Encourage men to pee sitting down to be more inclusive of Trans men Not every man is able to pee standing up. It is time for men to take a seat on the throne to create a more inclusive environment in the men's room.

"As I was transitioning, I found it triggering to constantly have to use the stall when going to the bathroom with my cisgender male friends," my best friend since college recently confessed to me via Discord. She had already educated me thoroughly on the many issues faced by the Transgender Community, but I admit I had never even thought about anything like this before.

The wheels in my head started whirring, and soon enough I came up with this beauty. You see, benefits of sitting down to pee for a cisgender man can include a feeling of independence, a reduction in total bathroom breaks, an even easier cleanup, SAFETY, and much, much more. Let's explore 30 reasons men should sit down to pee!

Solidarity with Transmen and Women.

Sitting down to pee helps you empathize with and support new members of your gender community. It's really appreciated – yay!

Not taking an aggressive penis stance with penis held in hand shows that you are secure in your masculinity.

There are many ways to show your masculinity without being aggressive or sexual. You can be confident, assertive, and secure in your masculinity without wielding you penis like a sword or firehose. Sit down, king!

You tend to put more pressure on your bladder when sitting down to pee and this can be beneficial in urinating more.

When men sit down to pee it allows the urine to flow out more easily and completely. Who doesn't want a complete pee?

Improved body image and a sense of calm.

Sitting while peeing gives you a strong sense of feeling safe, putting a more positive spin on the experience of peeing, the ability to concentrate more on what you're doing because of the relief that comes from having your legs spread wide instead of trying to hold them up with one hand while trying not to take a leak in the other.


Golden throne.

Sitting down to urinate is simply more comfortable for men, and this can help them relax and empty their bladder more completely. When you’re standing up, you have to use your muscles to hold yourself up, which is tiring after a while. This is especially helpful for older men who may have difficulty standing for long periods of time.

Also, you can buy a seat with a built-in cushion. Or 24 carat gold. Or treat yourself to one of those fancy Japanese ones that sing to you and massage your back.

During standing, a person needs to lift the penis higher during urination.


Sitting down is considered modern in progressive cultures like Sweden and the UK.

America, land of school shootings, needs to sit down (pun intended) and take a lesson or two from its betters.

Peeing standing is a sign of immaturity.

That Calvin and Hobbes cartoon is part of the zeitgest, printed on everybody's brain. Peeing while standing will forever be associated with little boys.

You should only stand when you can't find a toilet that's suitable for you to sit on.

To assume one can always pee standing up or sitting down is naïve at best.

Women pee squatting, and both sexes pee in a direction different than from an open leg in a straight line.


Sitting makes your urethra wider so the urine you release is easier to empty.

Once again with the incomplete pees. You don't want that.

Sitting allows you to pet your dog while peeing.

Poochie needs a belly rub, yes he does!

If you are standing, the position in which your feet are placed may pose a risk, and you can fall over.

Safety first.

The toilet seat stays in the correct position

If you always sit down, there is a zero percent chance you forget to put the toilet seat down for the transmen and women in your life. (h/t M'Hael)


And finally, here's one reason sitting down to pee is downright earth-shattering and a MUST MUST MUST: Your pee is more likely to go down into the water. When men stand to urinate, they often miss the toilet bowl and end up spraying urine all over the bathroom. This can be quite messy and unpleasant for both the man and those who have to clean up after him. Sitting down ensures that all the urine goes into the toilet bowl, and a grown man needs to control what goes into the toilet. Learn from the best – Women and Transmen already figured out the secret!

Jamey Braunstein

I normally cover transportation and prepping, and it's as boring as it sounds.

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91 thoughts on “<span class="entry-title-primary">Encourage men to pee sitting down to be more inclusive of Trans men</span> <span class="entry-subtitle">Not every man is able to pee standing up. It is time for men to take a seat on the throne to create a more inclusive environment in the men's room.</span>”

  1. So wait, they get to just sit and pee but you want women to snort $h!t?! Well, y'all keep talking. Maybe one day a real doctor will advocate treatment instead of indulging of delusions.

  2. I have to wonder why the sudden concern for 'Transmen'?
    Unlike the vocal 'transwomen', the 'Transmen' have been getting on with life without complaining, not that it would have made much difference, because once they joined us guys they became just as invisible and disposable as the rest of us.
    Could the sudden concern be that consciences are being pricked?
    Somehow I think not.

  3. Well this is just stupid, sitting takes extra time, have to pull down pants rather than just open the fly. Wastes more materials, need to cover the toilet seat with something to not get disgusting germs on your body. Bad for the environment as you need to flush a toilet full of water rather than just a urinal. There is literally no good reason for a man to sit down to piss.

