TSA’s Instagram account is truly terrifying

29 scary/weird/wtf items intercepted by the TSA, including eels, taser lipstick, and too many loaded guns.

The Transportation Security Administration, or TSA, is best known for nearly getting to second base with most us, common and unsuspecting travelers. You’ve got to take your shoes off, your jacket, your belt, and when you’re hoping you’ll make your way through the metal detector without setting the alarm, it’s already too late, you’re chosen for a “special treatment.” The sometimes heavy pat down can feel awkward and unnecessary. But hey, it’s all for our security, right?

Did you know that the TSA finds, on a weekly basis, 40 to 60 loaded guns packed in carry-on bags? LOADED GUNS! In CARRY-ON BAGS! And lots of other suspicious items are featured on this unsettling Instagram account: ninja stars, homemade bombs, grenades.. Yep, that’s far from your bottle of shampoo exceeding 3oz!

To help the public understand what’s forbidden to carry on planes, the TSA uses Instagram to post photos of objects they confiscate. Believe me, you won’t whine again next time a TSA agent gets too close to you. And if you’re afraid of flying, it might not be a good idea to read the rest of this post…

1. This Sickle

Why would anyone have this in their hand luggage??


2. This Comb Knife

That’s almost clever


3. This Hand Grenade

It might be inert but why would you even try to go through security with this??


4. This Modified Hand Grenade

Another inert grenade but disguised as an arty frog.


5. This Flare Gun And Six Live Flares

Yes, cause that’s not dangerous at all.


6. This 60mm Mortar

Oh, I forgot I had this in my purse!


7. Half an Ounce of Explosive Concealed in a Tobacco Can



8. This Small Snake And His Six Siblings

Found in the passenger’s pants. Just, no.


9. This Knife Collection

Here’s my laptop, here’s my blag of liquids, here’s my belt and coins.. Oh, and here’s the 12 knives I’m carrying on the plane.


10. This Dissembled Gun Hidden in Stuffed Animals

Nooo, leave Mickey alone!


11. This Lipstick Knife

Nice try…


12. This Improvised Explosive Device Training Kit

Really? People really think they can get through with this without spending a few hours in jail?


13. This Hatchet

Passport, check. Wallet, check. Hatchet, check.


14. This Grenade Inside A Stuff Penguin

That doesn’t look suspicious at all.


15. This Hidden Knife

Unless this is for arch support, I doubt that serves a purpose.


16. This, All Of It

Seriously, is there space for anything else in your carry-on?!


17. This Improvised Exploding Device Training Kit

This looks so legit I’d miss my flight on purpose if I’d see a traveler with this.


18. This Meat Clever

Yeah, that’s not subtle at all…


19. These Concealed Blades

What’s up with the malicious use of our childhood friends?


20. This Failed Mission

Looks like the senders didn’t even try to hide the evidence.


21. This Taser Lipstick

Could actually be cool, unless it belongs to the person sitting next to you.


22.This Fake Pen

Ink, blood, same same.


23. This Novelty Alarm Clock

Yeah, that’s a freaking stupid design for an alarm clock.


24. This, Whatever It Is

This might be perfect for the bathroom key at the nearest Starbuck’s but for flying? Not so much.


25. This Modified Walker

Is this even hidden?


26. This Ridiculous Watch

But it’s just a toy! No.


27. These Concealed Knives

I mean, tweezers are confiscated. So yep, all of this is as well.


28. This Bag Of Eels

Along with this, the passenger was attempting to transport 163 marine tropical fish and 22 invertebrates. WTH?


29. These few guns

Typical week for the TSA. Yep, scary.


Follow the TSA’s Instagram account for more weird/scary items intercepted at airports every day!