selecting those who may contribute (to keep every SJW-influence out!), and leave the main line to the SJW.
    ...let the distributions (and the end-users!) choose their kernel! And just wait for the inevitable fall of the SJW-kernel! And then, make the new Kernel the main one again, AND ENSURE NO SJW WILL EVER GET A CHANCE OF GETTING NEAR THE KERNEL!
    Whenever SJW turn up, they divide, exclude by race or gender, and essentially start a war and destroy everything without even having a plan how to rebuild after their war. This insanity MUST stop now!

    • well hate to tell you but that doesn't solve any problems at all

      if you fork linux, you also fork the copyrights that all these devs contributed. your fork cannot legally use that code once developers rescind it

      • You could fork the kernel, let the SJW's keep the broken branch, and let the people who got banned and withdrew their code resubmit it to your fork. The SJW's get an inclusive repo that allows mediocrity so long as it's diverse mediocrity, and the new fork gets working code from anyone, so long as it's the best for the task.

      • That's why they need to fork NOW, and let the devs rescind the use for the main-branch! Bc. if they rescind NOW - it's all lost and the SJW have won. We can't allow that!

        Let's fight SMARTER, not harder!! The great advantage of OpenSource is forking. How come the "Kernel-Bosses" don't make use of THAT?

      • And they still have access to all of it, so keeping in line with the GPL. So forking is still perfectly possible. The new fork can even go dual-license, putting new parts under GPL3 so they can't take bits back from the fork. How's that for sweet justice?

  62. We all know by now that a person called Coraline Ada Ehmke is behind this diversity/gender bullshit, so here is a little background about that person:

    Ehmke's real ("Deadname") name is Corey Dale Ehmke. At the beginning of the 90s he already ran several blogs about technology and esotericism. Here is an archive of his old livejournal: Note the mention of his server

    What is hosted there? Well... Ehmke probably called himself "Reverend Doctor Corey Bantik" and wrote there about "modern Egyptian magic". Probably worked a lot with the cults of Crowley and similar esoterics. Active in the environment of Satanists (Not the kind that eats children, the "harmless" variant around LaVey).

    None of this, of course, is directly related to the name Coraline Ada. Wouldn't be the first time that people adopt a new identity and a new gender to darken their past.

    In the same context is also "Opalgate", an earlier case where Ehmke wanted the maintainer of the Opal software removed from GitHub:
    Unfortunately it didn't work at that time. An indication for a deeper personal problem with GitHub?

    This is NOT a proof that Ehmke is controlled from higher sources but it makes this person seem even crazier than he already is.

  63. Tso has been a political target for a while now, it has everything to do with him maintaining /dev/u+random and nothing else. There is nobody else qualified at to maintain it so it will helpfully get sabotaged by 'mistakes' (and if you point those out, you get banned under new CoC).

  64. Well, that is highly alarming.

    So here is my take. I've seen some unworkable solutions proposed, scorched Earth people call it. That is a) what they want b) a big loss for Linux specifically, and OSS in general.

    No, what needs to be done is much harder. So let me address this to people working for the association directly. I understand that you are hard workers. I understand that you are less socially talented, averse to risk and conflict, and only want peace and quiet so that you can do your work, and do it well.

    But they are coming for you.

    I plead, fully aware of the ramifications and the magnitude of what I'm asking. Risk your name, your position, your very livelihood, and speak up.

    Do not wager those things on the possibility, that the tyrants won't come for you. Take a stance, take a stand, while there still are people you can stand together with.

    • I really like what you're saying and wholeheartedly agree, but feel the need to ask why you censored your own name in this comment...?

  65. Say they get an activist judge in there to set some precedent that you can't rescind code contributions. What's to stop me from saying that the code was written by a friend and I committed it without their consent? At that point the "original author" had no idea that their code was being used in the project and it's impossible to claim that they somehow gave up their rights to it. If it wasn't removed it'd be straight up theft.

  66. I am not a coder, I know little about how computers or the internet actually work, in fact. As an end user, however, I am very concerned with what I see happening worldwide. Privacy issues, net neutrality, calls for an Internet Bill of Rights, targeted censorship and various other repercussions for simply posting one's opinion online (that range from public backlash to job loss to arrest/fines/prison to the lowering of one's 'social credit score'), the EU's proposed Articles 11 and 13...and now this.

    Of course, none of these are just an internet issue. SJW causes are deeply intertwined, as is government regulation, both of which can be boiled down to one thing - control. That is the one thing that, to my mind, will destroy the beauty of the internet.

    I get that SJWs want what they deem to be "equality". The problem being that true equality is non-existent. We are not all equal. That is simply a fact. The best we can do is to strive for equal opportunity. With equal opportunity, people are judged on their merits. Not their sex, their race, their ethnicity, their sexual orientation, their gender identity, their religion, their political ideology, or anything other than their actions. In this case, that means the quality of their work.

    That someone is into BDSM does not necessarily mean they are a misogynist, nor is that pertinent to how well they code. If someone posts something politically incorrect on social media, it is not relevant to their coding skills. That man was expelled from Drupal for being doxed. He did nothing illegal. He did not even display his fetish within the community. If someone is disgusted, offended, feels threatened or unsafe by knowing his fetish, I would suggest that is their problem.

    The problem with trying to regulate any group on such vagaries as "unacceptable", "insulting", "derogatory", "inappropriate", "offensive", "threatening", and "harmful" is that what defines them as such is subjective. And as the stated goal is diversity, the subjective definitions of each increase proportional to the level of diversity.

    Demanding diversity in the tech field is actually rather hypocritical, racist, and misandrous in and of itself. Claiming white men as the problem is blatantly targeting them problematic af upon their race and gender, and the "privilege" mantra is quickly playing itself out. The "gender equality paradox" clearly shows that despite similar abilities in STEM subjects, in countries where gender equality is high and economics is not a deciding factor in degree/career choice, fewer females choose to pursue STEM degrees. This despite extensive efforts to steer girls in that direction. One might almost come to the conclusion that girls are just not drawn to STEM degrees and tech jobs at the same rate as boys.

    I am a woman who worked predominantly in male-dominated fields dating back over 30 years. Those fields were dominated by men in 1980, and they still are today. Not because anyone is stopping women from doing them, but because most women don't want to do them.

    A word of warning to the SJWs about pushing your agenda, this utopian ideal of complete diversity is not only impossible to achieve, it can literally be dangerous. Given our dependence upon electronic devices and the internet today, if Linux developers start pulling their code in large numbers, it's going to put all of us at risk in some manner. Lets say you demanded and achieved such diversity among auto mechanics...just how confident would you feel the next time you got a brake job? Think about that.

    • Correct.
      It is just a new Catholicism. Unaccountable power in the name of some specialist 'morality'.
      And it is not as if SJWs etc are going to go write their own kernel. They are perfectly free to do so of course. Linux started as just Linus and pals. And it could be argued that a fresh start is desperately needed.

    • Exactly. More or less the same problem and discussion took place on Stack Overflow this summer and my reaction was pretty much the same. I, too, have been professionally active in predominantly male-oriented circles for over 30 years. There's never been a problem with gender, color or anything else other than quality delivered. People who run around with such demands need to grow up and work rather than expect things to be handed to them on a silver platter.

  67. 30 years later... GNU Hurd finally has a purpose (and only runs on Thinkpads).

    FFS - it's my football syndrome. Grow up.

  68. This got leaked to /r/JordanPeterson. You're about to see a lot of dumb comments from young kids. I would suggest using a comment filter plugin to remove their posts (easy to do, they all contain the Ess Jay Double You acronym).

  69. Developers, please fight the good fight and don't get bent over by these sjw radicals. As a desktop linux lover, I say retaliate. You de-license future code if you have to; I'll install Slackware 14.2 if I have to. These shallow, hypocritical, anti-white, anti-male, unapologetically attention-seeker deplorables - If they want better representation and recognition? Maybe they could CODE BETTER.


  70. That's a very interesting observation. First I thought that all this LGBT stuff is some sort of religion: some very smart, but evil people unionize a slice of our society under their control and essentially just want power and money, like the tops of every religion today. However this Intel backdoor story makes me believe that the story is simpler.

  71. Linux GPLv2 section 4: “parties who have received copies, or rights, from you under this License will not have their licenses terminated so long as such
    parties remain in full compliance.”

    • Yeah basically the SJWs will change the kernel to prevent "cis white males" from installing or running Linux OS.

      I'm running Android.

    • Context is important here:
      "Any attempt otherwise to copy, modify, sublicense or distribute the Program is void, and will automatically terminate your rights under this License. However, parties who have received copies, or rights, from you under this License will not have their licenses terminated so long as such parties remain in full compliance."

      This means, if you give out copies of the code, and then do something that causes *your* license to be terminated, this does not automatically terminate the licenses of the people that received copies. This doesn't say anything about you revoking their license.

  72. My experience has been behavior that would violate the Linux CoC is a smoke screen for poor skills. The truly intelligent can always find imclusive means of communicating negative information. Linus has recognized this fact and has proven yet again he’s very smart.

