15 scientific ways men who are into reading gets us hot

Overall reading is on the rise, but quality is on the decline. Let science convince you reading a book is actually life-changing.

We can swipe through endless pages and pages on our tablets and phones. We have access to practically infinite archives of online articles and news. While modernity is allowing us to read more than ever, there is still a difference between reading and reading books.

According the The Telegraph, while overall reading is on the rise, quality of reading is falling off a cliff. Reading your Facebook timeline isn’t the same as reading Tolstoy. It’s a shame, because reading a good book is not only fun; it’s nothing short of life-changing. Let me explain.

Reading makes you more attractive to women

POV: women seeing you reading.

A study recently confirmed the belief that being (or appearing) smart makes you more attractive to others. In fact, it’s one of the sexiest traits in the eyes of a woman. While holding a book may make you look smarter, you should actually read to get the other benefits of this list.

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Reading expands your vocabulary

When staff at Rhode Island Hospital compared the “receptive” vocabulary (the number of words that they could understand) of two groups of eight months old, they found a 40% increase in the group that had been read to as babies. Those who had not been read to only saw a 16% rise. The same vocabulary increase can be seen in adults who read.

Reading a novel increases brain function for days

Research carried out by Emory University has found that reading a book can increase connectivity in the brain and neurological changes that act like muscle memory and stick around for days. Novels not only put you in someone else’s shoes in a figurative sense, but also in a biological sense. That’s immersion at it’s best.

Reading helps you sleep better

Reading a book is one of the most effective ways to calm your mind and help you sleep. The bright lights of electronics have been found to signal to the brain that it’s time to wake up. Reading a book under a dim light has the opposite effect – putting your brain to sleep.

Reading can prevent Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Increased brain function is also useful for other things — various studies have shown that adults who engage in hobbies that stimulate the brain, such as reading, are less likely to have Alzheimer’s disease. The brain is an organ: just as exercise strengthens the heart, reading strengthens the brain.

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Reading reduces stress

Do you take a walk or listen to music to chill out? The University of Sussex thinks that you should consider reading instead. Reading was the most effective way that participants were able to defeat stress; doing so in only six minutes.

Self-help books have been proven to ease depression

For those looking for a brighter side during a dark time, self-help books are not all the scheming or exploitative works that they’re made out to be. They’re actually scientifically proven to help combat depression at all stages. After a year of reading books, the participants in one study were less depressed than those who received typical treatments.

People who read are more cultured

A study by the National Endowment for the Arts found that those who read are more likely to engage with culture. Who doesn’t want to be more interesting?

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Reading encourages you to set and achieve life goals

Working on his life goals.

As well as helping you meet the love of your life, reading about someone who has overcome obstacles in life can encourage you to follow suit. Ohio State University found that the more you identify with a character, the more likely you’ll be to also take action in life.

Reading is just as therapeutic as music or movies

If you’re going through a difficult time, reading is the perfect way to relive past experiences and gain new perspective. The American University believes that characters who are having similar issues to the reader can offer insight into peoples’ lives. You and your favorite characters can ultimately work through life together.

Regular readers have better memory and are smarter

Whenever you read a book, you create a new memory, and you exercise your brain. Whenever your brain is exercised, the organ creates new synapses which help keep your memory sharp, allowing for more information to be retained.

That means that after getting through the Game of Thrones books, you’ll probably have the memory of seven elephants.

Readers automatically become better writers and texters

If you read you kind of become a thief, but it’s not bad and it’s not your fault. The University of California discovered that when you read an amazing book, the writing skills of the author inadvertently rub off onto you. Just as listening to music can affect a musician’s style, reading a book can affect your writing style.

Readers are more likely to improve the world they live in

As well as improving your own life, being a reader can improve the lives of others. Active readers are three times as likely to do charity work and volunteer than those who don’t read on a regular basis. Reading offers a way to learn about those who are worse off than us, and it encourages us to lend a hand.