10 signs you’re dating the perfect girl and should put a ring on it

Let that fart rip.

We are contractually obliged to occasionally do one for the boys, but I guess we could cheat and say this article is for the lesbos-ians. In either case, these are the main signs you’re dating the perfect girl and she’s well and properly fit for a long term relationship. If she ticks all of these boxes, you’ve hit jackpot — put a ring on it fast!

1. There is no need to wear a mask around her

When you are dating the right person, you don’t need to pretend. We all have certain weaknesses, but a compatible partner is able to accept those and impact us positively. If you are afraid of showing your true self to your girlfriend, she is probably not your match. Think carefully about what makes you feel insecure and try to work it out. So let that fart rip.

2. She respects your private space

Being a couple doesn’t mean you have to spend 24/7 together. Everyone has his own areas of interest, work duties, friends, and problems to manage. And you just can’t totally share that stuff with your date, neither can she. If your girlfriend realizes that and doesn’t become overly jealous, she may be a perfect match for you.

3. You change for the better thanks to her

In fact, this feature often remains unnoticeable, even though it’s crucial. Any person we meet in our life should potentially upgrade us by sharing some experience and enlivening our existence. Now, it’s time to ask yourself a question: how can you possibly benefit from your mate`s company in terms of self-growth? Of course, you may not do so. But is a relationship that makes you stagnate worth something?

4. She clicks with your family and friends

She may be the best girl on Earth when there are just two of you. But what do your dear people think of her? If you don’t care about it, you are wrong. The way she communicates with your parents and friends (both male and female) will tell you a lot about who she really is. Keep this in mind if you wish to succeed!

5. You can trust her

Obviously, no long-term connection is possible without mutual trust and respect. We bet it’s not the thing to consider when you are in open relationships, but it becomes essential when you meet a constant partner. How can you define if she is honest with you? Pay attention to her deeds, gestures, and behavior over her words.

6. You can imagine the future together

Making big plans is definitely too early if you’ve been dating for a year. Nobody knows what any relationship may bring. But your lover’s attitude usually drops some hints which we strongly recommend you to take those into consideration. This will help you determine if she is your destiny or not.

7. She listens to you

Not only women need to express their feelings and thoughts. Yes, men are believed to be less emotional, but they also look for support and understanding. You will barely find those things in a girl who thinks the world revolves around her. In our view, communication should be valuable for both partners.

8. She is jealous, but not too jealous

Signs you’re making your girl jealous is certainly proof she is into you, but obviously she can’t take it too far. If she’s making it impossible to talk about other women in any context, monitors your every move, or constantly asks loaded questions to trip you up, run!

9. You have fun together

It’s not all serious business or saccharine lovey-dovey stuff. You also just jive well together and make easy flowing conversation with a dose of humor. You could potentially spend the rest of your life with this person, so although we put this at number 9, it’s certainly one of the more important ones. If she gets offended by your hilarious dead baby joke that always brings out the smile on other people’s faces, watch out!

10. You have the same view on “big” questions

Butterflies in your stomach will fade away sooner or later, and you will have to deal with the daily routine. Let’s consider philosophical (and political) compatibility. Do you have similar life values and enthusiasms? Are you able to resolve conflicts without physical or mental abuse? Are you willing to reach compromises? If you can answer “yes” to these questions, your couple has potential!

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What are some things you really appreciate about your SO? Let us know in the comments and maybe that’s another one for the list!