  4. Deinstitutionalization. Google it. That's why we are suffering crazy people doing whatever they want and not only that, they want us to be comfortable with it.

  5. So to trans people, apparently everyone else are all supposed to be an emotional air conditioner for their ego. The height of self centeredness.

  6. I encourage my boys to pee sitting down to be inclusive of people who hate cleaning splattered pee off of every surface in the bathroom. So glad that I’m being even more inclusive than I originally intended.

  7. Wow, I can't believe someone took the time to write this and then label is "social justice"

    What a moronic era we live in ..

  8. I will not merely continue peeing in an erect, standing position, but I will also ensure there is always a nasty white hooker under me to receive my golden stream. Chuck Berry style.

  9. I will not pee sitting down to cater to people with gender dysphoria. We should get the mentally ill some assistance rather than facilitate mental ilness

  10. Just because you wrote this article, Not only am I going to continue peeing as I always have but I’m also going to start shiting while standing up...

  11. This writer is doing is piss-poor job of transitioning if they want every earthly male to change how they pee just so they can feel better.

  12. I'm going to piss all over public toilet seats deliberately now just in case there's one of these weirdos around who wants to sit!

  13. Potentially the dumbest thing I have ever read in my life. Whomever wrote this garbage has serious mental issues and should seek help ASAP. I will continue to stand up and piss on articles like this

  14. What we need to do is find the people who write these stupid articles and take em out behind the woodshed for about 30 minutes and 'cure' them.

      • Alphabet people and the reprobate mind, how sad to be you. Thank goodness you are only less than 5% of the world population. #DicklessMan

  15. Just let men piss however they want without guilt-tripping them, OK? Nobody judges men who go into the stalls (they may need to poo, you know!) so why would men choosing to use urinals really upset you so? Is it something to do with penis envy?

    While I'm on the subject, if you're a trans man who for some reason still has kept his uterus, don't get upset when you hear or see the word 'mother' or 'woman' with regards to maternity and women's healthcare- if you have the equipment designed to menstruate, you're a woman, and if you've also given birth, you're also a mother. It's insulting to be reduced to a 'person who menstruates' and 'birthing parent'.

    And can you let us women have our own toilets without non-transitioned men who claim they're women being allowed to also barge in? If you feel so strongly about not using the men's, why not go the whole hog and demand your own trans bathroom? We all have the right to feel secure and comfortable in the most intimate of spaces!

  16. I'm a girl and trust me it's not always easy to find a clean toilet. We women were taught by our mothers and grandmothers and great-grandmothers not to ever sit on a public toilet. If only we had the right equipment to stand to pee, life would be so much easier. No long lines in the men's room. I'm sorry, if a person is uncomfortable peeing in front of others they can always use a stall.

  17. No absolutely not. My penis touches the water. I have enough problems pooping and penis touching the water. It’s unsanitary and gross.

  18. It is not other men’s responsibility to help another person feel included. If they don’t have the equipment to stand and pee not my problem. Trying to make men feel shame or anything is beyond your power.

    The attempt to have me or any other reader feel shame for what we were born with is short sighted and manipulative. Since you want to be all accepting accept that young women who want to be men are still going to be women. They can pretend all they want and the change is not going to fix the feeling that they are not who they are “supposed” to be. That feeling can only come from with in that person.

  19. Highly unsanitary and not healthy at all. This is not valid or healthy medical advise. The splash. There is very definitely splash on the goods that dangle and it’s been cited as a health hazard before. The writer is just an irrational nag.

  20. Obviously you know nothing about male anatomy.
    Have you ever tried to pee sitting down with an erection? Impossible to do with a massive mess, and you're risking it touch the rim of the toilet.

  21. Really? You don't even attach your name, to this trash article. Coward. You have too much time on your hands if your "wheels were turning" about this. Tired of playing make believe with you disillusioned idiots. Mind your own business, mutilate your body as you see fit, and quit demanding people conform to your body dysmorphia, especially when it comes to our private practices that are not your business.

  22. This gave me a smile. Ridiculous to piss sitting down. I would be offensive to my aggressive penis if I didn't let it shout "here I am" whenever I relieve myself. Trans men would likely feel more like one of the guys if peeing standing were a habit. And don't forget to keep a urinal spacing, aggressive penises need room to roar!

  23. Ha haha hahaha! That was the funniest comedy bit I've read in a whi...What?!...Nah!!!...You were serious? Really? You have a serious mental illness issue. Best go get those "wheels" in your head rebalanced! Sheesh...

