It Happened To Me: I was raped by my wife’s boyfriend

It's a mutually beneficial arrangement—my wife has her fun, and I have learnt to enjoy watching her. And then this happened. Trigger warning: rape.

My wife and I have been involved in cuckolding for a few years now. It wasn’t so much a fetish for me at first, but it was necessary for our marriage as I am unable to satisfy her needs completely and she loves me too much to leave me.

Until now, things have been good. My wife has had dozens of lovers and a few long term boyfriends. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement – my wife has her fun, and I have learnt to enjoy watching her. I enjoy selecting them for her as I feel it helps me improve my own performance.

Until now, I’ve been good friends with all my wife’s boyfriends. I’m not bi and my wife has admitted it would be a turn off for her to watch me service other men, so that’s never happened. Usually they’d just meet me in my lunch hour at work and I’d grab us all a coffee or what have you.

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A few months ago she met a man at a work function and by all accounts they hit it off immediately. At my wife’s request I tend to give her space with new boyfriends, so last night was the first time I met this guy.

I don’t want to go into detail, but he forcefully penetrated me.

My wife asked him to leave immediately. We sat and talked the whole night (mainly just me crying and her comforting me).

This is a breaking point for us. My wife has broken up with him and will be visiting him one last time this weekend to tell him never to contact us and not to lay a finger on me again. It looks like our cuckolding adventure has come to an end.

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What should I do here? I don’t know whether to call the police. I guess there’s not much I can do. I just wanted to warn you all, there are some deranged people in our little community and they sometimes spoil it for the rest of us.

Has anyone else had similar experiences?