14 things you’ll only understand if you’re a super sweaty girl

By Anonymous

Soon it’s that time of year again. Your skin is sticky, you can’t wait to change out of your shirt, and you’re tempted to take a second shower because oh my god it’s so hot outside. 

I grew up in Los Angeles, where the summers are usually pretty mild. Even on hot days, the dry air and the ocean breeze usually keeps the hottest days mostly bearable. But after living on the East Coast in D.C. and now New York City…NOPE. The humidity is beyond ridiculous! It’s like you’re swimming in dampness and heat all day long, even into the night! It’s never hot at night in Los Angeles. What gives, East Coast? Why you gotta act like this?

Summer can be torturous, and for sweat factories like me, it’s the season of discomfort and self-consciousness. If you’re also a sweaty maniac, you can probably relate to these 14 things. Lay on that deodorant and prosper, girl.

1. You can literally walk two blocks and already start sweating like crazy.

2. You sweat in places you’re convinced most normal people don’t sweat.

3. You’re grossed out by how damp your bra is at the end of the day. Yuck.

4. There’s always someone—your friend, your S.O., a random stranger—who has to make some stupid comment about how you’re sweating. AS IF YOU DON’T ALREADY KNOW.

5. You don’t dare lift your arms in case everyone can see a lovely pair of pit wetness. Not a good look.

6. You’ve been known to park yourself in front of fans. You’ll get half naked if you have to. Everybody just has to deal.

7. You’ve felt like your skin was glued to furniture thanks to your sweat.

8. For your own peace of mind, you’re certain that you aren’t a smelly sweater. Nope, not you!

9. But then you’re wondering if you can re-wear a shirt, smell the pits, and immediately realize that you might be a smelly sweater after all. Woe.

10. That under-boob sweat struggle.

11.  You’re picky AF about your deodorant. Clinical level protection or GTFO.

12. When you sweat out your hairstyle, though…

13. Oh, and sweating out your makeup, too.

14. You can’t help but kind of hate people who brag about not being sweaty.


Do you sweat a lot during the summer? Any embarrassing sweaty stories? Tell us in the comments!