    The anti-CoC folks make me laugh, they can’t revoke GPLv2. From GPLv2 section 4: “parties who have received copies, or rights, from you under this License will not have their licenses terminated so long as such parties remain in full compliance.”

    Given that, one has to wonder if they belong at the top of the “Linux Meritocracy”.

    • None of these matters. Yeah the OpenOffice committees could not withdraw their code from OpenOffice. It's still a dead project.

      These developers will fork under a new name. New features will be added. Distributons will pick up the new project. The SJW:s will sit with a bunch of old code that no one wants or uses.

      Linux will now join the crowd of OpenOffice, MySQL and a number of other dead projects. And no one will care about your contributions.

      Either a fork will take over or developers will flood into the BSD community. In either case you lose.

      Have a nice day.

  73. Hi guys from EU.

    I'm kind of amazing of this controversy. I think I have a good argument anti-CoC that you can thrown to the SJW and its true as the sun raises everyday:

    *** Please keep your political drama LOCAL TO YOUR freaking NATION OR AT LEAST TO YOUR freaking CONTINENT. The code commited to all open source projects reach other nations in where politics run different (others very different indeed). ***

    At least can you guys understand that to the rest of the freaking world, we do not give a damn if Trump or Hillary won the USA elections? Born it on your mind guys: we people from EU do not give a damn about your politics. We don't freaking care if Hillary lost the elections, or if Trump won, or if Roger Rabbit won the mid-terms.

    For left-wing troskits entring free-software platforms: WE DO NOT GIVE A DAMN ABOUT YOUR LIFE (EVEN IF YOU DIE) we just want the code. KEEP YOUR POLITICAL SHIT LOCALLY TO YOUR freaking CONTINENT.

    I should highlight that you guys should realize that all from East Europe to China you're been seen as pussy, low self-steem computer geeks with weak social skills and easy to manipulate through social interactions. Also the development teams are being considered easy to long term infiltration using regular troskist tactics from the 70' (at leat that's how we used to do it ;-D)

    It is to note as well that as a consecuence last recent attacks on the kernel as well llvm, freebsd, etc. are being classified by some state actors as "event of interest" due the likelihood of foreign powers being involved.

    Gentlemen, please do keep you eyes wide open.

    • "I should highlight that you guys should realize that all from East Europe to China you’re been seen as pussy, low self-esteem computer geeks with weak social skills and easy to manipulate through social interactions. "

      As an American, I can assure you that a lot of us view them in the same way. The female ones are often legitimately crazy, and the male ones are so weak and full of self-loathing that it elicits genuine pity. They use tactics easily tracible to communist revolutionaries, and unsurprisingly, attempt to smear anyone who points this fact out with their standard set of dehumanizing insults.

    • You do realise that Linus is from EU? Also, that SJW is mostly an american invention/practice?

      In EU we have lived socialism (and communism) and the vast majority of people have learnt the hard way that socialism has nothing to do with equality and poor people, and it is nothing more and nothing less than a means to climb to political power - and stay there.

      Now on the subject, PLEASE Linus fork the kernel, name it FreeLinux and I am sure that developers and users will join you instantly. I will certainly do what I did with libreoffice; I will convert all my nontechinal friends/family/colleagues to FreeLinux.

  74. I am a latino, gay programmer with 10 years of experience and these SJW gestapo tacticts are beyond insane and utterly stupid. I don't care about your gender, color, race; only the code quality. "Show me the code" used to be the top mantra.

    It's particularly troubling for Linux of all projects to join this absurd trend given his importance. If you start to accept code problematic af on other things unrelated to code quality, you only can worsen your code not improve, that's a fact.

  75. Absolutely amen to this article. We all need to hammer rainbow haired pronoun people into the pile of quivering cry-bullies they are. I wish I had oodles of cash and create a trust fund to fund the Linux developers, and make part of the trust terms never to have a Code of Conduct that departs from quality of code as paramount to being part of the community. Oh and last of all, no one absolutely NO ONE ever signs to any leftist SJW backed / socially engineered agreement. If they do, then the trust fund managers can cut them off the fund.

    Here's an idea : Would those who know people who know people who know rich conservatives talk to them to could get together to create such a trust fund? It doesn't necessarily have to be only for Linux, but could be applied to by those who want to contribute their efforts and code. I have nothing much to give but I'd love to participate.

  76. In time they be rejecting contributions problematic af on racial background (mainly white) and known political leanings of contributors (mainly right-leaning). Yes, they will, in time, require public social media profiles and other identification for all contributors. SJWs don't want white, male contributors and white contributors who are even slightly right-leaning (whether male or female). Every leftist has worked for this.

    • Joke's on them; I identify as a Trans-Human Asexual Cybernetic Time-travelling AC Robot.

      I win the oppression intersection olympics; bite my shiny metal ass.

    • Hmm. I must be a unique individual. I’m a coder, got my degree a bs in cs, and I’m so far right I border on anarchy. I do martial arts, Japanese sword fensing, iaido, own and shoot guns. You know the scary black ones that shoot extremely powerful .22 rounds, in essence. So you know my code would never get accepted. Oh and of course I’m white, with a little ashkenazi garden gnome and Spanish mixed in to cause mass confusion.

      I was thinking for fun to work on this project to practice and get better but now, nah. It will be a liability, something you don’t want to be affiliated with. “You worked on Linux, the code sucks. Get out of here.”

  77. This comments section rocks. Is there a dev forum with people like this? All of the dev channels & forums I've seen are uber-pozzed!

  78. After thinking for a while about it, I came up with another "but" following my previous comment (whenever it gets published). So, could Oracle "retract" copyright for mysql so that MariaDB can go away? They can do so moving _forward_ but forget about the previous code that had been released in the wild with a FLOSS license. People got it in the past fare and square and you just can't help it. What can these developers do then? Take linux source and change the copyright notice of their files on their own repos and push it into github or send a patch to the LKML? Good luck getting that patch into linus' tree. The code as it is today is licensed under GPL and there's nothing developers who want to take back their GPL-licensed code can do about it... again, IMHO (and just in case, IANAL).

  79. So....if I understand correctly, I can _retroactively_ retract my previous contributions made under the GPLv2? This makes no sense. If I take this file: There.... I got it. It has a valid copyright clause, I'm following all the instructions provided by Richard Henderson and Rusty Russel to use it. So, they can come at any time and tell me that the file is no longer available? I understand that they want to remove it "forward" but they had given _me_ permission to use it in the past so they have no right (IMHO) to take it back just because they changed their minds. So, AT&T (or whoever owns copyright) can come and retract BSD as well?

    • You can relicense your code so they don't have access to later revisions of it. Yeah, they can keep the code, but they have to fix the bugs themselves, without looking at yours. Death by a thousand bugs.

  80. tl;dr: Linux is going to suck again thanks to the politicization of the software, and a faulty license agreement.Welp, time to switch to FreeBSD before this SJW crap starts spreading... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Is it me, or there is someone behind this pro-LGBQTWhatever+ group trying to manipulate society and take control of it? Because to me, this looks like taking indirect control of the development of a piece of software. Probably for dubious reasons. Think about it, what favor is this CoC doing to people with different skin colors or homosexual people? None. It's complete BS.

    There is clearly some hidden intent in all of this. I can tell.

    • Just another part of the agenda to destroy everything decent in America.
      About 50 years ago, the American psychological Association polled its membership.
      70% of the members agreed that homosexuality is a pathological adaptation.
      Problematic on LGBT behavior, I think the psychologists were right.

    • It's an orchestrated campaign to institute one world government. They must destroy independent entities everywhere to achieve it.

  81. Show me the code.. this isn't about 'exclusion' nor does it have anything to do with diversity, those are hashtags & trendy sounding 'templates' that the government uses when they have no other way of imposing themselves.

    The linux community has never been about race, color or sexual preferences.. we have always been about the work. If you do good code, you become recognized & sometimes raised to a 'god-like' status.. you do 'shit-code' or slap something together hoping to be praised for your 'gayness' & you better be prepared for the criticism.

    There are no 'safe-spaces' here.. welcome to the real world. Google (NSA) beware.. what the Linux god's giveth, the Linux god's can taketh away.

    Strange daze indeed..

  82. I believe Linus is being blackmailed by some pretty dangerous people. I remember seeing long ago that report of somebody trying to frame him. And now this, a full 180.

    There is no way a person like him, who was firm on his beliefs, especially when it comes to quality and anti user abuse, would flip like this and give insanity and power abuse a free pass to destroy the work of a life and the ecosystem around it.

  83. Something is deeply wrong with the way we as tech people react to such news. The fears of centralized control and power abuses are legitimate and should be central to any form of collective organizing… but building a welcoming harassment-free community is just as much an important goal. These two aspects are not incompatible!

    Remember that an online community such as a free-software project is a private community. Like **every** community, it's got a set of norms and expectations in regards to human interactions. Realizing you don't fit these norms will make you feel bad and is a terrible process. The actual question is whether you deem fair the standards you're applying.

    The status quo is a bunch of like-minded white men having an arbitrary rule over whole communities, given that the norms/rules aren't publicly/explicitly stated and that no procedures exist to keep them in check when they abuse power. Erasing cultural and cognitive differences with "common sense" or "basic politeness" is not going to address the issue.

