Sorry, but refusing to breastfeed makes you a TERRIBLE mother

Giving birth doesn't make you a mother. Accepting the responsibilities and obligations of motherhood is what makes you a mother.
By Anonymous

Kitty Dimbleby (DUMBleby, more like it) is whining today over at the Daily Mail, that the “Breastapo” doesn’t like the fact that she “chose” not to breastfeed her seven week old daughter, Chloe. She writes, “I feel unspoken criticism from ‘friends’, health workers and even total strangers — all because I have chosen not to breastfeed my child.”

Let’s see. You have chosen to bring a child into the world, which comes with a moral and legal responsibility to do the very best you can to provide for that child. A seven week old baby has very few needs. She needs to be held, to be warm, to be dry and to be FED. Your body provides the most perfect nutrition any baby can have, and getting that nutrition by suckling is a key part of establishing the bond that will encourage YOU to protect her, and encourage HER to feel safe, loved, secure and happy.

It’s a no-brainer, Kitty.

Fine, Chloe had a rough start and needed some formula to help her gain some weight at the beginning of her life outside the womb. No sane person thinks it’s better for a baby to STARVE than receive formula. But formula is a supplement. A response to a crisis. It’s for women who CAN’T breastfeed, or babies who NEED emergency calories, while Mom establishes her supply.

Kitty decided she would rather forgo the whole messy job and now that baby Chloe is on a full chemical diet, she writes, “I do not feel drained, put-upon and tied by the obligation of being the sole source of my baby’s nutrients.”

And there we have it, don’t we? Kitty is refusing to breastfeed because, gosh, she might end up PUT-UPON, and oh, Kitty, if you think feeding your child is being “put-upon”, you are in for one hell of a surprise. Obligation? Yes, feeding your child is one of your most basic obligations, and there are so many more coming your way. Guess who will be hiring a nanny to meet those obligations and then moaning over wine with her girlfriends that motherhood is a cheat? Like this harridan? Who actually HAS children and then wrote a book about how she regrets having them. I’ll bet her kids feel GREAT about that. What a horrible thing to do.

These are women who aren’t really mothers at all.   Giving birth does NOT make you a mother. Doing the work and accepting the responsibilities and obligations of motherhood is what makes you a mother. So who IS taking the responsibility of feeding baby Chloe?

Oh, hello Kitchen Bitch. Of COURSE Kitty has a husband who gets up in the middle of the night to feed baby Chloe her yummy chemicals out of a plastic bottle. Kitty has no special responsibilities, no particular obligations as a mother and a woman because she has a man who takes all his OWN responsibilities and HERS, too. What a pathetic sap. I wonder if she shoots him up with oxytocin spray, too?

Kitty is living the feminist dream: children she doesn’t have to care for and a beta male who picks up her slack. Good luck, Kitty. Hope that makes you happy. For most women, the attraction to the Alpha Male provider runs deep. And when Kitty eventually runs into one, who thinks she’ll be chucking her boot-licking beta under the bus? General Petreaus, anyone? All his hours getting up with the baby won’t mean shit when Kitty runs into a real man.

Let’s end with a moment of compassion for women who, for various reasons, CANNOT breastfeed their children. Some are undergoing chemotherapy, some cannot produce enough milk and have to supplement with formula, some have had mastectomies or other breast surgeries, some are born without milk ducts.

All of them are completely heartbroken and gutted by the fact they have to give their babies formula. A round of tears for women who KNOW what their responsibilities are, who are WILLING to take them on, and simply cannot.

But Kitty? You’re just straight up selfish and lazy. Poor lass, growing up with you for a mother.

Breastfeed your children. It’s your FUCKING JOB!