This woman can turn into any celebrity with her insane make-up skills

She's so good, it's scary.

Make-up should just be called facial sorcery. It can get rid of pimples, turn a round face lean, a pale face bronze, and the Kardashians into stars. But what are the limits of cosmetics? Do these products know any bounds?

No, they don’t, because this pro make-up artist uses her palette to transform her face into the visage of pretty much any celebrity.

And they are so on point.

This is Rebecca Swift.

And here are some of her super impressive make-up transformations. We’ve got Zooey Deschanel.

Jimmy freakin’ Fallon. Yeah, it don’t matter if you’re a male, she’ll copy your face, brah.

Who’s that? Oh yeah, just a pretty damn good Ryan Gosling make-up face. No big deal.

Her Ellen is good, but kinda Joker-ey.

But her Ruby Rose game is strong AF.

Her Clooney has some extra wrinkles.

And the Trump scowl is on fleek.

She rocks a mean Angelina, too.

And an even better Brad Pitt.

If Anna Kendrick won’t do Pitch Perfect 3 I think we’ve got a good stand-in…

That’s a damn good Cher.

Her crusty Hillary is lookin’ all sortsa old.

And her Sofia Vergara comes complete with contoured boobs.

And she brought out the ramen-noodle hair for Timberlake.

She became a Holla back girl in the name of all that is Gwen Stefani.

And a grinning Blake Shelton.

If you dig her photos, you can check out more of them on her instagram account here.