Encourage men to pee sitting down to be more inclusive of Trans men

Not every man is able to pee standing up. It is time for men to take a seat on the throne to create a more inclusive environment in the men's room.

“As I was transitioning, I found it triggering to constantly have to use the stall when going to the bathroom with my cisgender male friends,” my best friend since college recently confessed to me via Discord. She had already educated me thoroughly on the many issues faced by the Transgender Community, but I admit I had never even thought about anything like this before.

The wheels in my head started whirring, and soon enough I came up with this beauty. You see, benefits of sitting down to pee for a cisgender man can include a feeling of independence, a reduction in total bathroom breaks, an even easier cleanup, SAFETY, and much, much more. Let’s explore 30 reasons men should sit down to pee!

Solidarity with Transmen and Women.

Sitting down to pee helps you empathize with and support new members of your gender community. It’s really appreciated — yay!

Not taking an aggressive penis stance with penis held in hand shows that you are secure in your masculinity.

There are many ways to show your masculinity without being aggressive or sexual. You can be confident, assertive, and secure in your masculinity without wielding you penis like a sword or firehose. Sit down, king!

You tend to put more pressure on your bladder when sitting down to pee and this can be beneficial in urinating more.

When men sit down to pee it allows the urine to flow out more easily and completely. Who doesn’t want a complete pee?

Improved body image and a sense of calm.

Sitting while peeing gives you a strong sense of feeling safe, putting a more positive spin on the experience of peeing, the ability to concentrate more on what you’re doing because of the relief that comes from having your legs spread wide instead of trying to hold them up with one hand while trying not to take a leak in the other.


Golden throne.

Sitting down to urinate is simply more comfortable for men, and this can help them relax and empty their bladder more completely. When you’re standing up, you have to use your muscles to hold yourself up, which is tiring after a while. This is especially helpful for older men who may have difficulty standing for long periods of time.

Also, you can buy a seat with a built-in cushion. Or 24 carat gold. Or treat yourself to one of those fancy Japanese ones that sing to you and massage your back.

During standing, a person needs to lift the penis higher during urination.


Sitting down is considered modern in progressive cultures like Sweden and the UK.

America, land of school shootings, needs to sit down (pun intended) and take a lesson or two from its betters.

Peeing standing is a sign of immaturity.

That Calvin and Hobbes cartoon is part of the zeitgest, printed on everybody’s brain. Peeing while standing will forever be associated with little boys.

You should only stand when you can’t find a toilet that’s suitable for you to sit on.

To assume one can always pee standing up or sitting down is naïve at best.

Women pee squatting, and both sexes pee in a direction different than from an open leg in a straight line.


Sitting makes your urethra wider so the urine you release is easier to empty.

Once again with the incomplete pees. You don’t want that.

Sitting allows you to pet your dog while peeing.

Poochie needs a belly rub, yes he does!

If you are standing, the position in which your feet are placed may pose a risk, and you can fall over.

Safety first.

The toilet seat stays in the correct position

If you always sit down, there is a zero percent chance you forget to put the toilet seat down for the transmen and women in your life. (h/t M’Hael)


And finally, here’s one reason sitting down to pee is downright earth-shattering and a MUST MUST MUST: Your pee is more likely to go down into the water. When men stand to urinate, they often miss the toilet bowl and end up spraying urine all over the bathroom. This can be quite messy and unpleasant for both the man and those who have to clean up after him. Sitting down ensures that all the urine goes into the toilet bowl, and a grown man needs to control what goes into the toilet. Learn from the best — Women and Transmen already figured out the secret!