The 6 types of girls on a reality dating show

What sorts of girls have given up on humanity so thoroughly that they’d seek love on TV? Find out here.

From decrepit reruns of Chuck Woolery’s Love Connection to Excused, the 5th Wheel, the Bachelor, Flavor of Love and a few thousand others, the idea that you could meet someone who is not a soulless abomination in jeggings on a television show has fascinated mankind for decades now. But just what sorts of girls has given up on humanity so thoroughly that they’d seek love on TV? Let’s find out.

The Fame Whore

You might make the assumption that anyone willing to look for love on a TV show falls under this category, but everything is relative. Now that reality TV has become such a staple of television programming, you’ll notice some of these desperate folks show up on 5 or 6 different shows, unaware that no, you cannot become famous from being on a reality show.

The Arkham Asylum MVP

You have to think anyone on a reality show has questionable mental health, but some people go above and beyond. The fun thing is many reality TV shows actually give their potential contestants psychological tests beforehand to “weed” these people out. Or pick the craziest ones to get on the show.

The Sincere One

This girl seems rare but most shows put at least one of them in the line up – an actual, real girl who just doesn’t know any better and may not be prepared for the humiliating circus she’s now a part of.


No reality dating show can fill its ranks with entirely beautiful people and not just because beauty is in the eye of the beholder – beauty also does pretty good on its own. Chudly, however, needs the sort of help TV can provide.

The Damaged Goods

No dating show worth its salt can put together a group of eligible ladies without at least a few of these girls thrown into the mix. They blend in like chameleons but they can only hide for so long before the stories of how they set their ex-boyfriends house on fire bubbles up in conversation.

The Production Company Plant

9 times out of 10, this girl wins. She’s fun, she’s bubbly, she has a great personality and she’s beautiful. Why the heck is she even on a dating show? Because they paid her.