Science agrees: an orgasm a day keeps the doctor away

As if we needed another excuse.

Science regularly advocates masturbation for its enormous health benefits. It makes you happier, can cure hay fever and even relieves period pains.

But now, a new study from Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women Hospital confirms that orgasms are pretty damn awesome. The short and sweet summary of their findings is that one orgasm a day could significantly lower a man’s chances of developing “the most common non-skin cancer.”

In 2012, prostate cancer was diagnosed in more than 177,000 American men and killed 27,000.

The study’s results showed that participants who ejaculated more than 21 times a month were at a 22% lower risk of getting the disease. And that’s regardless of whether or not a partner was involved.

Dr. David Samadi of New York’s Prostate Cancer Center said that this has been suspected for some time, but that the study offers more reason to start getting busy.

But it’s not just men who can benefit from masturbation.

Flying solo during that time of the month increases blood flow to the pelvic area, easing period pain as well as flushing out old bacteria from the cervix and helping to prevent urinary tract infections.

Australian academics also found that regular masturbation can make women less prone to type-2 diabetes.

And as if you needed another excuse, it’s a natural pain killer. Sex researcher Beverly Whipple found that a woman’s pain threshold spiked by nearly 75% after climaxing through masturbation. This is most likely due to the avalanche of neurotransmitters released post-orgasm. So if you’ve got a headache, you know what to do.

The kicker? It also trains you for real thing.

Masturbation tones and strengthens the pelvic muscles, which means that it can lead to better and longer sex. As you age, pelvic exercise can even prevent erectile dysfunction and incontinence. And, according to the University of Chicago, frequent masturbaters have more sex than those who masturbate less often.