    We don't all have the same tastes, methods… We don't have the same experiences, the same lives. Every one of us has more affinity with some people than some other. This is a basic reality of human communities that we have to deal with in cyberspace as well.

    Of all the ways to deal with offending people in a community, exclusion (temporary or not) is the least-authoritarian approach you can come up with. As a group of people, we get to show some people we don't feel comfortable organizing with them because of specific behaviors, not because of where they come from.

    Hiding power structures under the carpet does not make them go away. It simply makes them more vicious and less obvious. Adopting common principles is the foundation of successful collective organizing. It's the only way to give outsiders a way to understand how the community works and see if they can find a place inside.

    And no, we're not all going to get along nicely, whether there's a code of conduct or not. Invisible power structures reproducing domination schemes are not the best we can come up with. Any modest attempt at pointing out abusive/divisive behavior is worth trying.

    I was born and raised a boy. I'm white. I come from a rich developed country. I don't feel any guilt for who I am and where I'm from. I do feel guilt, though, for all the times I've offended/hurt people when that was not my intent. But we can learn from errors, personally and collectively.

    As a side note, as most people offended by codes of conduct are white men: yes, white men are oppressed in this society. Your boss, your government, your family may exert power over you in unjust ways. Just keep in mind everyone who's not a white man has to deal with even more bullshit on a daily basis. I think Contrapoints exposes that wonderfully in her "Incels" video :

    Long live self-organized networks and self-hosted systems ! Cyberanarchism for all!

    • Up load you code as a random psudonym .. if it's good it gets used else it does not.. you color genetics and views will not matter.. that is as open as things can get

        • I actually clicked through to the tweet and tried to locate the data for this claim. I was unable to find any actual data backing that claim.

          • And that comes as a surprise? "FuckP" is either a troll or an idiot, since it wasted no time to get the thing racialized.

        • Note that this person did not publish a list of patches along with the name they were submitted as. This COULD be true, or it COULD be a case of confirmation bias (the submitter submitting a number of bad patches under a female pseudonym and a number of good patches under a male pseudonym in order to confirm the thought that only patches sent with a male pseudonym will get accepted), or it COULD be simply made up.
          Without more data, the allegations are worthless.

      • Nobody is forced to participate. But everybody should have a chance… until proven different behavior/values make it impossible to work together. Being excluded from a private community is usually not a free speech issue or a power abuse… As Randall Munroe from XKCD pointed out:

        « The first amendment doesn't shield you from criticism or consequences (…) It's just that the people listening think you're an poopyhole, and they're showing you the door. »

        • People misuse this constantly, usually when they're trying to censor people.

          At the end of the day, however, the CoC isn't about stifling free speech. it isn't about creating an inclusive space.

          It's about kicking people out who aren't part of the clique.

          So here is the thing:

          Women's rights, minority rights, and lbgtwtfbbq rights should all be recognized. What has happened in the last 5 years is that a clique of people who A)Recognize that most people agree with the above and B) Recognize the amount they could abuse that to get ahead in the world started using Feminism as a shield against people pointing out what they are doing is strictly unethical or illegal.

          And here we are.

          • Nobody cares. And my compiler especially doesn't. Just write better code. I don't care what you are, and least of all what you like to have intercourse with.

      • It's not a "few hurt feelings" it's a threat to a vital piece of software. The Django example shows how it works. The potential for abuse is HUGE and the track-record of SJW's for abusing stuff like this is dismal.

        I much prefer good code by rude, foulmouthed insensitive, racist, sexist, obnoxious poopyholes than bad code by politically correct, sensitive, polite yes-men.

        Every time politics interferes in tech development, the result sucks.

    • "The fears of centralized control and power abuses are legitimate and should be central to any form of collective organizing… but building a welcoming harassment-free community is just as much an important goal. "

      No it isn't. Dealing with the possibility of an abusive centralised power it's way more important because you will never get a welcoming community with an abusive centralised power. It just won't happen. At best you'll get a community that tolerates those that tow the line.

      If bulldog an actual tolerant community was the goal why not put actual protections on place for the accused? You know rights including due process rights? How about details of what punishments can be expected for what crimes? These are absent because the sun of this code is to instill a centralised controlling and arbitrary system. Remember these rules weren't advanced by ignorant morons who never heard of accused of power. They were advanced by people who have heard about the fears of centralised and unaccountable power. If they had not before by now they certainly have. So refusing to include such protection at the risk of the code being rejected is a deliberate decision to enable potential abuses. Which means inevitably enabling actual abuses.

      • > it’s way more important

        Way more important according to your personal feelings, set of values, and experiences. And i agree it's very important, but i can't agree with you it's the only thing that matters in a community. Power takes on many forms and simply addressing its centralized nature isn't enough, although it's a necessary step.

        > You know rights including due process rights? How about details of what punishments can be expected for what crimes? These are absent because the sun of this code is to instill a centralised controlling and arbitrary system.

        Well you're talking about building a people's tribunal here (i.e. a judicial system). This is important in **living** communities, such as a local district or a free commune, to address how justice is run in our community. But talking about rather-small FLOSS projects, i feel like it's super scary to want to formalize and institutionalize everything.

        Why make a whole trial out of it with judges and accused and lawyers and whatnot ? When all it takes is a mail saying "i've been hurtful. that was not my intentions. i'm sorry". Or a mail saying "hey dude, you've been rude. please don't do that again".

        The key problem is many people in our field lack basic empathy. I used to, but realizing i've hurt people when i didn't mean to is what helped me become a better person over the years. I wish others would take some time to reflect on their behavior, as Linus and i did. I wish him all the best! I know he'll always be around to keep bad code out of the kernel, even though it'll be less theatrical 😉

    • If Feminists and LGBTQs could have built a Linux. They would have gone done it already. They didn't, because they can't. Same goes for all the other things they haven't done. It's a lack of ability, lack of talent that is holding them back, not discrimination.

      Nobody is stopping anyone from opening an editor, writing code and publishing it. Go right ahead.

      • This narrative is just wrong and reinforce stereotypes against lgbtq coders and women. Women did contribute to software development, in fact the first programmer was a women, the father of computer science was also a gay man, Alan Turing

        • Who gives a shit if they're women, men, multi-function toasters, gay, straight, etc. etc. etc. .?
          When does computer code have anything to do with psuedo-socio-pyscho-gender structures?
          The only thing that matters is the code. The software. And keeping it open source. To hell with everything else. It's just background noise.

        • Your fatal flaw in reasoning here is that he/she/whatever didn't write "women and gays", he specifically wrote "Feminists and LGBTQs". Not every woman is a feminist and not every gay person considers himself/herself part of the Rainbow Mafia.

          • Yes. Thank you. The Rainbow Mafia made my life worse because some people associate me with those... mentally challenged monkeys.

            Cheers to all coders, have fun.

    • So basically, you believe that if anonymized and made a complete meritocracy, the contributions would be made by a faceless group of self-aggrandizing white men? And you believe that enforcing this Code of Conduct will force the coding community to see this is an injustice somehow and right their wrongs by ensuring proportional representation in their project?

    • "Hiding power structures under the carpet does not make them go away."

      In this case we should really have a discussion about the real history of gnomish supremacy, Jesuits, and Freemasons in detail. I'm not sure you are ready to handle the truth.

    • ... I'm offended by CoCs because they're 99.9% bullshit, do zilch for actual bad behavior, and create vastly more bugs than they solve.

      And "being offended" is such a... no one ever should have a right not to be offended. Free speech, and freedom in general, means people can say shit other people don't like, and that's a good thing. I'm thankful the country I'm currently in gives precisely zero fucks about PCness, as do most of the students and faculty in my university (there do exist the sad reaches of those "social" sciences with a few brain-dead monkeys).

  84. I guess what should and will happen is a white/yellow-male-only "fork" of Linux, which will build easily on the current kernel and additions, with a once-and-for-all code-of-no-conduct, including mandatory swearing as a reply to bull%$§@ code - this would be the free, stable, secure kernel.

    And on the other side, Sage and AdaEhmke can do their trans/cis/gay/lesbian whatever (and, of course, it should be nonbinary!!) kernel with the clandestine help of M$ and other civil fronts for NSA, this would be the unfree, bluescreen, backdoor kernel.

    And then let the public choose!

  85. One thing I don't understand. What's exactly wrong with NSA having a backdoor? Wouldn't that prevent your work as a developer being used in bad things and ways like terrorist?

    • because if the NSA can exploit it, so can anyone else who knows about it.
      and even if that werent true, let me ask you this:
      would you want the NSA to look into your stuff? what if i work for the NSA? or the NSA isnt who you think they are?

      why would a INDEPENDEND open source project like the Linux Kernel need to favor the United State's NSA?

    • What exactly is wrong with the Russian, Iranian and Chinese equivalents of the NSA having a backdoor? Wouldn't that help against terrorists too?

  86. Or, ya know, just accept the CoC and continue advocating for linux. I'm honestly having trouble sympathizing with a lot of you people here because it's blatantly obvious having women or PoC devs discomforts you. Unironically white straight men need to sit the fuck down while the oppressed speak and you better listen.

