Stylish, graceful and exquisitely designed. Wooden baths & bespoke saunas

Alegna AG Wooden Baths Switzerland

Alegna have a deep understanding of timber and the uses in the modern bath room setting, with their long established background in yacht building their baths combine timber with every day use. The baths are not an object of desire to be looked at but can easily be used as an everyday bath.

The careful process of timber placement and the system of resin injection to give the bath a waterproof finish allows the baths to be in constant use. With a life span of over 30 years Alegna offer a robust unit that dispels the myth of cracking splitting timbers.

Alegna are able to bespoke design or you can choose from the line of pre designed baths from the normal configured bath of the Laguna range. If you wanted to do something different from a standard style bath then the Laguna Pearl range of baths then come in to their own.

With smooth curves and blend timbers from a vast array of choices Walnut Oak Pear Iroko Mahogany and Wenge also it is possible to have a selected timber of choice. Examples are a recent client had a bath made from old timber of their ski chalet to seamless blend with the interior of the room as if to give the appearance that the bath had been honed from a block of timber from the chalet.

If designing in to the home and you require something an little special if the bath is to be a main focal point in the room an over flow version is available The Laguna Pearl with it`s over flow system and stones around the edge really does produce the wow factor. Combined with a stunning Gessi freestanding tap system the baths surely becomes a focal point,

Many of the models in the Laguna range are able to offer Air therapy if the client requires the hydro massage system. Alegna also offer matching sinks which combined with a bath or just stand alone units these truly are a marvel of timber and modern composite materials blending seamlessly into the modern everyday home. They offer plinths surround all to match the baths or sinks so designers do not need to enter in to the stone or ceramic style of bath fully blend wood in the sides top and of course the all-important bath.

A recent project carried out is at 1 Tower Bridge in an apartment where Alegna have installed a bath and surroundings to the bathroom.

Alegna work closely on projects with another company Kung Saunas AG of Wadensill, Switzerland. Kung are known for their stunning designs in the world of Saunas. They offer some of the world best crafted Saunas with choices of timbers style of interiors from Aspen Alder Cedar Abachi and various forms of Thermo baked timbers.

Their patterned sprung loaded seats offer comfort when laying or sitting in the sauna. Variable mutli climate of higher humidity and lower heat offer users a variable climate from the standard Finnish Style sauna to a carefully controlled semi steam environments which allows the use of timber inside the Sauna over the type of steam room install of full tiled steam rooms.

Sharp clean lines and perfect engineering makes the Kung sauna range truly a masterpiece of bespoke installation. Kung also produce their own heaters which can come in many designs to suit the placement and also the style of what the client requires.

Timbers are hand selected from stock to ensure that only the finest are used. The use also of Tile or stone can be incorporated in to the sauna giving the design the ability to use the same tile on the floor and up the walls or a completely different colour can be used, Interiors can have large wide 2 person benches and also combining sprung comforts seats.

Rear walls can have tile and inset timbers to match or be designed as a central point with indirect lighting of multi Chromotherapy colour change light. Users can pre-set their own choice inside the sauna making use of the multi environment control system.

Each sauna can be designed to mirror the home surrounding or to integrate into the modern home using large glass panels to blend seamlessly into the surrounding rooms.

With Kung saunas the view of the Knotty single pine door of the old style saunas has been dispelled yet we still find in the UK that single entry door are still what people associate with a sauna.

Designer and Architects are now realising the potential of what can be achieved in the world of saunas making them a focal point in the rooms, With continuing building designs heading towards the basement build in new and old properties wellness is paramount in the design of the basement with large scale projects with saunas steam rooms and areas of relaxation, Kung excel in this field of design, The old vision of a tiny wooden door with a lack of interior design now can be seen in its full glory using Kung Design.

Interiors of the sauna can have a choice of timbers the popular Aspen interior or Alder now is very popular giving a darker colour to the sauna or Red cedar or combinations of both, Kung also developed the Biosa system which allows the sauna to run with higher humidity allowing the user to experience variable climates inside the sauna, Carefully controlled humidity allows the users to benefit from a semi steam room feeling but using timber interiors over stone tile or Tadelakt. This is another reason why Kung are worlds apart from the run of the mill sauna producers.