Crazy timelapse video shows what houseplants are doing while we're away This timelapse shows plants waving and dancing like nobody's business and it's mesmerizing.

I know plants move. They reach for the sun, they open and close their leaves, they respond to moisture ... they have all kinds of moves designed to ensure they flourish while rooted to the ground. But until I saw this fabulous timelapse video from the ever-awesome houseplantjournal Instagram account, I really didn't realize just how much they move.

The video shows two houseplants – an Oxalis and a Marantra – grooving through the course of the day. It's a marvel. They're like cute, floppy sea monsters trying to get attention. You can almost hear the noises they would make, squeaks and little sighs.

Plants move at a very different clip than we humans do – but we should never forget that they are very alive things, going through the paces of the day, just like we do. I'm not sure I'll ever look at plants in the same way again.

Now go to your houseplants and tell them something nice. They've been working hard, they deserve it!

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