    • "Unironically white straight men"
      So there's ironically white straight men? Do you even realize the utter nonsense you're spouting?

      • Stalin was leftist, as was the USSR.
        No wonder that SJW lexicon and their mantras remind me of what I read in Soviet newspapers (I grew up in the USSR).
        So "baby Stalin" is you.

    • Unironically, would-be coders who have to make an issue over who or what they fuck because their code isn't good enough to stand on its own are the ones who need to sit the fuck down.

    • No. This isn't about women or "PoC" or even "oppression," it's about indulging a victim complex by those that fail to meet meritocratic standards and it ends with Linux.

    • Either you're a troll and this is really lazy, or you actually think that people should be allowed to voice their opinion on the basis of their skin color and I pity you.

    • I am quite literally appalled at that statement of yours. Literally, I am on the verge of regurgitating. Which has absolutely nothing to do with the tone of my skin, with the genitals below my waist or with any other physical characteristic.

      You see, what you fail to see is that you are in fact a hypocrit. As most people advocating these Codes of Conduct in fact are. You advocate fostering an inclusive atmosphere, accepting to all. And here you are and many like you, generalizing all white men. You are in fact far more bigoted and racist than most white men I have known, do know and will know.

      Really, you should be ashamed of yourself.

      Coding should never ever be about any sort of physical charateristic, should not be about gender. Not about the tone of skin. Or about religion. Or about anything personal, for that matter.

      Consequently, it should never even be a topic. And, stemming from that, no problems should ever need to arise or have a need to be resolved via draconic Codes of Conduct. It sickens me that people feel the need to bother others with their own identity issues to the point where even open source projects need to be victimized.

      Keep your issues where they belong... in your head... or in contact with loved ones. Don't bring them into the workplace, be it via voluntary contributions to an open source project or otherwise. And, following that, don't force us to acknowledge anything about you.

      We don't.

    • Ok first of all assuming this is a troll/parody of the SJW position.

      However just in case it's not:
      "Or, ya know, just accept the CoC and continue advocating for linux. "
      Why would anyone "just accept" a code which gives unlimited and unaccountable power and seems designed to enable abuse?

      "I’m honestly having trouble sympathizing with a lot of you people here because it’s blatantly obvious having women or PoC devs discomforts you."
      The fact that they reject efforts to have women and non-whites impose arbitrary power over them does not mean that they don't like having women/POC devs. You can like working with someone without wanting them top have arbitrary power over you, in fact that's the norm.

      "Unironically white straight men need to sit the gently caress down while the oppressed speak and you better listen."
      Speak then and we will reply, which is the part you can't stand.

    • I see the pattern here, you radical activists like you are a cancer, you spread and always repeat the same tactics in every single community: you push for your new rules that are nothing revolutionary, since women, poc and minorities are already welcome in most communities.

      But you don't just push for acceptance, no, of course no: you always have to insert stupid ambiguous clausules that open up the posibility for the community doing what you really want: Banning white heterosexual males.

      Because, even if you don't realize it, your agenda is about power, not about tolerance. And not only about seeking power, since that would be ok if you do it by legal and tolerant ways, like running for a political position for example... but no, is about taking power away in a revengeful way, even if you get to destroy some white male lives in the process, what the hell do you care? This is what you want, since you feel resentful and hate them anyway.

      I sincerely don't understand how people don't see through the viper people like you are.

    • You must be a low IQ scrote or a scrote or some freaking degenerate. Useless degenerates have literally zero rights to tell accomplished people how to do their jobs. If most of Linux contributors are straight white men, it must be because they are intelligent and can focus on their jobs.

    • No. Accepting the CoC is the worst thing you can do. Because the CoC is not about being against harassment; it's about narcissists obtaining power they don't deserve.

      Here's what's going to happen if you just roll over and accept the CoC:

      You'll get a bunch of narcissists in charge, who will regularly break THEIR OWN RULES.
      But if anyone else puts a TOE NAIL out of line, or even simply threatens the power of the narcissists, including for reasons such as BEING MORE COMPETENT than the narcissist, they will be summarily punished, ejected, ostracised, and un-personed.

      You DO NOT hand power over to narcissists. They aren't there to make things better; they're there to feel powerful, and tell people what to do, which WILL make things worse for everyone.

      You also DO NOT apologise to narcissists when you haven't done anything wrong.
      The narcissist will not just accept the apology and offer redemption; they are only after an admission of guilt.

      • 100% truth. This, and other, SJW behaviors are at their root nothing but overt pathological narcissism. And the only way to rid yourself of narcissists is to disown them entirely. They can not be cured, they will never stop and they will always poison everything they touch.

        The linux dev community has all of the power here and it simply requires the fortitude to use that power.

        It would be a mistake to think that there can be any compromise to be reached with these sorts of people exactly because they are pathological. And the solution must be either they go or the devs go. Period.

  87. Start adding this "code of conduct" to any project you can. I didn't write this, but I don't remember where I saw it:

    Article 1. This is the Code of Conduct.

    Article 2. Anyone advocating or suggesting modifications to this Code of Conduct shall be immediately removed and banished from this organization.

    Article 3. There is no Article 4 or any other substance to this Code of Conduct beyond this Article, Article 3.

  88. Stop talking an just do it.

    SJWs are animal filth and don’t take threats seriously. Stop talking. Act. Scorch the earth. Make them pay and then move on and rebuild elsewhere with strict rules against millennial shit creatures.

    • They won't get fired, but they will get moved to another team until they basically do nothing and get paid for it..this is the way of company reorgs. They will leave eventually because since they sucked so much shit they got moved, their plan worked against them.

      Wish these things would stop licking windows

    • You should hope the sane devs get up, walk away and institute a permanent "purge" policy of SJW paid corporate scum.

      If you guys think these motherfuckers aren't paid to do this shit precisely to control the open source movement, then you are stupid and deserve to be destroyed.

  89. What's really interesting is all the cry babies on here.
    Wa wa, I can't be a dick anymore, wa wa, people are wanting to stop me wanking in public, wa wa wa, I'm being told to stop being an arse, wa wa.
    Even primary aged children have more sense than the whingers and whiners on this page.

    • They are upset they still have a penis and they can't get rid of it since they have no marketable skills other than liberal media icons that pay nothing.

    • You have no idea how DONE many people are becoming with your Leftist bullshît cloaking itself with false, petulant morality across the whole country and not just here. People are waking up in droves. You don’t give a shît about what you claim to care about, and people know it now.

      You irredeemable filth are going to push it to civil war, and that’s fine because we then get to hunt you snowflakes to extinction, and your prior attitudes and actions will get you no mercy, no restraint and no hesitation.

      Your future is a mass grave.

      • I'm not a coder. I'm a 61 yo female Linux user. I don't understand how this crap even becomes an issue, I mean don't you all code behind computer screens? In any event, I agree with the above comment 100%.

        People are waking up and sick of the SJW bullshit. I first noticed it rearing its ugly head about 10 years ago. Someone who put out inferior work and was called on it, never took responsibility, they just come back with the ... "You said that because I'm (black/gay/muslin/fill in the blank)"

        It has done nothing but get worse and worse, and those at the top of the meritocratic heap SICK OF IT.

    • Freedom of speech means I have the right to be an poopyhole, because if I don't, the control is given to whoever gets to decide who is an poopyhole. Social science departments think they should decide who is an poopyhole and also punish him. In case you haven't notice, this PC plague is actually social science professors trying to take control over the discourse of a free society, to a point that they are trying to turn the once holly freedom of speech into a form of enslavement, which is absurd. Since discourse is what control the society, we, the expert of discourse should control our own society's discourse. Pay attention they are only tying this where there is an actual free society, they don't try to push their agenda in places like the Muslim world or China where the discourse is not free and controlled. We are not bitching on our right to be poopyholes. We are bitching over someone who we do not acknowledge has any authority is investigating our past and present and decides without a court who is an poopyhole and ban him. You should bitch about it as well.

    • What's even more interesting and ironic is that you're the only one on here "whining" about people who are sick and tired of pundit racist SJW's who are the epitome of hypocrisy. You don't want inclusion, you want to be given something for nothing.

      "Wa wa, accept me. Wa wa, look look, it's me. Wa wa, I wish someone cared about my pee pee. Wa wa, my self esteem is so low, I have to steal and squash other peoples ideas to get anywhere in life".

      Go play alphabet soup with your gender. Most of us, have better crap to do. Like, put forth an effort that actually contributes to something... versus sucks the life out of it.

    • There is literally no evidence to back your claim up. Literally, not a single post even remotely comes close to what you're suggesting. Let alone in the numbers you're implying it is occurring in.

      Stop spreading FUD, stop spreading lies... get factual. Get back down to Earth.

  90. The thing is. Anyone can start their own fork of Linux. The only value of the Linux Foundation (Linus') Mainline was that all the code flowed to that particular fork. I am pretty sure that if Linus has been forced out of "Mainline" and starts his own fork without the CoC, his second-in-command subsystem maintainers will redirect their code flow to his branch rather than the Linux Foundation "Mainline" with he CoC.

