It's not you: data shows millennials are a cursed generation The data says millennials don't lack work ethic, but they'll never be able to afford what other generations take for granted.

The popular millennial copypasta goes something like this:

  • First experience with serious job hunting comes on the heels of the 2008 financial crisis
  • Can't take advantage of correction in home prices because too young to have made any money, and wage growth stagnates anyway
  • Homes rocket to new highs, no chance of catching up now by just working a 9-5 like your parents
  • Late 20s/early 30s, try investing as it's your last chance to make it
  • Get obliterated again by a global pandemic and an actual war in Europe
  • Hold the course, keep buying, you're smarter than that!
  • Get obliterated again by massive inflation which leads to a gigantic stock market dump wiping out years of gains in weeks with no end in sight
  • Oh yeah, and you were dumb enough to buy crypto on top of it all

But it's not just a meme. Millennials (those born between 1980 and the mid-90s) earn less than their parents did at similar points in their lives -- less even than pensioners -- and their outlook is bleak.

A quarter of a century ago, young adults earned more than national averages -- allowing them to have a fulfilling career, buy a house, and start a family -- all by the age of 30. Now, in at least seven countries, this same age group is earning at least 20% below that of all other age demographics.

"It is likely to be the first time in industrialized history, save for periods of war or natural disaster, that the incomes of young adults have fallen so far when compared with the rest of society," reports The Guardian.

And it's not just isolated to the United States, this rings true across the globe. The UK, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and Australia -- all major economies, major hubs of hungry, talented, creative young adults who simply do not have the means to live their best lives.

It's not a coincidence that governments and NGOs have started to push for something called tiny house living, which normalizes living in small boxes.

Unison's 2019 Affordability Report calculated how long it would take a potential homebuyer to save for a 20% down payment across the country's top metros, and found that it would take 14 years under absolute ideal conditions.

Pulling data from the LIS: Cross-National Data Center, the largest database of international income levels worldwide, The Guardian found that not only are millennials poorer than retired folks, prosperity has plummeted drastically for all millennials across the board, worldwide, and prospects for a recovery look bleak.

This data provides concrete statistical opposition to the oft-heard misplaced accusation that the millennial generation is lazy, lacking work ethic, and expecting rewards in exchange for zero hard work.

No, we are not “hitting our milestones” later because we are entitled children with sloth tendencies, we are hitting them later (or not at all) because they are essentially impossible to hit, financially speaking. We are a cursed generation.

How are we expected to save up for a house when 75-year-olds make more money than us? When with a combined salary of $100K, a couple in their 20’s cannot afford to have careers, kids, and a house? Most importantly, how are we expected to live up to the American Dream when we simply can’t afford it any longer?

The fact that this is not simply an American issue should speak volumes. It is far easier (albeit nonsensical) to blame the "character" of an entire generation than consider the fact that previous gens have totally fucked us over.

Fuck you, previous generations.

For the first time in recorded history, the younger are making less money than the oldest. If we don't do something drastic about it, we could, also for the first time in recorded history, see an age-based revolution.

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  1. Millenials have an annoying “I never want to grow up” attitude and are extreme pussies in decision making. While Zoomers have been self respecting and job hopping, millennials act like they’re part of the “anti-work” movement but in reality they’re wagies that stayed in the same low pay job being loyal for years. And they encourage that wage cuck lifestyle, they’re basically poor baby boomers same mindset except no money. Best part is zoomers are overtaking you dumb hecks. Don’t say it was timing either we had recessions too, we grew up watching you losers not save a penny and spend it on materialistic bs. Zoomers are owning houses now while millennials are still whining, because zoomers respect themselves and save money.

  2. if any of you are thinking of starting a business I do recommend it (incoming economic meltdown notwithstanding...).

    not only was i able to create a successful business but my friends were able to also. I think actually entrepreneurship has this issue today where midwits and scrotebrains are the only ones bold/blind enough to do it, while really smart and responsible people adhere to the "only 5% of businesses succeed" or whatever meme and shy away, instead going into banking/law/STEM/etc. I've found the entrepreneur market surprisingly uncompetitive compared to the corporate market. I know it sounds strange, but all I see in my competitors is entitlement (the older businesses just do what they did 20 years ago and live off the money they made 10 years ago) and before anyone asks, my business is apparel. my friends are in food business.

  3. The thing that bonked millennials up most was being raised by absolutely delusional boomers who gave their children unrealistic expectations for the first 18 years of their lives and then gaslit them for the next 10-15 years about "avocado toast" as everything fell apart around them, without any intention to leave behind generational wealth.

  4. who's going to lead this age-problematic af revolution and what should our symbol be?
    an avocado somehow doesn't make for a very threatening flag.

  5. >Didn't buy BTC from 2011-2014 when you were perfectly capable of doing so
    >Didn't buy TSLA, Amazon, or anything worthwhile in your early 20s, instead spent it on weed
    >Blames economy
    Yeah, being a millennial sucks

    • >be a zoomer
      >a new car is almost a wild, outlandish goal amongst my peers
      >work extremely hard and apply myself for years to get one
      >have to tell spouse if she wants a house she has to quit her job, abandon her friends, and move 3+ hours away from a major city to find one that's affordable
      >this is only possible because I lucked in to a remote job
      >can't invest in anything, global currencies, fiat and crypto, crashing in value and/or simultaneously hyperinflating
      guess we'll just be rentcucks forever
      zoomers and alphas are going to have to initiate wars to fix the problems caused or allowed by the previous generations

  6. Lmao, and the recession that’s coming in the next two years is going to destroy white collar professionals in the US. Accounts, engineers, software developers, all of them will see their wages crumble. Look at how these professions are compensated in the UK and mainland Europe, that’s the future for US white collar professionals. It’s unironically over for the middle class.

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