Tinder user’s freestyle rap battle might be the greatest pick up line ever

How do you interest people once they're swiped right on your profile? How about a rap battle?

Ahh Tinder. The place where weirdos, creeps, and brutal trolls lurk to pounce on unsuspecting victims. Sure, there are tons of normal people on the popular dating app too, including some witty nerds with awesome pick-up lines. And really, that is the most difficult part of Tinder — using a good enough pick-up line to stand out in a crowd of people who probably have got better game than you. How do you interest people once they’re swiped right on your profile?

How about a rap battle?

That’s what this guy did, and things went a hell of a lot better than he probably expected.

Notice that he throws his Tinder match right in the thick of it, there’s no time to think. Rap battle, initiated. Who will win?!

You’ve got to give him props for incorporating her name and details from her profile. And her response is on point too.

And he keeps it going, it seems neck-and-neck now.

This is officially the best Tinder conversation of all time. He swarms her with this verse, and she does her best to keep up — a valiant effort.

But now he wins the day. Even she has to concede to a superior Emcee.

So all you sucka Tinder users out there who’ve been striking out, now’s your chance to actually impress the people you’re matching with. Just make sure that your mic skills are on point.