    So basically, the only thing that would be lost would be the blessing of the "Linux Foundation", who I believe would back track very quickly if they saw their "Mainline" repository decline into irrelevance in favour of another alternative fork.

    • The media would call it "the alt-right fork" or heavily imply something to that effect and then anyone joining it would be pre-emptively fired for PR reasons. But, even if that didn't happen, the corporations would still not switch over or even dilute their resource faucet without a very good reason. And the corporations are responsible for most of the linux code at this point (their paid employees).

      • It's not that "clean" a process. Most of those "employee contributors" have other jobs for which they were actually hired and are still paid and they can change focus to cut-off their attention. Only a minority actually have full-time responsibility on Linux.

        On top of that if key patching activities cease on the main fork and security patches end up only on the new fork, corporations WILL weight security higher than the Linux foundation say-so and association. The latter is no where near that valuable. I know because I sell systems that run on Linux and talk to purchasing agents and CIOs regularly about this kind of stuff.

        Honestly this is pretty funny in that SJWs are really NOT good at logic and planning so have missed the boat simply because they don't really understand the system (legal, social, etc.) and dynamics (strategy, inter-personal, etc.) well enough and aren't the types to think 5-10 steps ahead. Which is why such development usually dominated by a certain type of man: it's the same skill that makes great code.

  91. All those hysterical comments are probably the reason why people thought they'd need a CoC in the first place ! Congratulations !

  92. Nerd riot involving some 'offended snowflake' bullshit:

    Both the kind of people that write 'licenses' as the kind of people that write 'codes of conduct' or tries to push them down peoples throats are just useless eaters. Just purge all of those.

    The internet will not be affected, for the internet has never recognized any form of so-called 'intellectual property' in the first place and already has the source.

    Can't unsee what has already been seen.

  93. Roseanne show without Roseanne and Linux without Linus. What's the problem?

    Hitler was a leftists and would be a National Socialist Democrat if he were still alive.

    • Seriously 'fake bill gates'. Hitler was a 'leftist'.
      It's comments like these that give everyone a good laugh.
      You, thinking you're contributing by trolling.
      If you're not a troll and you really are a complete and utterly uneducated 'opinionist', my apologies.
      You're just an idiot then who even bothered to use the Internet before you voice your 'thought bubbles'.

      • Nationalization of industries
        Seizing and Redistributing wealth.

        Tell us again how Hitler and the Nazis weren't socialist.

        Clue for the clueless, socialism does NOT automatically imply anti-nationalism.

        • Hitlers racial superiority doctrine is completely incompatible with leftism. Hitler was right wing. He coopted some socialist ideas because they are very handy to tyrants on either end of the spectrum.

          Why the hell do I even have to explain this to people on an article about Linux?

          I invoke Godwins law. This conversation is over.

          • You do understand there is national and global communism, two forks of the same ideology. One says we are all good little global citizens belonging to a global collective, and the other says we are part of a national collective only.

            Hitler may been on the "right" when it comes to this kind of government, but he wasn't on the right as you are implying.

            American leftists are filthy degenerate communists. However you want to parse "left" and "right" in your own group is up to you, but people that respect freedom, liberal, and natural rights aren't on the "right" with Hitler and his insane degeneracy that murdered millions. The left owns that camp, warts and all.

          • you know the left is the most racist right? and definetly was in the past in the US when they were the only side in favor of slavery.
            that being aside, Nazi means national SOCIALIST

          • All leftist professors have pontificated this lie. Its not about whether Hitler was right or left it was about bigger or smaller government right leaning governments want smaller government left want more. Hitler could only gain access to all commerce and Germanys economy through its oligarchic and socialistic government. Hitler loved socialism so much he outlawed the use of the term Nazi because it was a pejorative of a bastardized acronym of his most beloved word of socialism. You have been taught by fools. That only see right to left and not up and down. That is the difference. Extreme right is libertarianism extreme left is a totalitarianism and the closest thing possible to hitlers facsimile of socialist nationalized fascism. The difference between Hitlers national socialist party and soviet Russia was russia wanted international socialism and Hitler was only concerned about his country.

        • If that’s how you know he was a leftist, I have a shoe box with « one ton of gold » written on it an I can sell it for a mere $10000.
          Ever heard of false advertising?
          Tip for life : Actions speak louder than words.
          The Nazis, the KKK, ... are and always have been the far right.

          • Compared to you, yes. But compared to libertarians, true anarchists, and generally anyone for whom less government > more government, they're far left.

      • But Hitler was leftist, his political party was originally communist by name but since communism (word, not ideology) was not accepted in Germany he quickly adjusted and called his party Socialist. In essence still the same thing- state above everything, no private ownership, terrorism against those that don't accept the system.

        • I don't know where this nonsense comes, Nazis certainly did not ban private ownership. They made allies of big corporations.

          • Not allies. The example of Hugo Junkers was instructive and quite chilling example for those tempted to resist. Even though Junkers was a world-leading innovator in aviation, he was doubly cursed in the eyes of the Nazis for both being a prominent supporter of the SPD and a public advocate for pacifism (privately, it was more complicated, Junkers did sell illicit military aircraft to the Reichswehr and this was part of the leverage the Nazis used against him). Junkers's view of aviation is that developments in aviation technology were a better substitute for violent national competition. Such views had no place in the Third Reich even though its leadership was incredibly air-minded. Soon after Hitler's seizure of power, the state placed Junkers under protective custody and forced him to sign over control of the company to the state. The Junkers case was exceptional, but nothing in Nazi discourse suggested that it was a major break in their policies. Other firms and concerns saw that they had to accede to various demands of the state such as the Aryanization of management and gearing up production for military purposes. Going along with state directives meant retaining some control over their own companies, and this was especially true for vulnerable concerns like finance or foreign-owned companies. In the latter cases, the non-German owners and shareholders of German concerns found themselves increasingly locked out of day to day management on these companies and new laws prevented the remittance of profits outside of the Reich. Companies like Ford, IBM, or GM may have had paper control over some German concerns or subsidiaries, but by 1939/40, they were de facto Germanized.

  94. Looks like a classical case of "screw you guys, I'm going home" by Linus. He let the SJW win a pyrrhus victory - by resigning he allowed it to escalate, and if starting tomorrow the development of linux freezes over until all of the code is rewritten, probably by corporation who will also own the rights, the backlash could be the beginning of the end for SJW supporters. Currently, nobody but a bunch of tech geeks knows about this, but the end (or at least the freeze) of linux could be a globally catastrophic event that will affect the world's economy in ways nobody can anticipate. It would be both interesting and dreadful to see Google, Ben Shapiro and Warren Buffet standing on the same front. It could also be the end of the long lasting support of SJW inside silicone valley.

    I would also not be surprised one bit if eventually it will turn out that someone like Apple or Microsoft are actually behind this entire affair since they are the real winners here.

  95. Couldn't help notice how immediately after the CoC was accepted Coraline started a $10,000 GoFundMe to finance xir CoC Beacon project where busybodies coordinate CoC enforcement. And no normal person is going to install something just in the off chance they at some point in the future need to report a baddie and want to save a little time doing it.

    • The greed for money and most importantly power is so transparent throughout. The person behind the CoC is also motivated by jealousy and pure hatred. Look at this mess. All from one day in august.

      • Remember a couple years ago when it complained that it was involuntarily committed to a mental ward over the weekend after having an emotional breakdown at its workplace (at the time, Google) after being sidelined, because it was completely unproductive at the job it was hired for (code development) because it was spending all of it's time playing office politics.

      • replace 'white' with 'black', 'cis' with 'trans', 'het' with 'gay', 'men' with 'women' and see what you get. and they call _us_ prejudiced.

        for someone so focused on personal identity, xe/xer/it/whatever lacks a remarkable amount of self awareness.

  96. "Linux developers threaten..."

    Reading the article and skimming the mailing list archives, I see a total of one developer ("[email protected]") who made the suggestion. Is there any evidence this is extending beyond a single person?

    • Many if you start to read outside of the heavily moderated linux communities. CTRL-F thejynxed, their company is considering the move.

  97. I found this CoC completely nonsense. it's vague and gives power to SJW to bash on those they don't share their view. Reading around, The Ruby (the language) CoC seems to me the most balanced and sane, if we really need to add one.

  98. 90% of kernel development is being done by Big Name Companies and they wanted guys like Linus out of the way since forever - see this post from 2015 (Eric S. Raymond)

    >“They have made multiple runs at him.” Just let the implications of that sink in for a bit. If my source is to be believed (and I have found him both well-informed and completely trustworthy in the past) this was not a series of misunderstandings, it was a deliberately planned and persistent campaign to frame Linus and feed him to an outrage mob.

    >I have to see it as an an attempt to smear and de-legitimize the Linux community (and, by extension, the entire open-source community) in order to render it politically pliable.

  99. This CoC business is the most ridiculous thing I have heard in years, except of the bizarre claim that "freedom of speech" is a right wing, Nazi, tool of oppression. (The Nazis banned any speech that didn't meet their requirements for PC.

    Let us now accept a lot of crap code on the basis of inclusiveness; and let us now denigrate the achievements of the women who were involved in Linux from very early on by assuming women are so fragile and stupid that they require special protections. Does the CoC crew plan on providing fainting couches for these frail flowers who apparently didn't participate because they felt so terrorized by White males?

