The 15 red flags that reveal you’re about to get fired

It's better to have quit than to have been fired. Look out for these signs that definitely mean your company wants you gone.

People can get fired for any number of reasons — for the way they look, the things they say, not “voluntarily” doing those lame social events, and approximately 1,692 other excuses. If you’ve ever been kicked to the curb you know the feeling of embarrassment and anger that can come with it. If you’ve never experienced it, we salute you and hope your lucky streak continues.

Sometimes the best (and most satisfying) scenario for the employee is to extravagantly quit before getting fired, and the rest of the time it’s better to just get ahead of an official dismissal any way. Whether or not you’re brave enough to carry out an epic departure that will go into company legend, these red flags will help you know if your time is up.

Let’s hope none of you are experiencing any of this at work right now.

The less than subtle wrapper-upper

The obvious transition

The calm before the storm

The setup

The plucky performance pontifications

The paper trail

The hour reduction

The inexplicable lockout

The ominous meeting

The cutbacks

The good point

So are you getting paranoid? Let us know in the comment section, and then start working on your CV.

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