24 things your guests probably hated about your wedding

See what really ticked off your friends and family, even if they didn't speak up.

A wedding is a beautiful celebration of love between two people … but that doesn’t mean those two people should completely ignore the comfort, financial situations and general sanity of everybody else in attendance.

Don’t get us wrong, it’s always an honor to be invited to a wedding. And we know that it takes a lot of hard work and planning to pull one off, let alone please every guest at the ceremony. But it always seems that a few minor tweaks to the menu, the dress code, or the venue could have saved everyone a bunch of unnecessary headaches.

Need a few examples? We asked around, and we came up with plenty of complaints from anonymous wedding attendees who were less than thrilled about certain aspects of the event.

So if you just got married, or maybe helped plan a friend’s wedding, here’s what you did wrong.

Dress codes

  • “The bride had a very specific dress code in mind. She wanted all the women in attendance to wear purple. Where was I going to get a purple dress that wasn’t going to make me look like Barney? Black is what I have and black is what she got. Was she mad? Maybe, but she was hitting the punch bowl before the ‘I Do’s,’ so I was off the hook … until the pictures came. I lied and said it was ‘deep purple.'”
  • “I went to a wedding that took place on a windy beach, which would have been lovely had we not been told to wear black tie.”


  • “I can understand wanting to make your friends feel included in the wedding, but is it really necessary to have over ten bridesmaids?”
  • “It wasn’t devastating, but it was a July wedding, in humid North Carolina, in an authentically old church, with a long ceremony, and no A/C nor screens on the doors or windows. In three words: steambath with bugs.”
  • “The ceremony was way too long. I told my date we should’ve skipped it and went straight to the reception.”
  • “I’m supposed to go to a destination wedding in Hawaii. It’s a nice idea, but it’s going to deplete my savings and my vacation time. If I’m going to Hawaii, I want to go on my own terms.”
  • “I was at an outdoor wedding in late October. They did it in a tent with heaters, but it was still freezing. If it’s October, have an indoor wedding.”


  • “When I booked a room for the wedding, the lowest hotel was $450 a night.”
  • “The only places to stay were bed and breakfasts — and the creepy of the crop, at that. Plus, they were all so expensive. We had to rent a house with a bunch of other guests, some of whom I’d never met.”


  • “One wedding I went to had a seven-hour gap between the ceremony and the reception, and everyone showed up drunk when it finally started.”
  • “The reception was a 45-minute drive from the ceremony.”
  • “I’m not a fan of making the groomsmen and bridesmaids do a ‘dancing’ entrance to music at the reception — a fad that I’m pretty sure was started after ‘The Office’ wedding happened.”
  • “Before the bride and groom entered the reception hall, the best man tried to organize a ‘flash mob’ so we’d all start dancing when he started his speech. Nobody at my table wanted to do it, but we all did. It was lame and it lasted for a whole song.”
  • “I always find it uncomfortable when the groom removes the bride’s garter belt.”

Seating arrangements

  • “The centerpieces were so high, I couldn’t even see across the dining table. And I could only hold conversations with the people to my left or right.”
  • “I didn’t bring a date, so they sat me at a table of single strangers rather than my relatives or friends.”


  • “At one wedding, they served only vegan food. So imagine trying to feed 200 people on a vegan diet. And a lot of it wasn’t very good. If it were a vegetarian wedding, there would have been more options, or at least a pasta.”
  • “Sometimes there’s no vegetarian option and I have to eat bread and potatoes.”
  • “The worst is when you go to cocktail hour, and there’s nowhere to eat your food. You have to stand and balance your cocktails and appetizers.”
  • “We weren’t served dinner until 10pm. Everyone was starving.”


  • “The DJ only played songs that were popular in ancient times. Are we really still doing the ‘Electric Slide’?”


  • “It was a small wedding. At the last minute, the bride asked me to do her a favor and act as the photographer. I couldn’t enjoy the reception.”
  • “The photographer shamelessly flirted with anyone over 40. It definitely took an awkward turn when my mother, my father and his wife all gathered for a group photo with me and my wife, and he kept saying things to my mother like, ‘Hey gorgeous, how could you possibly be here by yourself?'”

Wedding favors

  • “I appreciate the wedding favors, but they’re getting unoriginal. I swear I’ve managed to collect at least four sets of the same 2 Peas in a Pod salt and pepper shakers over the years.”