    As someone who traveled from Oregon to Oklahoma for the ERA Countdown as part of a desperate attempt to pass the Equal Rights Amendment, I find the CoC and the Victorian code of womanhood disgusting, limiting, and nothing more than a display of tantrums driven by entitlement.

    Yes, there is a lot of sexism in tech - but this sort of nonsense is NOT a solution.

    • The sexism in tech is against men. Calling them disparaging names to make them feel like they are failures as men. Females in tech are heralded as goddesses.

  100. The Linux kernel is licensed under GPL Version 2. Under normal circumstances what this license entails is that the code can be freely copied and distributed (and also that the code must be made available with binary distributions but thats not important here). The thing that becomes confusing is that whoever authored the code still owns the actual copyright for the code they contributed. Some projects under the GPL like Emacs have a smart policy where the maintainers will not accept your code unless you also turn over complete control of the copyright. Since you own the copyright and are merely licensing it under the GPL you can technically remove that license at any time.

    The GPL Ver 3 has a clause that Ver 2 lacks which dictates though that you may not rescind your license over your code. In a court, a lawyer would make the argument that since the Free Software Foundation(the license's publisher) saw the need to add the clause, that the Ver 2 allows for rescinding of the GPL license.

      • 'I don't know. I can't help it. Master's got it. Sméagol promised to help the master.'

        'Yes, yes, to help... the master of the Precious. But if we was master, then we could help ourselfs, yes, and still keep promises.'

        'But Sméagol said he would be very very good. Nice hobbit! He took cruel rope off Sméagol's leg. He speaks nicely to me.'

        'Very very good, eh, my precious? Let's be good, good as fish, sweet one, but to ourselfs. Not hurt the nice hobbit, of course, no, no.'

        'But the Precious holds the promise,' the voice of Sméagol objected.

  101. Please, please, PLEASE do it! This shit is getting out of hand. Even if it means half the internet goes dark I want it.

  102. If you ban the developer (his/her/xer future code) then you should also ban his/her/xer current/past code. It should go both ways.

  103. Someone said the person trying to get Tso removed is a nobody despite 7000 followers and it doesn't matter.

    Here is the author of the Code of Conduct, who said that the CoC is a political document and the goal is to cause a mass exodus from the Linux project, joining its effort.

  104. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

    Burn down the very thing that made your movement feasible in the first place.

    Let's be honest though, this is only a problem if we collectively allow it to be.

    There is no law that can force a man to behave. We behave not because of laws, but because we k now deep down, it be the right way to behave out of consideration for those who share our brief slice of time on Earth with us. These proponents of the CoC seek to unmake this testament to human endeavor by subverting our willingness to be willing to be held to rules.

    Kind of like HIV in a way. Interesting.

  105. What is very clear is that Torvalds got freaking castrated and lost his balls. This is not the Linus Torvalds we’ve known for the last 30 years. Man the fuck up, Torvalds, and face your opposition. Don’t let groups of irrational people suffering from severe mental damage due to sexual repression destroy your 30 years of hard work. The very least you could do is be honest about what the fuck is actually happening right now. If you can’t even do that, and if you’re not willing to step up and fight for what’s right, then in your own words simply “SHUT THE FUCK UP!” and “Please just have a nice day now”.

    • Amren, borther. Folks need to step up, and either force a standdown on this code of conduct until Linus can sort out his diet and start lifting until he gets his T back up, or install Theo de Raadt as dictator over the Linux Foundation with a large enough salary to convince him to bring his tact and seriousness about quality code to the Linux kernel.

      This was entirely predictable when everyone went along with D-Bus and these stupid new init replacements.

        • Shit won't even install on netbooks from 5 years ago. Have to I stall old I it versions then upgrade, shutting off the graphical boot or booting to an old kernel.

          • i'm a BSD rc guy myself, shit just works.. i need something started at run time i just add it to rc.conf or rc.conf.local ... also kinda bonked up that I've had more luck with OpenBSD being able to work more out of the box than many Linux distributions lately.. granted OpenBSD lacks some of the hardware support and acceleration..features.. since that's not part of it's main design goals.. still's freaking hilarious.

  106. Codes of Conduct: the application of social science gobshite to a real science. Would you feel happy standing on the 19th floor of a building designed by a diversity and inclusivity structural engineering team? CoC doesn't matter. QoC quality of code, does.

    • This site is designed better and performs better at what it does than Reddit, so they have to overcome that hurdle first before using labels which apply to themselves.

      • This article is fairly well written and super informative, they're used to buzzfeed level shit in their own little echo-chamber of conformation bias.

    • Reddit is a freaking disease at this point, half this shit is from the den of degenerates that inhabit that little coven of beta males and men in dresses.

      • Not all of Reddit is a disease at this point. KiA seems to like this article at least.

        Only the largest, SJW-infested subs will hate it, mostly because they've already banned anyone who would agree with it. Anyone with the slightest bit of sense would just abandon those places as a lost cause.

  107. As an attorney and as a mother with two of my four grown children lost to the gender madness, I hope Linux does not fall for the shrill demands of the Gender Nazis. Yes, they are the fascists, for demanding conformity to their idea of identity politics. In their view, everything is reduced to identity and nothing else has value. For those of us who use critical thinking skills and compassion to guide our work, the Gender Nazis’ demands are antithetical to serious professional endeavors. I hope Linux resists these demands with everything it has, including legal remedies, if necessary.

    • Just a tip: Kids don't fall for this out of nowhere, they are usually brainwashed by somebody else, like a friends or a teacher. This is why parents NEED to be part of the lives of their children, because the gap your absence leaves will ALWAYS be filled by somebody else.
      Somebody with likely bad intentions.

  108. What's next after the CoC? How many showers we are suppose to take? The deoderant we wear? The clothe we wear? Whether we are patriotic?

    Whatever happened to focusing on the subject, the code, and ignoring who said what and how they said it? This CoC stuff is the result of the same Political Correctness that brought us to the #metoo movement where people are prosecuted problematic af on hearsay instead of facts and the "victims" get a free ride through life. To see why people are pretending to be "victims" see this video:

    It's gotten to the point you can't even point out facts with your real name because you'll be attacked forever!

  109. > regardless of age, body size, disability, ethnicity, sex characteristics, gender identity and expression, level of experience, education, socio-economic status, nationality,
    personal appearance, race, religion, or sexual identity and orientation.

    But not politics.

    Unacceptable behavior" includes "insulting/derogatory comments" and "personal or political attacks".

    Therefore, Republicans, Conservatives and Christians can be banned. That was their only goal from the start. This is sedition, guys. It's not capitalism nor free market. This is sedition. NGOs working for foreign powers in order to slander and silence anyone opposing the agenda they try to impose on everyone, and using the tools of capitalism and private market to change the form of government. From a constitutional point of view, it's like paying someone to kill any dissident. They rely on us to sell then "the rope and soap" (as Lenin said), the tools to gain political power.

    Sedition & treason were very serious crimes at the time the Founders voted the Constitution, the Founders themselves imprisoned traitors for this reason, and these type of crimes are still punished today.

  110. These losers did the same in the comic industry and the gaming industry and now they are trying it in the open source community.

    All that results is all the talented people leave and all that is left is people that did not get their on merit.

    The result, many communities and projects destroyed by this cultural marxism.

    • Marxist here. This has nothing to do with marxism, quite the opposite, it comes from mainly american individualists who are extremely critical of any real socialism. Marxism is about poor uniting against the rich and this does the opposite.

      We are in the same side here, dont be divisive

      • You cannot deny the story as sold to the delusional is exactly what Marxism is. Underrepresented victim-hood centered around the "normal" fighting class. What is viewed as an enemy is the technical elite. You deny it because "not real marxism", clever though you think you are, you need to wake up and smell the filth for what it is.

      • "Marxist here... Marxism is about [group a] uniting AGAINST [group b]."
        "Don't be divisive."
        Do you idiots ever listen to yourselves talk? Cause it doesn't seem like it.

      • Marxism is about de-privileging the white straight oppressor class, not any of this other bullshit. The position of marxism on this Linux issue is whatever de-privileges the most privileged people.

        • So, since you have access to a computer, can apparently read and write in grammatical (if nonsensical) English (thereby implying some education education -- oh, and not blind, able to wield your fingers reasonably 'fluently,' able to comprehend how to operate a computer) YOU must be de-privileged immediately! Turn over YOUR computer and phone to the nearest "non-White, non-straight "oppressed" and go shovel more actual (physical) crap. You offend all the oppressed by your privileged whining!

        • "A Marxist is someone who has read Marx and Engels. An anti-Marxist is someone who understands Marx and Engels." -a very wise man

  111. My company is already considering the full withdrawal of all contributed code to the kernel project and related embedded kernel projects. You literally can't run embedded Linux on industrial controls or handheld scanners without this code.

