9 types of annoying couples that will make you appreciate being single

Being single is pretty great, after all.

So, there are plenty of times when being single sucks: Mondays, when you need a back massage; high school reunions, when it gets really cold; etc. It seems like everyone around you is in a relationship, and you get jealous.


But then you take a closer look at the couples around you. Turns out, being single is pretty great after all. Here are the types of couples that make the single life so appealing…

#1. The social media over-sharers

Because their love isn’t real unless their 1,268 friends and followers can experience every intimate detail of their relationship with you every day.

#2. The IRL over-sharers


Nothing like hearing the details of a couple’s vajazzling incident-gone-awry.

#3. The constant texters


Obviously, they’re┬ánot really dating unless they are in constant communication and have severe carpel tunnel in their thumbs from texting.

#4. The tattooed couple


Much like the ink IN THEIR SKIN FOREVER, their love will last. And how else can you prove commitment? Mutual trust and respect? Please. Tattoos.

#5. The constant fighters


For this lovely couple, every group setting is an appropriate venue for fighting. Whether they’re working out their trust issues at your birthday party or venting their bottled up frustrations over happy hour, this couple has no problem including the whole world in their fights.

#6. The sex maniacs


Because we all want to witness this couple’s foreplay during family dinners, movies, funerals, etc. Who needs boundaries when you’re in love?

#7. The fit couple


The backbone of this couple’s relationship is their rock-hard bodies. And they’ll never let you forget it. Cue the snapchats of gym dates and protein shakes.

#8. The baby talkers

We are all Bobby.

#9. The insignificant-anniversary-celebrators


…Because every day is a celebration when you’re in love…..

Single life may get you down, but couples have no chill.