It Happened To Me: he wants to become a ‘panty tree’

He covers his body in underwear and stands still for long periods of time as a panty tree.

I’m a phone sex operator and Panty Peeping Tom has become a regular caller of late. He likes to tell me of his scores he’s accomplished since our last call.

PPT scores whenever he gets a peep up a skirt or a look down a blouse.

Sometimes it’s just a quick peek. A waitress bends over the counter and he gets a glimpse of her upper thighs. A women bends down to grab her purse and he sees cleavage for a moment.

For longer peeks he likes to go to department stores pretending to shop near an escalator. When a women with a short skirt gets on he gets on as well making sure to be several steps behind her. As the escalator rises he gets his savored view.

Like this but affixed to the man like a Christmas tree.

Being a peeping tom isn’t all he’s into. PPT likes to play with women’s panties; the dirtier the better.

Recently PPT has told me about a panty game he plays. He likes to be a panty tree. When he house sits he digs into the house owner’s laundry hamper. Pulling out all the women’s underwear he lays them out in a row to gaze at while he undresses.

Then he starts to dress himself in the panties. He hangs panties off his shoulders, off his arms and positions them to hang off his legs. He dangles the prettiest pair off his erect cock. The smelliest pair he saves for his face. With this pair draped over his head he stretches out his arms and feels the panties covering his body.

PPT tells me he likes to stand like this for long periods of time in “the panty goodness.”

When his excitement can no longer be contained he carefully strips the panties off his body and lays them again in a neat row in front of him. He jerks off while staring at these panties depositing his cum in the special pair that he draped over his face earlier.

After cumming he collects all the panties and puts them back in the hamper. He is careful to cover his tracks. PPT mixes the panties into the dirty clothes so there is no tell-tell clump of dirty panties on top.

So far he has not been caught.

August 18th, 2008 update

A physical session makes me see Panty Tree Man and sex work itself in a new light

Panty Tree Man (formerly PPT) had been planning our session for months. Twice he had set a date, made travel arrangements and canceled at the last minute. After the second time I assumed we’d never meet. The session talk was just a fantasy, one we’d relive hundreds of times on the phone but never in reality. This was fine by me — many of my callers having done this routine for years.

When PT asked if we could schedule a third time I told him he’d have to make a deposit. He suggested prepaying for the entire session. He also wanted a second mistress for the session and suggested prepaying her as well. I agreed.

Over the several months Panty Tree paid me and the second mistress (a friend I’ll nickname Second Mistress and laugh at my silliness) in little bits of cash. During our phone calls he’d plan out the sessions endlessly. Every detail was examined and re-examined. Repeatedly he’d tell me of his excitement and nervousness.

The slow but steady prepayment and his endless rehashing gave the upcoming session a heavy sense of foreboding. Could one session live up to PT’s panty obsessions? From our phone conversations I sensed he was placing a huge amount of importance on our meeting.

The day of our session came and still I was doubtful we’d meet. I had my session bag in the car just in case but otherwise went about my day as normal. SM and I hung out together and procrastinated about putting on make-up and doing our hair. An hour before the designated time PT called. He was in town and had checked into his hotel. Game on!

SM and I got dressed, put on make-up and did our hair in a local coffee shop. We had two outfits which is typical for this type of arrangement. When meeting a client at his hotel I dress in my “librarian garb” to get past hotel staff without raising eyebrows. (Librarian garb consists of flattering but not revealing blouse, long flowing skirt, wedge heels and normal make-up. My goal is to look cute but not memorable.)

Panty Tree opened his hotel door let us in. He instantly reminded me of an ex-boyfriend’s father. Imagine a Baptist preacher but make him incredibly shy and you have PT.

PT brought a large portion of his panty collection. His used panty collection. His used panty collection that were quite stained. I’m very anal retentive when it comes to sessions. Though I only do domination I sanitize every toy I use afterwards. If I spank a client over my knee I make sure to wash my legs after he walks out the door. I border on being a hypochondriac at times and seeing PT’s pile of used panties squicked me out.

Panty Tree lived up to his nickname. Picking up a pair from his collection he looked at me. “I’ve never done this in front of a person before” he said while he hands shook. I assured him it was alright. SM and I watched in silence as he draped the panties over his body. By tying the elastic bands together he made a sort of pantie cocoon around his body.

He kept saying how nervous and excited he was to be showing off. He was shaking the whole time. After his panty cocoon was complete he turned to face me. “How do I look Mistress” he asked. There were tears in his eyes that he tried to nonchalantly wipe away.

In reality he looked gross. A hunched old man who didn’t take care of his skin draped in old stained panties is what he really looked like. But I wasn’t there to tell him the truth. I was there to show compassion.

As I sized him up I thought to myself “I will never feel shame for being a sex worker.” To Panty Tree I put on my flirtatious smile and told him he looked like a sexy slut.

Seeing Panty Tree’s vulnerability made me realize the value of my work. I was there to fulfill his fantasy, yes. But I was also there to validate him as a person and to validate his desires.

Despite the fetish theme the session felt more like therapy than domination. Over and over PT would ask if it was ok to have a panty fetish. I assured him it was alright.

“Am I a bad person for liking panties?” PT asked repeatedly. I told him he was a good person. If he hadn’t been covered in dirty panties I would have hugged him.

I’ve talked to PT several times since this session. Each time he thanks me profusely. I like it when clients say thank you; it’s a nice touch. No one has ever thanked me as many times as Panty Tree has.

Originally I was concerned SM and I couldn’t live up to his expectations. But PT has made it very clear that we fulfilled him more than he thought possible.

After telling my friend Sera about the session she commented: “Wow. You made his life.”

I was struck by how much compassion was in this session. PT needed acceptance and assurance that it was ok to have a dirty panty fetish. He needed to show off in front of someone who was understanding and caring. This session inspired my new series Sex Work And Compassion.

Most of the time my work is just that — work. We talk, I fulfill a fantasy and if I’m lucky I get some good blog material. That’s fine because it’s the nature of the work.

But there are a handful of clients that go beyond the normal routine. I’ve done sessions where the clients were so vulnerable. Their need for compassion has come in many forms — talking, pleading, crying, confessing. These are the calls that are about more than just getting off. They feel more like a therapy session than phone sex. Clients work through sexual issues, sexual guilt, sexual abuse, relationship problems, midlife crises and more.

These are the clients that show me the importance of sex work. All too often I read media stories that portray us as little better than trash. We are accused of being immoral, abused, neglected, drug addicted, worthless sex workers.

We are not worthless. We are a vital part of society. There are those that need our help and need the kind of therapy that only a sex worker can provide. Sessions like Panty Tree’s prove to me that our work is immensely valuable.