  112. Linus is renowned for giving people a Very hard time for substandard work, including personal insults. He has gained a lot of negative attention for this include many attempts at false allegations

    Linus recently "stepped aside for a while" issuing a statement about his behavior and Linux .org immediately adopted a new CoC. - imgur link of a "article" - though it is obviously activism

    this user provides a good run down of why this article is more hit peice than anything

    This CoC is Highly controversial. Its creator flaunts it as a political document Other open source project that have adopted have seen it used as such. Here is a better break down of its issues with links to the it being used as a weapon in practice:

    Many people brigaded the Linux sub to claim "no issue here" while the CoC creator immediately leveled a unsubstantiated claim of rape apology at a leading developer. thus proving everyone who claimed this CoC was a Horrendous idea

    TLDR: Linux has adopted a new CoC from a politically charged Marxist group with a history of false claims. The lead developer of 3 decades has suddenly and with little communication step aside at the same time. These are the first steps in a coup of a project that is in over 50% of all servers in the world. not to mention is the back bone of android which is in 88% of all phones in the west alone.

    • That person is a satanist/kabbalist who participates in groups problematic af on Alistair Crowley's pathetic occult teachings. Add to that severe mental problems, depression, and a history of unemployability at every company he has worked at.

      • lol Crowley was a true misogynist, sexist, racist and even a murderer. He forced people to have sex with animals in his rituals and drove people into mental breakdowns and sanitariums by destroying their psyches.

      • > That person is a satanist/kabbalist who participates in groups problematic af on Alistair Crowley’s pathetic occult teachings.

        Care to elaborate why that's an issue?

  113. Political Correctness is not LIKE a religion. It IS a religion. It is the established #religion of all Western governments. #PoliticalCorrectness is running a world-wide #Inquisition which makes the much-maligned Spanish one look like a tea party.

    • Actually the Inquisition was a much better institution than most of us think it was.

      There was no punishment for "heresy". This common misunderstanding is the base for the libel against it, but is not true. It actually freed 99.8% of the accused. The mother of Johannes Kepler, a famous libertarian atheist of the time, was protected by the Inquisition, despite the horrendous accusations made against her. The mob was the problem, as it is today. The mob trying to do "social justice", in "people's tribunals" did the burning on the stake. The Inquisition was called to calm the things down.

      Yes, it had mistakes - as any justice court has today. But the track record is much, much cleaner. Remember that it was a time when concepts like "equal justice under law", or universal / unitary law was not common.

      The reason it is hated today is because it punished FALSE ACCUSATIONS, and lies. Because these "anonymous accusers" often engaged in libel and slander in order to convict someone. That's why the crime of "calumnious denunciation" (Article 445) is punished with 15 days to six months in prison, plus a fine even today. But the activists hate this, they want to slander anyone and have no consequence for that.

      See the video below, it's the same old story. Nothing changed.

      • A very good point, a far closer analogy is the Communist secret police I'd say. Make people disappear who disagree with your scrotebraination.

    • This isn't cancer, it's rather HIV/AIDS. It's not the case that many people or even the majority suddenly become PC-SJWs, it's not uncontrollable growth. Rather a small group very dangerous people totally damages the self-protecting and self-preserving mechanisms of an otherwise healthy body, organization or state, like the HIV does it with the human body. There's no treatment for AIDS and there's no treatment for "political AIDS" either 🙁

  114. As soon as you have arbitrary rules you have a problem. Like what constitutes hate speech. Maybe a solution is a fork or a blockchain administered vote by all contributors? In my view a CoC is totally unnecessary. Presumably most contributors are adults or near adults so if someone says something derogatory, ignore it. Offence is not given, it is taken.

    • Political Correctness DEMANDS total obedience from everyone. There is no middle ground. Everyone is either Politically Correct or a "hater."

  115. How about this -- nuke it from orbit.
    It's the only way to be sure.

    You choose whether it's Linux or the SJWs and LGBTQWHATEVERTHEFUCKs.

  116. Feminism is the mind-virus that will destroy human civilization. AI, global warming, disease, nuclear war, alien invasion, meteor strike...nope. Letting broads vote is how it all ends.

    • So how was 4chan? How would making women slaves of men be a good thing? If humans have a purpose, it's to not put the Earth to physical ruin even if global warming weren't a thing.

  117. "The best thing about this is after adopting the CoC, Corey started begging for money to create a gestapo app where SJWs could report CoC violations for better enforcement."

    • "Here's some really informative research posted on the LinusTechTips forum about what is going on:

      In a nutshell, the person who is doing this "CoC" is only interested in finding developers who she disagrees with and getting them banned from volunteer work open source projects. No, seriously. It's that childish and stupid.

      Her comments on github projects consist of her bitching about how the project is not diverse enough, too white and male, and not actually paying any attention to the work.

      Make a code of conduct instead that says if you do scrotebrain shit like this, you get banned from projects."

      • First of all, why do the devs even disclose their identity? If they care about their resume, they can just use some kind of hash of their name in linux commits and if someone asks to prove that this 0889ccbd is actually you, just say that 0889ccbd = SHA1("Mr Smith 2/3/2012").

  118. I admit I haven't even heard of this site before, but some of you guys in the comments section are alright. Don't come to Linux tomorrow.

    Memes aside, this is astounding. Just as FOSS is gaining a huge amount of traction with Steamplay, and just as Linus Tech Tips' channel reports a skyrocketing amount of progress with the open-source CPU community, this happens? I almost guarantee this is purposeful. I'm not sure what we should do, but if Linus says burn it down, I say why not oblige him? In fact, let's start as a community, come together to make something like..."FashBSD" where we have total freedom and the ability to work together across the right wing without this political censorship and bullshit.

    • If SJWs spoke of any other racial group as they routinely do white people, they would be jailed in Europe. A holocaust is approaching and we are the target.

      • Holocaust already happened. A certain Herr Monoscrotum loved the white race so much he started a war in the very heart of Europe which devastated most of its infrastructure, economy, killed more Caucasian lives than any calamity in history with only Communism being parallel, and served Europe's balls on a platter to the Americans, instead of effing off to Africa or Middle East or Asia if he cared about saving the race so much. He also loved stringent yet arbitrary Codes of Conduct and had fans of the occult in the upper Nazi echelon which incidentally also coincides with this trans person who is obsessed with witchcraft in all hilarity.
        In fact i'm surprised these SJW aren't hanging pictures of Hitler framed in flowers on their room walls since he accomplished everything SJWs dream of. We can add Jim Jones to the list of SJW prophets too considering he was the first SJW once you dig into his life story, and we all know how that ended.
        I guess Linux is in for a Kool-aid spectacle. Hope they like the taste of it at least.

  119. From reddit: Background info: the Linux Foundation (who maintains Linux which is licensed under the GPL) created a CoC that many contributors disagree with. While the CoC hasn't been enforced so far, people are threatening to pull their contributed code via s copyright claim if they are banned which is allowed under the GPLs before GPLv3.

    Personally I think the CoC the LF adopted is extremely badly written for the purpose it intends to serve; despite the CoC's stated goal being to stop "harassment" in the "community", it does not define either. The LF would be smart to quickly write a proper CoC unless they want a huge fight every time they attempt to utilize the CoC.

  120. This whole thing kind of smells like the beginnings of GamerGate, you know the global movement about killing women in gaming.

    Count me out.

    • I hope you're joking , 'cause even claims that it was about "harrassing" women in gaming was BS , esp. considering there were women in the movement . "Killing" takes the slander another step . Do your research kid .

      • He's right though. Killing women in video games is misogyny and beating girl gamers in the game is sexism, so he's got all the points correct for those of you lacking receptors to notice the hidden joke.

        • Doesn't that mean killing MEN in video games is misandry? Or is THAT nothing the SJW idiots care to ban?! Ooooh, and killing animals will piss off PETA... So, the point is to ban all games with killing?! Bu-bu-but.... What about race car games: don't the cars crash and get hurt?! Football games? Too violent!

          Maybe we just need to outlaw ALL video games except ONE that's, say, a walkthrough 'game' about depression?

          Oh wait. Been tried.... CRASHED AND BURNED!

      • Gamergate was a completely fake controversy created by lying garden gnomes, when a group of gamers called out those lying garden gnomes for dishonest practices in their lying garden gnome journalism. Instead of simply saying "yeah, we should do better..." the lying garden gnome, as the lying garden gnomes do, doubled and tripled down into an insane conspiracy where toxic gamer-bros were literally hunting and raping women who tried to infiltrate a scene which already had women in it for decades.

        The garden gnome demands to control the goyim, and to destroy any goy they cannot rule over. That is all Social garden gnomestice is. That is all it ever was.

  121. Basically whenever this code of conduct gets applied to a project you have to bring on a committee of people that enforce the terms. The terms are all vague and the committees are usually composed of people who are tech illiterate(sjws). These people then use this new authority to oust core contributors of the project problematic af on if their disagree with their political beliefs. It's not even just if they say something offensive on official emails or code repositories. If you've ever said anything in your personal life or Twitter that is beyond the pale they'll dig it up and use it against you.

    Naturally people who literally contribute code to the project and who have committed untold hours of their life to help out for free are against the idea of a group of sjw thought police who haven't done shit having authority over them.

    It's a whole shitshow, and the main guy behind Linux(linus) mysteriously has gone along with all of this which is totally out of character. There may be something fishy going on but I won't speculate.

