8 brilliant ways to massively reduce your home’s energy costs

Don't panic. You can make huge savings almost immediately if you simply understand energy waste and implement some of the smarter ways people have come up with to mitigate or eliminate it.

If you’re paying your own energy bills, chances are you’ve started getting worried about our rising energy costs. It’s a serious issue, but there’s no need to panic. We can all make huge savings if we simply understand our energy waste and realize how simple it can be to correct.

So let’s take a look at eight brilliant ways to reduce your home’s energy costs.

Get thermal curtains

If you use your heating a lot in your home, then you should start looking at thermal curtains. These curtains have a thermal lining that prevents air from escaping the room and can accumulate heat as well. If you want to save money on AC, on the other hand, then you should look into curtains that have a plastic-backed white lining. As you probably know, white reflects light, and these curtains will keep your house cooler, reducing the strain on your AC system.

Consider adding TPO roofing

If you happen to have a flat roof, then you should consider getting a white TPO roof if possible. Not only are these types of roofs ultra-resistant and cheap to install, but they will reflect UV rays and will make the house easier to cool down.

Get a wood stove

Wood stoves are much more energy efficient than many forms of heating, and if you have regular radiators at home, you should consider getting a wood stove right now. Know that there are stoves that can only burn wood, and stoves that can burn wood and coal. It would be a good idea to check the price of wood and coal where you are as prices can vary greatly around the country, and depending on the prices you get, you could be getting an awesome deal on heating this winter!

Install awnings

Awnings will not only make your house look nicer and the exterior more inviting, but they can also save electricity. If you install on the side of the house that gets the most heat, you can reduce your AC costs dramatically. You may not even need to use it most of the time. Awnings can also be strategically placed to cover AC units, which will allow you to make additional savings. So, awnings are definitely a big bang for your buck energy saver to consider.

Just be very careful when looking at awning companies. Make sure that they are backed by a solid guarantee and that they have a wide selection. A company like Marygrove Awnings will help you find the perfect solution for your needs and will even throw in a set of LED lights with your installation, so this is the perfect team to go with if your overall goal is to reduce your energy costs.

Install an MVHR system

If you don’t know what MVHR is, it is a ventilation system that allows you to recuperate some of the air that is being heated or cooled inside your house and use it to temper air being pulled in from the outside.

MVHR stands for mechanical ventilation with heat recovery and uses a system of ducts, ventilators, and an air exchanger to circulate air through the air and mix airflows These systems can both reduce your energy costs and improve the quality of the air in the house, so you should consider them if you want a better quality of life on top of savings.

Get a tankless water heater

More people should consider getting a tankless water heater, and it’s surprising to see how many homeowners know nothing about them. Tankless water heaters heat water at the source using heating elements instead of storing water in a huge tank. This allows you to only expend energy when needed and not constantly run heating elements to keep a full tank of water hot for no reason.

Tankless water heaters are perfect for people living alone, couples, and small families that have limited hot water needs. They are not the best option, however, if you have to use multiple appliances that need hot water at once as they usually can only serve one at a time.

But, if you’re in a couple or you like to take long showers, you should know that you won’t have to worry about running out of hot water again. There are many perks to these types of heaters that should be considered, and if you’ve never heard about them until now, then you should start doing some research today.

Unplug unused devices

One of the worst habits people have is to leave their devices plugged in when not using them. One study found that as much as 10% of our energy bills are due to “vampire appliances” that suck in energy when idle. Just unplugging what you’re not using could help you save tons of money, so be mindful and start getting in the habit of unplugging any item as soon as you’re done with them.

Install a smart thermostat

Installing a smart thermostat is one of the easiest ways to cut costs. You could install one or multiple in your house in as little as one day, and this is something you would do without the need for a professional.

Get a thermostat that can be programmed easily and has many remote-control options. A smart thermostat can lower the temperature a few hours before you go to bed, which will reduce energy consumption and allow you to sleep better since colder temperatures are said to be optimal for good sleep. You can also shut down the heating when you’re not at home, and have it come on a few hours before you come home, allowing you to enjoy a hot house without having to keep the heating on the whole time you’re absent.

These are all things that will allow you to start saving on energy immediately. Some of these methods are extremely easy as well, so start looking around the house, and see where there might be some inefficiencies that could be fixed.