Reddit parents confess terrible secrets they can NEVER tell their kids

Hey kids, you're METH KIDS. Yeah, some of these get very dark.

As children, we look up to our parents as our protectors and providers. But what happens when these pillars of strength harbor dark secrets that could shake our foundation and trust in them?

When u/rexman283 asked parents of Reddit to share their secrets that they can never tell their kids, a lot of people had something to say — in fact, the thread is now seven THOUSAND replies strong. We’ve picked out the best ones for you.

Two big things

2 things… my daughter had an identical twin who didn’t survive, and the man she knows as her father is not her father. I was in an abusive relationship and the biological father decided he would rather us both be dead if I didn’t want to be with him so he started driving into oncoming traffic. I reacted by fleeing the vehicle at 45 mph because I saw a cop car parked a block away. I opened the door and grabbed my knees and tucked my head and rolled out and ended up really bruised and sore and killed one of the babies. But I made it the police and never saw him again.

Indian given sister

It’s about my sister but when she was a baby my mother tried to give her away because she didn’t want her. My dad found out and got her back from the woman. she is 21 and still doesn’t know.

Edit:I’ve noticed alot of people saying that my mother perhaps had Post-Partum Depression. While I’m not a doctor and can’t say for sure, I can tell you that she was like this before she even had any children.

CF 🙁

My nine year old son doesn’t just understand the implications of his cystic fibrosis – that his life will be shorter and he’ll never father children.

One day I have to explain this to him. And his younger sister.

Honestly that sometimes it’s harder for me to cope with than everything else – that my daughter probably won’t have her big brother around when she’s older.

Hey kids, you’re METH KIDS

My adopted kids came from a couple of meth addicts. Even though they all remember their birth mom and dad fondly, they have no idea how horrible they really were and how much they put the kids lives in danger and I’m not sure if I can ever tell them that.

The borty shorty

Something I will probably never tell my daughter: her father wanted me to abort her. I almost did. I changed my mind a few minutes before the procedure.

Not a secret any more, unfortunately

One time a friend’s mom let it slip in front of us kids that she took him to the doctor a few times because his penis was so small. We never forgot that. Ever. He ended up with some anger issues later on.

And let’s end it with an eerie feeling

I have the opposite problem. When I was a child my mom started to tell me a story about me that apparently had something to do with right after I was born, but my dad stopped her and said “He doesn’t need to know about that.”
Last I’ve ever heard of it. The eerie feeling you’d imagine hasn’t quite worn off, and this was 30 years ago.

Actually, one more eerie one:

I am not sure if it was an honest mistake or there is something I don’t know, but I have a picture if me as a toddler with my parents at Sea World and on the back if the picture the date is written in. The date is about 14 months or so before I was born. I am terrified to ask about it.