    • If historical transgressions can get you banned from contributing tainted future code than your historic code must also be considered tainted and removed. One should not need to resort to copyright to remove their apparently tainted code

  122. The GPLv2, under which Linux is licensed, doesn't offer any protections against what they're planning. It's why there used to be a huge push for contributors to agree to turn over their copyright for their contributions. The GPLv3 fixes that problem, but Linux never migrated to GPLv3.

  123. Fine you don't agree and the CoC seems to be stomped hardly over the heads of everyone. Still I see no counterproposal, only a faction going directly to the nuclear option, trying to held the world hostage over threats.

    • There never needed to be another option. The meritocratic system worked fine and resulted in a superior product. Why weaken Linux just so people who can't code can pat themselves on their back?

      • Meritocracy only empowers cis white men and only brings destruction to a world dominated by power structures.

        I vote for Law of the Virtue Signal: Only the most oppressed are allowed to build things. Once they've built something, they must be sacrificed on the Alter of Shame for mirroring patriarchal signs of providing for the society.

    • That's right. When a proposal is pushed that gives anyone absolute unaccountable power (even if it is a few with questionable motives at best) then you tell me how that's NOT a nuclear option.

      We've seen this so-called "Cycle of Inclusivity" over and over again. I say cycle because it goes as follows:

      First: We DEMAND to be included in your space
      Second: We DEMAND you change your space to accomodate us
      Third: We DEMAND you stop harassing us because you don't like our demands
      Fourth: We DEMAND new laws or rules be enacted to remove "You" from the space "We've" created as you don't fall in line with what our vision of this space should be.
      Fifth: Why don't you create your own space if you don't like it?
      Sixth: We DEMAND that you not create your own space after we've kicked you out of "our" space as you having your own space is inherently racist, sexist, misogynistic, homophobic and transphobic.
      Seven: Rinse
      Eight: Repeat

      You're right, we're going with a nuclear option because this proposed and passed CoC creates unsafe and exclusive space for the eight reasons listed above. We were doing just fine before that and we'll do fine without it. Either you can do the work or you can't. If you can't, get better. If you can, then do the damn work and make the internet better, tighten security and ensure privacy. Remember where you are. You're only entitled to Jack and Squat and Jack just left town. To hell with your feelings about it.

    • "Hey man, just let me into your house. Don't try to hold the door shut, just let me in!

      Slow down there man, don't call the police. I'm only stealing everything that isn't nailed down. There's no need to go for the nuclear option.

      Why don't you come up with a reasonable counterproposal to me taking all of your worldly possessions?"

      -You, 2018

  124. This is ridiculous. The CoC is here to stay and developers need to just accept it. There are more important things to fuss about like tux's gender identity.

  125. SJW's are a "grassroots" tool used to take control of and destroy corporate competition.

    That's all this is: Linux is being attacked by corporations through "social justice" because linux threatens proprietary software and profits.

    They cannot turn all software into a permanent subscription service if you can just get what you need for free through open source software solutions, and Linux is the leadership of this open source thing. Make no mistake, this is being pushed by people with a lot of money and influence, it has absolutely nothing to do with actual social justice - SJW's are just useful idiots for corporations.

    • This is absolutely true. I can think of a corporation in particular who would happily pay off some purple haired idiots meant the end of Linux.

      • That's just a coincidence. OK so Sarkeesian was one of them but... Wait OK so also 95% of news media also is but its still slan... Hm music industry is too to the point MJ called them out shortly before his death but... Oh but literature isn't, thats why the awards are, wait its there too... Hm, who is Bobby Fischer and what is his warning about, I don't... Wait what is the Kalegeri plan? He's also the forefather of the EU concept? How many countries did they get thrown out of?

        Know what. Its all a coincidence.

    • THIS, the long term goal is to turn OSes into pay per use scheme , with a COC. Once you use your subscription OS to shitpost online, youve violated the Terms of service and will get kicked off of your computer.

  126. Are they actively trying to provoke a response? Do they not want women in positions of power? Because pulling destructive stunts like this is how you ensure nobody will ever allow a woman into a position of power.

    • It is a win win. Divide and conquer. Set the freaks against the geeks.

      They kill privacy, free use software, and build resentment against the minority elements.

      If Linux were trashed by this proposed reaction, you would see Windows Server replacing it where it can be afforded and other budget restricted organizations would go to an Android Server.

      • Android has Linux at it's core. Guess you don't know even a third of what you deluded yourself into believing...

  127. Why is it so hard for some people to see that the CoC is only a problem for you if you harass people? Just don't harass people and everything is going to be fine.

    • I can answer this.

      First, I can't get my head that far up my ass to think that it was a hive of scum and villainy bent on harassing people.

      Second, we're not all so myopic that we see a racist/sexist/misogynist/transphobic/homophobic/right-wing/white supremacist conspiracy behind every bush, underneath every bed and around every corner.

      Grow A Spine. Grow Thicker Skin. Grow Your Skills and, most importantly, Grow The Hell Up.

    • OK, you are either being naive or dishonest.

      This sort of thing is a wedge that will create a crapstorm. It will inject intersectionality problematic af lunacy into a process that should rely on merit and skill alone.

    • Ah, but define, "harassment"?

      Trump supporter? That *IS* where it's going. And we're going to worry about how, "nice," you are rather than how well the code works (If you're deemed, "nasty," none of your contributions will be accepted...)

      Sorry, you're full of shite.

    • I feel like your harassing me with this anti-harassment behavior, you should have read my own personal CoC and known this, but even though you don't know about that and haven't read it you're now under arrest for a hate crime.

    • It's because you need to better understand the differences between two things:
      -> What people say...
      -> and what people really mean/intend.

      So, for instance, somebody's code isn't submitted into a program due to technical bugs or quality concerns.

      That person just got **butthurt** over it -- their feelings got hurt, and now they're rationalizing why it's HARASSMENT.

      Enter the grand weapon known as the CoC. Now, the person who rejected the offended party's code will very likely get booted off the project.

    • Because definition of "harassment" used by SJWs is so wide that it can be used against anyone. Welcome to the USSR and selective justice, where anyone can be blamed as "enemy of people".

    • This statement is abelist against people on the autism spectrum who can never be "nice" enough. You just violated the CoC. See how this works?

  128. I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you’re referring to as Linux, is in fact, SJW/Linux, or as I’ve recently taken to calling it, SJW plus Linux. Linux is not an operating system unto itself, but rather another free component of a fully functioning SJW system made useful by the Contributor Covenant comprising a full OS as defined by Coraline Ada Ehmke.

    • It's not about respect it's about control. SJWs and by extension Transgenders are a toxic combination of narcissism and nialisim. They invade spaces and projects and destroy them. Look at the unholy mess they've made in the gaming industry.

      • > SJWs and by extension Transgenders are a toxic combination of narcissism and nialisim.
        So what do you propose is the solution if you find an issue with them?

    • One word: intersectionality.

      There will be no end to the eternally offended, ever. Merit will go out the window, everything will become politicized.

    • Keyword there: *Make*

      This is a meritocracy, and no one cares about your 'feelings' and 'respect'.

      If you can't handle the heat, get out of the kitchen.

    • And then the Enforcer immediately called an important developer a rape apologist, a vague and disputable allegation. Yeah this is working real well. The Enforcer should be kicked out of the project. But there's not even a mechanism for that is there? All it did was put one individual in charge of behavior, someone manifestly less qualified than average for the role.

    • What you say is good, as long as the priority doesn't change from quality and excellence of the code coming from a contributor, to other personal questions. At the end of the day, is the rest of the humanity who is going to take advantage of the final result. So what is more important. If you find a real case of discrimination, you have to treat it in the personal area and explore all possible solutions but not simply destroy in a second all the excellent job that some brilliant developer has contribute, if those white, straight, and male face guys are working for make live easy and better to all people, including those who claim justice through this new CoC.

  129. It does hold up legally, it's a major concern for free software development.

    Recently mpv wanted to relicense under a more permissive license so they could make it more modular, with libmpv. They had to call every contributor to acknowledge and say they agree with the license change and rewrite the code of any contributor that didn't show up.

  130. Hahahahahahah Accelerate it. Report every single microaggression ever committed in the mailing list and get every developer of talent kicked out by the green-haired stooges.

      • Yes, use their rules against them. Bring a cuck scrote is useless.

        Scorch the earth wherever the filthy SJW millennial shit creatures infest.

    • This is what you fuckers get for trusting CIA scrotes. My cousin and I once found a rat and beat it to death then jacked each other off. In 1989 John Craws and I jacked each other off. A man with an oddly shaped ass delivered mail today. Agent?

  131. Part of Linus' email was written in an editor that inserts smart quotes, something he has never done in his entire email history.

        • It's easy: compromise SJW, destroy their reputation. Such people rarely do what they do because they believe it's the right thing to do - they are usually paid. Find out who runs this show and who pays them. What's the most efficient way to achieve this? Social engineering.

          • You can't "ruin" the reputation of a state-backed agent. The state will ensure the provocateur will be paid and disposed of properly when no longer needed.

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