  24. What a joke!!!! Real men do what ever they want!!! We’ve been pissing standing up for thousands of years, not gonna stop now cause of all you idiots with nothing better to do then write ridiculous articles like this!!! Get a life!! I’ve got friends, as well as myself struggling with real LIFE problems, and for me to read this BS about sitting down to pee is just down right insulting!! Who gives a sh*t what anyone does in the bathroom, it’s the bathroom for god sakes!!! “Triggered, immaturity, improve body image” lol what real man gives two sh*ts about that.

    Ps: I was just standing taking a pee while reading this article and patting my dogs head!!! Can you say talent!!

  25. You might not really be a man if you can’t write your name while peeing. Just saying. They want to be included, stand at the trough with the rest of us.

  26. Sounds like hate speech to me. Why can’t trans men just use the women’s bathroom since their intention is to become women in the first place. Or use the family bathroom . Men should do what’s comfortable and I think standing is better for them like sitting is anatomically easier for women.

    This article is trash.

    • When they say trans men, they mean a person born as a female who has transitioned to male. Completely agree though, complete rubbish.

  27. Another point to follow my previous one - if you go into a cubicle, who knows whether you're standing up or sitting down?

    Is the author suggesting that men should all pee, sitting down, BUT WITHOUT CUBICLE DOORS SEPARATING US?

    So that trans men can feel the same awkward camaraderie of being mere inches from someone else as you pee, staring at the wall and trying not to look at the penis of the person next to you?

    I can't see how this is going to make people more comfortable.

    The alternative interpretation is to have everyone go into cubicles.But once you're in your own private space, what do you care if someone outside is using a stand up urinal? You have peace and privacy

  28. Peeing standing up is extremely useful. My girlfriend and I enjoy long country walks, and inevitably both of our bladders get full.

    I nip quickly behind a tree, pee standing up, job done.

    She has to find somewhere a lot more secluded, has to awkwardly balance and risks soaking her pants.

    She's very envious of men's ability to pee standing up. It's useful.

    Now, men do sit down on the toilet to take a dump. And in such situations, the penis risks scraping on the porcelain.

    Not exactly more hygienic, is it? Women are better adapted to peeing sitting down, men standing up.

  29. Peeing while standing is a sign of immaturity!?!
    According to whose standard? Certainly not according to common sense or logic.
    What business is it of someone else's how I pee. Standing or otherwise.
    Being "triggered" over this shows a serious sign of immaturity and developmental problems.

  30. This is a joke right? Real men should be able to Orr however they see fit . You are free to be trans all you want but don’t expect the world to accommodate you, period. I used to be an ally but it’s shit articles and expectations like this that are turning me off. At the end of the day this is a psychological problem or past life filtering through and should be treated accordingly without mutilating your body but there is more money in that than in actually helping people that have body dysmorphia.

  31. Are you kidding me with this!!??
    Sit or stand, just keep the pee off the seat!!
    Does it really matter
    What happens when the door is closed and your all alone.....NO!
    Theres many more pressing issues in this world than this!
    Seems some have way too much time on their hands.
    How about the hungry?! How about the homeless!?
    Get a job.

  32. I think women should stand to pee to be more inclusive of trans women. It would also be funny to watch (if one were so inclined).

    Men who sit are more prone to bladder infections through less efficient emptying. Pretty much everything stated in this article is either wrong, or simply gibberish. The work of a concerned-womyn clearly.

  33. Trump pees standing up... you don't want to be like Trump do you? Just sit down will ya? (That should've been in the list 'cause reasons, right?)

  34. "Sitting down is considered modern in progressive cultures like ... the UK."

    UKian here. You couldn't be more wrong if you'd studied for it.

  35. next you people will demand me to suck cock because it will trigger you if I don,t...please the whole world is not west Hollywierd.

    • Have you never heard of some (not all) trans people claiming that it's transphobic and 'unimaginative' of people if they refuse to have sex with them or date them because they don't either fancy trans people or the gender they're claiming to be? Seriously. Lesbians and straight men are meant to pretend penises are vaginas. Gays and straight women are supposed to pretend vaginas are penises. And we're all supposed to like the fake varieties of either. People like this are the real enemies of the trans community, not those of us who question the dogma of blind acceptance of it all.

  36. You people get more and more ridiculous every day. Telling men to sit and pee because YOU feel "triggered," is just downright lunacy. What fragile beings you must be to expect people to bow to your ever psychotic demand.
    Surely, this is a parody site.


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