Cosmo's latest hot weight loss diet: get cancer! The simplest solution usually being the best one and all that.

As the weather gets warmer, bikini season is just right around the corner. So how are you going to trim a few pounds and get beach body ready?

Well if you listen to the good folks at Cosmopolitan you too can lose a whopping 44 pounds without even exercising! All you have to do is get a severe kidney infection, a rare form of cancer, a partial lung collapse, back surgery, then sign up for a 12-week Australian fad diet program. It's just that easy!

The article tells the story of Simone Harbinson, a 31-year-old Australian woman who gained 60 pounds from two pregnancies. Then after enduring a series of awful medical ailments and surgeries, then signing up for a diet plan she somehow managed to lose weight.

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Following backlash on social media to the implication that this was a relatable diet strategy to anyone, Cosmo deleted the tweet and changed the headline to "A Serious Health Scare Helped Me Love My Body More Than Ever." A much less sexy title, but at least it doesn't give the implication that cancer is an effective means of weight loss.

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