6 minimalist outfit ideas to make the most of your fall wardrobe

You already have what you need for great fall outfits that will keep you both warm and comfortable.

The weather may still be warm and comfy, but as sweater-weather approaches, we have to start thinking about getting our closets ready for the upcoming chilly season.

In general, a fall capsule wardrobe consists of several essential clothing pieces such as basic tops, transitional outerwear, knits, jeans, and sweater dresses, all of which can be combined in many ways to create stylish fall outfits.

So, if you are looking for some fashion inspiration to put together simple looks suitable for this time of the year, you have come to the right place. In this post, we share six easy and minimalist fall outfits to up your game this season.

Denim jeans, a basic tee, and a puffer vest

If you are running personal errands or taking a stroll in the park with your friends, you need an outfit that will keep you both warm and comfortable. For example, denim jeans, a basic tee, and a puffer vest is the ideal fall look for such occasions.

Instead of wearing a basic top, you can opt for a graphic tee instead with eye-catching designs to add a touch of vibrancy. Or, you can keep things simple by putting on some colorful socks to keep your ankles warm.

If you are a big socks fan, you should step up your game with a monthly sock subscription to enjoy a new pair of stylish socks to spruce up your fall outfits.

Satin skirt and a sweater

Although the temperatures are a bit lower, it doesn’t mean that you can’t wear skirts to create a stylish fall outfit. A skirt style that is perfect for the season and can help you put together a minimal look is the satin skirt. You can combine it with any type of top, but it works best with a sweater.

This outfit is perfect for work settings and Sunday brunch dates with loved ones when you want to look stylish and stay warm. If you’re opting for a more elegant look you can accessorize with statement pearl jewelry. If you’re looking for quality pearls, for instance, make sure you check out Pure Pearls to find the most suitable pearl jewelry set for you. Pearls are a great choice if you’re looking to enrich your outfit with minimalistic yet sophisticated jewelry pieces.

Oversized suit and white sneakers

Oversized suits have also become one of the biggest fall trends among fashion lovers and style icons. The purposely ill-fitting two-piece allows you to swap out your loungewear set for something dressier without sacrificing your comfort.

To nail the oversized look, fashion experts recommend wearing a fitted top underneath the blazer such as a crop top or a simple black bralette to create a relaxed, chic, and well-put-together outfit.

Complete your ensemble with a pair of white sneakers and a brightly colored designer bag to add contrast.

Knitted tank dress and a button-down shirt

When it comes to choosing a dress, the knitted tank dress is usually the go-to option for creating stylish and minimalist fall outfits. You can find it in many lengths and wear it to almost every occasion when you are striving for a chic fall look. It is also easy to layer and ideal when you want to feel comfortable and warm.

When it comes to layering, most fashionistas choose to pair it with a white button-down shirt. You can finish the outfit with a tote bag and a pair of slippers to create a more relaxed look.

Wide-leg trousers, tank top, and a pullover

The wide-leg trousers have officially made a comeback and have become the staple wardrobe piece used to create numerous trendy looks, especially for fall. However, due to their A-line leg silhouette, you need to be very careful with the top you choose so you will look fitted and tailored.

For example, a tight-fitted tank top is the best option as it allows you to accentuate your waist and keep the rest of your outfit well balanced. To stay warm, you can throw on a pullover over your shoulders to keep things classy and minimal.

Biker shorts and an oversized hoodie

Biker shorts are no longer reserved for working out. In fact, they have also made their way into the fall capsule wardrobe as they are extremely comfortable and can be used to create numerous cozy and stylish fall looks.

Most fashionistas pair them with an oversized hoodie to keep warm while running personal errands, going to the gym, or going on a coffee date with friends. Although this is an entirely sporty look, it doesn’t mean you can’t spruce it with some pair of small hoop earrings, sleek eyeglasses, and a bum bag.

Final thoughts

Although summer is people’s favorite season of the year, fashion lovers enjoy the fall season even more because it allows them to experiment with their style. The chilly season gives women the opportunity to combine their fall staple wardrobe pieces in numerous ways to create outfits that are comfortable, warm, and minimalist.

If you need help, refer to our post and borrow some of our ideas to put together the perfect outfit for the upcoming season.