Crazy timelapse video shows what houseplants are doing while we’re away

This timelapse shows plants waving and dancing like nobody's business and it's mesmerizing.

Plants are often seen as stationary and immobile objects, rooted in the ground and unable to move. However, in reality, plants are far more active than we often give them credit for. They have a wide range of movements, from reaching for the sun to opening and closing their leaves in response to changes in light, temperature, and moisture.

But until I saw this fabulous timelapse video from the ever-awesome houseplantjournal Instagram account, I really didn’t realize just how much they move. And it’s fascinating to watch.

The video shows two houseplants – an Oxalis and a Marantra – grooving through the course of the day. It’s a marvel. They’re like cute, floppy sea monsters trying to get attention. You can almost hear the noises they would make, squeaks and little sighs.

Despite moving at a much slower pace than humans, plants are very much alive and active beings, with their own unique ways of responding to their environment. Plants are capable of tracking the movement of the sun throughout the day, a process known as phototropism. This enables them to maximize their exposure to sunlight and photosynthesize more efficiently. Other plants have evolved mechanisms for detecting changes in temperature, moisture, and the presence of other organisms, allowing them to adjust their growth and behavior accordingly.

I’m not sure I’ll ever look at plants in the same way again.

Now go to your houseplants and tell them something nice. They’ve been working hard, they deserve it!